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  1. I stopped dealing with Barclay years ago, I accidentally entered the wrong account number when I "paid" my $2000 credit card bill. That's when I found out that they have a "slush fund" that they put those payments into, instead of just refising to accept the EFT to which I said *****! Finally got it handled, then canceled them. This was about 20 years ago... I have the Chase Sapphire Reserve, it gives me 3x points on travel & dining and many other benefits. It's pricey, but, the perks more than pay for the cost. Plus Chase is a pleasure to deal with. I "lost" (as in misplaced) my card once & used the App to lock it, then when I found it I unlocked it.
  2. Have an awesome adventure, we're on her on 2/2/2020 (I love typing that, almost as much as 2/20/2020). My daughter wanted to get married on 11/11/11 , but, the prices for a reception were thru the roof...
  3. We were on the Sky in December, no more photo walls. A bunch of monitors.
  4. Hilarious! I did receive the correct Medallions the other day, I wish I lived in FLL, I'd go over during embarkation and watch them scratch their heads.
  5. I would think it's a BYOB, no snacks or drinks, you get a quick look at our cabin & out you go... Unless it's the Capt's Suite, then it's open bar & lobster, shrimp, and more!!!
  6. I've submitted one for March 2022!
  7. Crap - you leaked the info on the forward facing balconies on the Royal class ships. The disclaimer that you cannot use the balcony at sea is not enforced, they do not lock them. We've booked them many times, usually they are "deluxe" so they have a couch and a huge balcony. They're awesome. But - crap, oh, don't book them until after I book one please!!!!
  8. The App on the phone has a "take me there" option, which is pretty handy. It's like Google Map for the ship. If you don't mind toting your phone around.
  9. The story continues, I just got an email indicating that our Medallions are on the way for our 2/2/20 cruise on the Regal. I have no idea why we got the one's for the Sky on 1/25/20. I never booked that cruise. It's not in my list of Upcoming Cruises. Wish I lived in Fort Lauderdale, I'd show up for grins and watch them panic. LOL!
  10. Awesome, did you check Princess EZAir, we started using them a few years ago, very good prices usually, and, easy to cancel if you cancel your cruise. If you can, spend an extra night or two post-cruise - well worth it.
  11. We're "Marriott" people, stayed at the Delta Hotels Quebec, it's in the upper section, not a bad walk to everything. TBH, I don't know how much I paid, it couldn't have been outrageous compared to others because I'm cheap, but I will spend a bit more to get the night credits. I must have tossed the email confirmations, which is odd, as I saver the, usually. I may have used points...
  12. I have one, they're nice for formal night, or when you wear a "real" shirt, ie, dress shirt, not t-shirt. Otherwise they are terrible, I thought the concept was good, but, the execution was, well, no so good. I still bring it for formal night & when I wear a "real" shirt.
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