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  1. I agree - as long as your CC doesn't pile on charges for international purchases, always use it and pay in Euros, not US dollars when they ask you. If you select US dollars the exchange rate is worse. I use an ATM card that re-reimburses me for any charges to get cash, and, try not to use one that is outside on a public street ( do this in the US as well, due to skimmers).
  2. Actually, it depends... Last time we cruised (in July), if I purchased a "special" brew, I could get a "free" fresh brew, but, these rules seem to change over time.
  3. We've been to a couple of M&M's, one was a whatever, and the other one was great (very active Roll Call). Best thing attended was an informal meetup in the Wine bar on embarkation day, a lot of folks showed up and we all had a great time - this was also a very active Roll Call for the Med with many of us arranging tours pre-cruise.
  4. The IC's "regular coffee" is free? Fresh brew costs $$$, where is their regular coffee?
  5. Thanks for clearing that up, guess I need to pack soap bars. Crap, I only have about 3 "Princess" soap bars left. Plenty of Marriott ones though ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. As many have said, it depends on what you value. I've found the the SipNSail cabin prices cost more than other promos. 3 for Free, can be a deal, better cabin prices & more OBC or whatever... I like to drink, wife not so much, once I started comparing the drink package prices they are not worth it for us, even if my wife drank as much as me. Once you book book a cruise, someone should track the promo's and prices.
  7. Yes - BEFORE the Medallion, so, putting it in a spanky new Medallion only ship was just stupid!
  8. How do you earn points in AARP? Nevermind - just googled it and got 3000 for signing up ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. I'm hoping you'll join AA - LOL.
  10. What does it seem like every thread under Princess seem to deteriorate into a 'I hate the Medallion' posts?
  11. I've been in IT for over 40 years and agree completely. I'm sure there are some folks here that wish for the days of 'real' keys, and, not the keycards they use in older ships & hotels.
  12. Do they actually sell you real tokens to use, or, can you use the Medallion to pay for the machines? PS - owe you a drink ๐Ÿ˜‰
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