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  1. I could go to sleep listening to the waves crash against the ship 😀
  2. For me, coming back to my stateroom also and finding an unexpected surprise from one of the departments (canapé, strawberries, etc.).
  3. I sure hope things come back soon. In reference to #5, I have a trip on the Getaway planned in The Haven for my first time in January. Hope it still sails because I have been looking forward to this for quite some time.
  4. I'm not sure about everyone else, but not being able to cruise has been kind of a bummer. So, to mix things up a bit in the forum and focus on something positive, I compiled a few things that make me personally happy when thinking about cruising and when it will eventually be back: 1) I came across an old Youtube video from the Jade with Pharrel's "Happy" song here. I'm not sure what it is, but seeing some of the NCL staff dance around on the ship just brings back good memories. 2) Another video I stumbled across is here; "Feels Like I'm In Heaven". I always get this feeling when on a ship, especially on sail away and pushing off from the pier. What I found great was the background in the video (appears to be an older vessel showing two huge propellers - no azipods here). 3) Goofy I know: I recently changed my shampoo to a coconut scent and it reminds me of walking along the pool deck and the aroma of the cruisers that applied tanning oil. It's something small, but it helps the mindset. Take the above for what it is, but thought I would throw some things out there which may help some people put a smile on their face for a little bit. So, what makes you happy when you cruise?
  5. Hi All, I just got off the phone with NCL after going back and forth with them for about two weeks about a reservation they can't "find" - long story. The rep on the other end of the line advised me that there is currently a worldwide pandemic (really) and said that the reservation could possibly not be found since the cruise may have been canceled due to CDC extending the No Sail order until September 25. Based on their comment, it brought up a red flag, but I'm not sure how much credibility I can give them based on the fact that the cruise they are attempting to find isn't until late October (which most likely won't occur). My question is has anyone else heard of the extension mentioned above or is it still 07/24/2020? Just trying to stay up to date...thanks y'all!
  6. It went from an authorization today to a posted charge. I will give NCL one more day before calling in again. Not worth stressing over at least.
  7. I sure hope not. This would be my 4th canceled cruise due to the pandemic.
  8. I booked directly online with NCL under my Latitudes account. No confirmation from NCL but the charge is still on my card. They (NCL) said I should hear something by Friday. We shall see. 🤪
  9. Rumor has it that the new terminal should be opening in October 2020. It definitely would be a great way to reopen the cruising industry for us avid cruisers.
  10. It was on the Encore for a 10/20/2020 sailing out of NYC to Bermuda.
  11. Hi Everyone! I recently made a reservation directly through NCL's site that I had on hold. As I was within the final payment period, the cruise needed to be paid in full, which was done on my end. I did receive an alert from my credit card company and an authorization also appeared on the credit card website for NCL RESERVATIONS. However, as of today, the booking does not appear on the NCL.com site when I log in. I called NCL and they were not able to pull the reservation and would need to "speak with a supervisor" and then get back with me the following day. Not receiving a call back, I reached out to NCL again and got the same message that they are still looking into this. Even though I have a reservation number and my credit card has now been charged, I find it odd that they are not able to pull up a reservation and that it's not appearing on my NCL.com account. Has anyone else ever experienced something like this? Thanks in advance for any feedback and I apologize if this question has been asked before in the forum.
  12. To reiterate what Georgia_Peaches stated above, the trip down the Mississippi is great. I believe it took around 9 hours or so to get out to sea once we left NO. At one point, we were able to see the pilot get on and off the ship, which was a great site to witness. If possible, I would recommend spending at least one day in NO before cruising. There is so much history and restaurants to choose from. Plus, just walking along the riverfront can be extremely relaxing. On the ship, there are so many restaurants to choose from. If I had to choose just one specialty dining, it definitely would be Cagney's. They are NCL's steakhouse and in my opinion, have some of the best steaks out there, even better than what you can find on land. As oromalley99 stated above, definitely try to make specialty dinner reservations ahead of time. When I started cruising for the first time in January 2015 (with NCL), one of the main things that attracted me to the brand was: not having to dress up formally for dinner and being able eat at any regular restaurant without having to make pre-arranged reservations. While I'm not a huge fan of plays/musicals, I will say that they do have some great entertainment. It takes a lot for me to laugh and some of the gameshows where they have the audience participating (The Newly Wed Not So Newly Wed game) literally had me in tears I was laughing so hard (some of the things are for "adult audiences" only) - if you like this stuff, go to it. Congrats on your special occasion and have fun!
  13. Hi All, Checking in here from Washington, DC. We are supposed to go into Phase 2 tomorrow (06.22.2020), however cases are on the rise, I believe due to the protests (very few people have worn masks) which have been continuing for the past four weeks. Masks are currently required pretty much wherever someone goes, specifically the pharmacy and grocery stores. Restaurants are either delivery, takeout or limited outdoor seating as of now. Pertaining to public transportation, Metro (subway) ridership is almost nil as the mayor is asking travelers to use this as a last resort for getting around the city. A good number of metro stations are closed and when taking the bus, passengers can only get in via using the back door - all fares are being waived at this time. Personally, I am extremely grateful for being able to work in a fishbowl and not be exposed to the general public over the last three months. Even though I've had three cruises canceled, I am just happy to be healthy and employed. For now, stay safe and happy cruising!
  14. I had used two cruise next deposits and they were both refunded, along with two FCC (100% and 25) last week. You should have received an email as well from NCL pertaining to this too. Hope this helps!
  15. If you are a person that travels and dines a lot, I would consider looking at a credit card that offers a generous insurance policy (Chase Sapphire Reserve). Yes, the yearly fee is astronomical, but the value far outweighs the cost of the fee. As long as you pay for the entire trip with your card, then you are covered. One thing I would stress to look out for is emergency medical evacuation from the ship. I believe Chase covers $100,000 per occurrence whereas others are much less. The coverage they offer is just the icing on the cake though.
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