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  1. Exactly as it should be in a civilized society with a legal system in place. Would you prefer we go back to the wild west and people meet up at high noon in the street ?
  2. OP, if you want actual information look at Hoopster's response and ignore this.
  3. The nerve of that lady to not want to catch what has made you feel like crap for two weeks.
  4. Kind of like the no peeing section in a pool.
  5. So true. You will also be denied access to the glass bottom viewing room, the marine life is amazing.
  6. If you tip at a fair rate you do, if not, you don't...which makes it a perfect analogy, btw. Better to ask, if you are willing to tip $60 for a $300 dinner, then why would you not be willing to offer the exact same tip for the hotel staff?? Thank you for explaining that. It now makes perfect sense. You are definitely more generous than me since you would opt to tip at the fair rate of $51.43 per person, per day on an $1800 cruise instead of paying the absolute bargain price of $15 a day.
  7. So when staying at a hotel that is $300 a night you tip $60 a day (20%) ? Not a very good analogy IMO.
  8. My uninformed, uneducated guess is that eventually the drink package will not be honored at Coco Cay. Whether right or wrong somebody in charge has to be thinking there is a lot of money to be had by charging people $10-$15 a drink when they are stuck on an island for two days. Cruise lines have a hard time resisting following what other cruise lines do. Some are good and some are not so good but one company starts it and others follow. Is RCCL the only one that honors the drink package on their private islands ? Room service charges, pay dining venues, private islands, slides, drink packages, paying for programs that offer special services, smoking restrictions, more elaborate onboard shows, can't bring alcohol onboard, can bring two bottles of wine and the list goes on.
  9. Drink prices used to be less than a big city, like New York, until drink packages were offered. The price per drink went up to encourage people to buy the packages and it worked. Individual drink prices on a cruise are still less than New York City bar prices. Cruise lines pay a lot less for liquor than bars do in US cities.
  10. I wouldn't call and open that can of worms. Buy the two packages, print out and bring your order and if they try to charge you on the ship (doubtful) work it out then.
  11. Only slightly more complicated than having to spell the complete word, question.
  12. Ridiculous statement. I have been on Brilliance for a four night, over spring break, and it was far from a party barge.
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