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  1. We were scheduled on a 6 week cruise from Auckland to Bangkok last March. Because of COVID 10, part of our cruise was cancelled. Initially our last 2 weeks were cancelled, then the second two weeks were cancelled, and finally when we were on the ship after 11 days they decided best to fly us all home. Because the 6 weeks cruise was segments, 2 weeks, 2 weeks, etc. it was all credited differently. The last 2 weeks was 100% money paid back and $500 voucher each. The second two week portion, credited by 125%. The 2 weeks we were actually on, was 50% back. We have been trying to get all
  2. We were on the Orion until we disembarked in Melbourne. We cannot say enough about the Orion staff and crew. They went above and beyond. Many went without sleep for I am sure more than one night. We booked Syndney to Bangkok for next March 2021. Can't wait. Thank you Viking!!
  3. As long as you remember to push the detergent button. lol!!!!!
  4. When we started Viking cruises we were given a lanyard and clear pouch which is great for the key card. Now we just have to remember to use them.
  5. I have used it many times on our cruises. It is nice.
  6. Hairblowers do have a continuous ON button and are powerful.
  7. Our last cruise was in CAD, as well as the excursions that were purchased before the cruise started.
  8. We had GTY on Med. Explorer and were upgaded 4 days before our flight from V2 to DV1.
  9. Wow, pickleball on board would be great. But, have travelled on quite a few Ocean Cruises with Viking, NO room. Too bad!
  10. March 2020 my husband and I are booked on this cruise and as well as the cruise following from Syndney to Bali. We look forward to meeting Bevan, the Activities Director again. He was Director on our British Isles Explorer trip last year. We have booked a condo in Aukland for a month before the cruise begins as the flight from Toronto is so long, may as well take advantage of being in NZ. We appreciate the reviews, good and bad from all of you. We have taken many Viking cruises and will continue to do so as long as the destinations are on our bucket list and Viking does not disappoint us.
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