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  1. We did Alaska on Ovation last year. We had a wonderful trip! However, if we get to go to Alaska again, I will choose differently. I chose Ovation because we had 3 teens on the cruise. So we chose the larger ship over the ports. I loved the ports that we visited, but next time I will choose a northbound or southbound cruise to maximize the variety of ports we can see!
  2. I'm so glad you started this thread! Last year's thread is how I knew to contact RCCL to book our British Isles cruise for July 2021. I booked first day that it was released and scored great 3 aft cabins. Sadly, I think we are looking to Lift and Shift to summer of 2022... so here I will be, gathering intel and trying to score those awesome cabins again!
  3. I feel the same about our July 2021 cruise... it's in Europe, British Isles, but who knows...even if ships are sailing in Europe, will they let us Americans in???
  4. Aw so sad to see these two ships beached...they were my first two cruises in 1996 and 1997...definitely fell in love with cruising on these sister ships!
  5. We had looked at the Celebrity cruises as well, and we needed an earlier date...our daughter will be heading off to college mid-August, so the later dates didn't work for us. One day I am sure we will try Celebrity as well! We just came back to RCI after doing Disney cruises for awhile. Hope both our cruises actually cruise!
  6. One more reason for me to believe my British Isles cruise next summer won't happen 😓
  7. I think we're on the same British Isles cruise next July on Jewel? I had a reminder set in my phone that went off two days ago to make sure I was looking at air fare, expecting to get it in August. I must have set the remind months ago! At this point, I am less than 50% confident that we will be going on that cruise, so as of now I'm not booking air. I think I will be watching what happens over the next 5 months, and when the itineraries come out for summer Europe cruises for 2022, I might just try switching the cruise to July 2022.
  8. This thread is making me depressed. I planned for so long to get the aft cabins (we have 2 JS and 1 cabin) on deck 10 for the BI cruise on Jewel in July 2021. I booked them the day the cruise was released, with the help of a RCI representative who knew in advance what I was looking to book. I'm thinking more and more that this cruise won't happen. I know it's a year away, and things could be drastically different, but I am mentally preparing myself that the cruise won't happen. I want to experience the aft balconies! All of the pictures posted here are wonderful!
  9. Plenty to see in our beautiful country...including some gorgeous beach towns where I can rent an ocean front house with a private pool!
  10. Are you on the Jewel July 15, 2021 sailing?
  11. I like to fill my 24-30 oz tumbler with ice water and carry it with me almost everywhere...do you think they would fill it up for me at a bar or restaurant?
  12. That is not good news! I only drink water and coffee...sometimes (rarely) iced tea. A beverage package of any kind is a complete waste of money for me.
  13. Your price for the water is much better than mine! But I don’t want Dasani anyway so I’ll drink the free Freestyle water. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. But the big question is, will the European countries let us Americans in?
  15. To see the price, you need to go through the first couple of steps of adding it to your cart... I might stick to ice water from the Freestyle machine...
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