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  1. You made me laugh out loud. 😂 You’re right, they are the exact same style shoe. I should have said that I think the “no flip flop” policy really refers to shower shoes (1st pic) bc of the rubber material. The second pair is a more stylish leather version. But you are so right in that nobody really cares, including, I think NCL. One of the things I love about free-style cruising.
  2. I often wear sandals that flip and flop when I walk with no issue at all. This question has long been debated and discussed and the end result is usually that sandals are ok but the original shower shoe/flip flop/thong is not. this is a no... this is ok...
  3. Constellation was my introduction to Celebrity several years ago! We loved her! As it is a smaller ship than the S class, there are fewer specialty dining options but we found the food in the MDR and Blu (aqua class) to be wonderful. The spa is small and does not face the ocean but has a steam room, sauna, and heated benches (not loungers). As mentioned, the thalasso therapy pool is in the adults only solarium. It has the massaging bars that many of the other solarium pools are lacking on other ships. I don't know how any of this will be impacted by the refurbishment and agree that they should leave the Connie alone. We are returning to her in 2021 for a "Touch the Canal" cruise. She will be refurbished by then. I think you will enjoy her very much!
  4. Well this came in the mail today so I took a look because yesterday I was unable to make rhyme or reason out of what sailings/ships were included in the 20% off special. I guess the IT dept. got their mistake fixed because it now shows 166 sailings that qualify for the discount. The common theme for these sailings looks to be either over seas or at a minimum of 9 days. Guess there's no reason to discount the 7 night itineraries as I would imagine it's the longer itineraries that are harder to fill. Looks like this will go through 10-30 before a different Latitudes offer kicks in.
  5. Lol...don't get me wrong...Celebrity is our go to line when its just DH and me...I view "dull and boring" more like calm and relaxing...both things I love about X.
  6. Early Gen Xers here...and we are in the same boat, so to speak. We like the Celebrity product for the upscale feel but are not too impressed with the entertainment...at all. Especially after being on several NCL cruises with our twenty-somethings where there are literally so many things to choose from, it would be a challenge to do them all. Wouldn't dream of taking our adult kids, much less grand kids (if we have them someday) on a Celebrity cruise.
  7. I hemmed and hawed around on our cruise about whether or not I wanted to spend the money to do it and by the time I made up my mind, the classes were full and I wasn't able to get a slot. I hate regrets, but that's one that I have. Not sure how you put a price on making memories. Wish I had been so wise when I was on my cruise.
  8. A little confused...So are you saying that getting stuck is a safety feature of the slide? And if so, what safety concern would getting stuck address?
  9. Good that you took a screen shot bc IT has "fixed" the problem and it no longer shows the 20% off on the cruise I was watching. Hope it works out! Please report back.
  10. Do you mind sharing that itinerary/date/ship? Never know... it might work for our schedule.
  11. Spoke to an agent today to see if I would have better luck with the 20% discount over the phone. The sailing I'm looking at has a past guest discount star in the list of promotions but the agent said it was an IT mistake. I pressed the issue and spoke with a supervisor who said they too were unable to "draw it into the system" meaning that they were trying to honor it (because I called) but the system would not let them over ride the price. Both the agent and the supervisor were apologetic and I don't blame them. They are at the mercy of their own IT department and I'm sure they've fielded lots of calls like mine. As an aside, the agent did tell me that tomorrow a new past guest promotion is being rolled out that includes $200 OBC. In the past I've seen that offered to every new booking though, not just past guests. Guess we will see... As for the cruise I wanted, I'm not too worried. There's lots of cabins available in the category I want so Im just going to watch the prices...may end up being a non-issue in the long run. I wish NCL's IT department would get with the program!
  12. Thank you so much for checking. Afraid, that date is set in stone. 😩
  13. Well we are looking to book the Escape for 2/29/20. This date I know for sure. The other is up in the air but even if I could nail down the 2/29 date, I'm a happy cruiser. Thank you so much for checking. About to sift through my email to see if I have an offer.
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