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  1. Interesting question. My take is that short cruises are not meant to prove anything. Rather, they are meant to ease back into operations and provide both passengers and local governments an opportunity to test the waters. With so many precautions being angled to take place, the next and most obvious step is to try them out on real people. If, like you suggest, there is a case of Covid, then the next phase of the planned plan is subject to kick in. Perhaps the only thing it will prove is how well the best laid plans from the last several months will play out in real time. Paper plans can only take the cruise industry so far. At some point they have to put them into practice.
  2. We were first introduced to the suite life on Royal in a Grand Suite. We liked it for the cocktail hour in the suite lounge and the larger accommodation. But then I heard that Celebrity offered suite class things like drink packages and additional OBC as well as a dedicated lounge and dining room, so we left for Celebrity and never looked back!
  3. Just did a search for any updates on the outcome of this meeting and found nothing. Anyone else have any luck?
  4. Are casinos open in Reno? Just curious.
  5. Ugg...makes me long for a cruise. I didn't watch the whole thing but I noticed it was a mixed bag when it came to those who were wearing masks outside. I also wonder what the passenger capacity was for this sailing. I prefer to cruise when masks and social distancing aren't required, so it will be a while. But it's nice to see operating ships and crew who I presume are happy to be back to work.
  6. I encountered a former student and their family while having a beer at a sidewalk cafe in the Las Ramblas market area. Royal Caribbean, Allure of the Seas out of Barcelona in 2015. What I learned? There's nowhere in the world where I can get a drink without looking over my shoulder. Thank Goodness I retired!
  7. Brilliant! You are exactly right. As more of this type of information becomes available, CC will need to start a post-covid travel tip page.
  8. Much as I would like to try Oceania in March, 2021, it's not looking good. Darn. Won't be making final payment in December...and I really wanted to try the Riviera.
  9. I would venture to say that if there were something positive to report about cruising, it wouldn't be picked up by USA Today.
  10. Very good point! I would agree with that. I recall a flight I was on once returning from SFO to ATL where we had to "assume emergency landing position" by bending over and tucking our heads to our knees...you could have heard a pin drop on that plane. Fortunately, the flight crew were excellent and we had a happy ending and nobody panicked. Whether that was because everyone paid attention to the emergency video or because of paralyzing fear, I couldn't really say.
  11. Why? I honestly think that if things go to the dogs on board a cruise ship, all bets are off. People will go to the nearest point of safety and it may not be their assigned muster station. Now, it may be different for those who need to reunite with children.
  12. I've said this before and will say it again...in the event of an emergency, will people really go to their assigned muster station or will they head to the nearest life boat? Not saying it's unimportant to know where to muster, but in a real emergency, I expect all that goes out the window.
  13. There's a link to a video as well but it's in German. Didn't keep me from watching it....it seems that cruising is a universal language.
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