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  1. The Seven Seas MDR was open on embarkation day when we sailed on the Sun back in August. OP is correct, they try to guide you to the buffet but I knew the MDR was available so we went there instead.
  2. What are these two shows about? We'll be on Escape in February and was looking for reviews on either of these two shows. Entertainment is subjective, like everything else, but would appreciate any feedback on the acts themselves... Should we take time to see them? Skip them? Thank you!
  3. Agree with first and last sea day...in our experience the Chic night dress was more chic on the first night and not as much on the second.
  4. So glad it worked out. Thank you for taking the time to report out. Hope you enjoyed your cruise.
  5. OMG, it just keeps getting worse. So they will not honor the mistake after they said they would...then after you said "no thank you" to the new fare, they rebook you at the price you didn't agree to and charged your account? Do I have that correct? Unbelievable...might be time for you to play your card...I really hope you get this straightened out...
  6. I took it to mean that the OP was merely making this thread aware that she has a firm handle on consumer rights because she happens to be an attorney. I didn't understand her to say that she mentioned it to the sales rep. Maybe I misunderstood.
  7. It's a shame that the error occurred and I would be angry too. But if you can get past it, I think you will really enjoy what Celebrity has to offer. I do agree with another poster that Celebrity may not be very engaging for young children. I could be wrong but that's my impression. I hope it works out.
  8. Ahh, you're doing a back-to-back?! So jealous but hope you enjoy!!
  9. Whatever it is, I'd rather be in the Passport bar right now waiting it out than back home in my kitchen wondering what I'm going to make for dinner. 😉 I'll wager it has something to do with the port change. There were shuttle buses like crazy this morning carting people to FLL and MIA...looked like it was running smoothly but hectic for sure. I hope you have a fantastic cruise!! Oh, and I forgot to mention that I believe you have a new captain joining your cruise today as it was announced that Captain George was heading for vacation on 12/1. Maybe a factor?
  10. All I can tell you for sure is they are the kind I used when I attended spin class at LA Fitness. Basic spin bike with no bells or whistles...adjustable seat and levers near the handle bars to adjust tension. Here's a pic of something similar.
  11. The ABC itinerary is now officially my favorite in the Caribbean. Have a wonderful time!
  12. No peloton bikes but there are 2 spin bikes in the general gym area near the treadmills facing the windows. Just off Silhouette today.
  13. Agree with Embassy Suites for location. We just got off Silhouette today and stayed at the cruise port Renaissance hotel. A bit cheaper than Embassy Suites but no included cocktail hour or breakfast. It was a $6 Uber to the port.
  14. Thank you! Sadly, the ring did not turn up. We made a report with Guest Relations just in case it does but it looks like we'll be heading to the jewelry store once we get home. The ring itself was pretty basic and easy to replace. The sad part is the engraving inside. Funny story, before we got married I took the ring to have it engraved. It was supposed to say Soulmates. But the jeweler misspelled the engraving to read Solemates instead. From that point since my BHE and I have been "fish-mates" as indicated by the jeweler. That's the hard part...replacing silly stuff like that... Thank you for following along! Christina
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