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  1. Today we drank “pool days” my original concoction of makers mark, Malibu, peach schnapps, pineapple, orange juice, lime. 80 degrees and low humidity. Perfect pool day.
  2. Following. As your was the last sailing before the halt, I am curious about your experience and observations.
  3. Really nice travel blog and pictures! Looks like you made some very nice memories. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Love sailing out of Tampa. We were on the Constellation (Celebrity) a few years ago. Tampa is a convenient road trip from ATL. Spent a pre-cruise day exploring the little city and water front area. We were really impressed with Tampa as a whole and with the ease of the port in general. Have a March 2021 booked leaving out of Tampa. Not sure why your TA has that opinion.
  5. Keep the faith. This is such a nice gesture! BTW, were you able to locate any financials on line?
  6. @Laszlo great videos! Loved the Escape/Bermuda video. The aerials were pretty amazing. We were on the Escape on February 29th. I think it was the last "normal" cruise before everything halted as I am told that the March 7th voyage had many large gathering restrictions. Anyway, we enjoyed the ship and the Haven with one exception, and that was the retractable roof being opened during the day. Very hot and no breeze. Interesting to see the bird's eye view of everything...especially the ropes course. From above, it looks like a cage...not the most attractive IMO. We haven't been to Bermuda for a couple of reasons, maybe you can talk me off the ledge: 1. Have always heard that it is stiffing hot but was recently told no more so than Miami. 2. Being that you dock for 2.5 days or so, what happens to the casino/shops at night? Having them open in the evening adds to the vibe, IMO. 3. We don't SCUBA or snorkel. Is there enough to do for the amount of time there? Thanks again for the nice videos...a welcome distraction!
  7. We've been on the Sun twice for short cruises. I wouldn't want to be on her for more than 5 days as the size of ship limits the amount of things do so. But we liked her very much for our shorter cruises. Both of our sailings were post rehab. and she was really pristine. Loved the color scheme of the new carpeting and furnishings. Crew were very nice too. We had a mini suite on deck 9 and it was amazing! We also had an OV on deck 4 (I think) and that wasn't very amazing at all. Forgot to mention, although small, we did well in the casino both times.
  8. It's the never ending nightmare!! They want to wake up but they can't 😞.
  9. Thanks for posting this. I haven't really gotten any definitive answer about how long it will take to get a refund but I will take the 30 day wait over the 90 days NCL told it's customers.
  10. Wow! So glad you recovered. Do you mind sharing a little? How long were you sick? Were you treated at home or hospitalized? There was discussion about the virus being like chicken pox, once you have it, you are immune. This may just be wishful thinking on the part of the researchers. Was that mentioned to you as you recovered?
  11. Why are your points made in the form of a question? Are these questions you have or facts you are questioning? Confused.
  12. The price will have to be right. I'm not going to pay more than we would have prior to Covid-19 to go to the same places I've already been. Additionally, I think I would need to know what protocols are in place to circumvent/lessen the transmission of contagions on board. They're going to have quite a PR campaign on their hands. I think some of their advertising will need to take on a more serious tone to highlight some changes...not just shots of water slides and go carts. Finally, let's move the final payment date back to 60 days...that way I can get a better feel for what cruising is like immediately following this crisis from traveler reviews. Post Covid-19 reviews are going to be make or break for not just NCL but all the lines.
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