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  1. Agree! Sounds very nice. But I have to say...somebody needs to go back and proof read this brochure...tpyos abnoud...just saying...
  2. Often the OBC offered by a TA is significantly more than what the cruise line is offering. TA's can also make other arrangements such as hotel and air...although I usually do those things myself. I like that a TA has a direct line of communication with the cruise line and will often be able to more quickly resolve issues than I could on my own waiting on endless hold. Dealing with the cruise line for booking questions and issues is better with some lines than others. For example, if I sail on MSC I will only book via a travel agent...period. And finally, often times TA's have group rates that include certain packages like the classic drinks package and/or wifi...and their group rates can sometimes be cheaper than the listed rate...but this is often because the OBC they give is refundable so it's like getting a discount...only after the fact.
  3. I have to disagree with you about not letting management know. It is important that they hear from you on this and I hope you will reconsider. Kudos to you for sticking to what's right for you! Lots of things come to mind that could have been done in hindsight but none of that matters. Again, I hope you let someone know so that at least for future guests who do not imbibe, they can better prepare with club soda or something else in advance so as not to single anyone out. So sorry this happened!
  4. So have they done away with everyone going to the muster station all at once? More of a go at your leisure as long as you go?
  5. Crazy how a seemingly nice gesture can be turned into something so offensive to some. SMH.
  6. The lady I referenced in my post bought scented soaps for family. who knew scented soaps (or JD) would spark such controversy 😂
  7. I believe the official policy is one bottle of wine per person can be carried on embarkation day, along with all the soda and water one can carry. Based on this, airplane bottles of JD will likely be confiscated. I work in an antique shop in my little town and recently helped a customer from Asia (not sure it was Japan) and she bought a bunch of small, boutique style scented soaps to give as gifts.
  8. Excited to follow along....again! I have questions: 1. Is there a wine bar near the specialties like on seashore? 2. Please evaluate the overall A/C on the ship...that's not a question. I'll think of more...
  9. We are also new to Regent and will be on Grandeur in April. We had questions about excursions and so this thread was born! Lots of great tips and info. here.
  10. The short answer is yes. Celebrity seems to have started doing this but it came as a surprise as it was not advertised. I recommend you seek out and introduce yourself to the casino host when you board and ask them specifically to get the full scoop....and then report back! ☺️ It seems that these developments are on the newer side.
  11. @spunks I have not seen a QR code at the host stand but on our most recent cruise in early June, I received a paper notification from the Casino host on the last day of our cruise stating I had qualified for a "free" cruise in an Ocean view cabin or $1000 off a different category. There was a QR code on the paper that I scanned for more information. It was the first time I had ever received such a notice.
  12. I haven't read the entire thread so please forgive me if this has already been pointed out. You only have to do a credit check if you wish to take out a line of credit...I believe the minimum is 10K. Otherwise, you are automatically enrolled in the blue Chip program when you use your card in a machine to play a game...my husband, who doesn't gamble is at the Pearl level only because he swiped his card and played a few bucks...and his automatically loaded free play.
  13. To your point, when we got massages at the spa while staying at the Ritz Carlton, the thermal amenities were included. Likewise, when we stayed at Chateau Elan for a wine and cooking weekend, we got massages and again, the pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room were also included. Now whether or not the price of the massage was padded to reflect the use of the thermal amenities...I guess it could be. But the price was the price, whether we used the other facilities or not. I guess land spas differ greatly from sea spas and like you, I was surprised to learn that PG was not included if you purchased a spa treatment. We no longer bother with ship spas or thermal areas on Celebrity.
  14. Oh bummer. So an ABC island cruise. I would be disappointed about this change as well. Like @hcat, we don’t get off in GC. Another thing to be aware of is that while in GC the only bar that’s open is on the pool deck…along with a few walk up bar carts also on the pool deck. At least this was our experience in the past. While disappointing, I’m sure you will have a wonderful cruise!
  15. This is surprising and a bummer to say the least. Wonder what happened? Whatever it was, it can’t be too common of occurrence because the reviews of the service are 5 star. @Ferry_Watcher do you have any ideas?
  16. Bed frame on Edge was the lightweight kind you described. I didn't move the bed but looked under it to see if there was extra bedding for the pull out couch (there was) and noticed the construction of the frame at that time.
  17. Use of PG was a hard NO when we got a massage on Equinox last year. If we wanted to use PG, we had to buy a day or week pass...unless booked in an Aqua category. One would think it would be consistent across the fleet but we found out with the loungers on the balcony debacle, that's not how it works on Celebrity. Thus, you will likely get lots of conflicting information.
  18. The drop deadline for embarkation out of the US is 90 minutes prior to departure of the port. Arriving at 3 pm for a 5 pm departure (or something similar) is cutting it close. We sail in YC so can embark as soon as it begins...usually around 11, but I've seen it pushed back to noon due to difficulties in clearing the ship. As such, we arrive around 10:30. I don't know if this is a solid argument or not but for me, I want to make the most of the first day so we do so at the earliest possible moment. To your husband's point, when we've embarked via the YC butler escort, we've done so past hoards of people waiting in earnest for their boarding group to be called. I've witnessed groups of people sitting on the floor in some cases because the waiting area was so crowded. I would not want to do this AT ALL so if it was between sitting on the floor or arriving later, I'd pick arriving later. All that to say, I highly recommend YC if you can swing it.
  19. Really? Is this available on Seascape by chance?
  20. I’d rather be poked in the eye with a stick than deal with MSC directly! Here’s another vote for a travel agent! There are many reputable ones to be found online and you may even end up with a little bit of OBC.
  21. The only way I would attempt such an adventure would be to self-carry off the ship at the earliest possible time.
  22. I don't know...I have no sources to cite but I keep thinking about the hidden costs of cruising like fuel, food & beverage shipping and delivery fees, ship maintenance, etc. I heard commentary the other day that suggested soda has increased in price by 36% over the last 2 years. That alone will have an impact on beverage package prices. I've certainly seen it in my local grocery store. I can't get out of Walmart with a week's worth of groceries for less than $300 bucks and that's for two people with no alcohol in the buggy. I truly believe it's what we can't see that is driving the significant price hikes.
  23. I can't think of a single thing that hasn't increased in price...Not...One...Thing... But I shop around and I think I have been able to find some decent deals...not like in the past, but decent enough for me to keep checking in with Celebrity when I start cruise planning. Our November cruise is on MSC in the Yacht Club...we are paying $6k for 7 nights in a YC deluxe veranda....two years ago we paid $4800 for the same type of cruise...
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