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  1. I have had no issues with ATM's in Europe. I just wonder if there is a daily limit allowed to withdraw. I know almost all tours and airport transfers only take cash. So if I have booked something at the beginning of my trip, I just take some Euros with me so if there is a daily limit and I don't fall short. I have used AAA and Travelex for these services.
  2. Thanks for the replies. It appears I probably need 90 minutes to be on the safe side.
  3. Hello, I am trying to schedule the transfer pick up time from our hotel near Piazza Navona in Rome to the port for our upcoming cruise in May. What is the reasonable travel time on a Monday. We want to check-in about 2 p.m. I have seen anywhere from 60 minutes to two hours. I know traffic can be unpredictable but hopefully I can get a better idea from those who have already gone this route. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your replies and grnrab sharing your experiences. This is very helpful. We are still thinking about it but leaning towards just flying to Lisbon and exploring Portugal, for a week. The train systems would allow us get to other places on a day trip. A few years ago, we spent a few days in Madrid and Barcelona and then took a short cruise to Mallorca and Nice, which was a nice treat. We still have some time to explore all the options.
  5. Hello, I am torn between booking this cruise or just doing a land tour of Portugal on our own. I am looking way ahead into fall of 2020 since cruise prices seem to be best booking early. I have been looking at the Best of Spain and Portugal 10 day cruise on Celebrity Infinity. It is just my husband and I. I like that the ship goes to Spain and crosses over Gibraltar. However, our main interest is Portugal. We would probably take the Barcelona to Lisbon itinerary and stay an extra couple of days in Lisbon to explore more of Portugal. We also prefer to see Sevilla instead of some of the other Spanish stops. However, that is not a deal breaker. I love Spain and don't mind exploring these other ports. I also read some reviews that the Infinity is in need of refurbishment so this worries me a bit. We usually pick cruises for the destinations vs the ship but I do prefer a nice ship. So, I would love to hear from anyone who has cruised this or similar itinerary or has been on the Infinity. I would be open to looking at other mid-range cruise lines. Finally, what would be the best time to go in the fall. I don't know if any of these towns do Christmas markets, I would love to experience those. Otherwise, I would opt for late September through October. I think it would still be warm to enjoy some of the beaches at these ports. Thank you in advance for all your help and advice.
  6. Hello, Wondering if anyone has had experience with Interitaly tranfers in Rome. It is advertised in the Rome Toolkit site, We are a family of four adults and 3 of us have been to Rome before. We will be arriving the day before at FCO airport, staying overnight and cruising out of Civitavecchia. This company offers transfers with a three hour Rome tour for 329 Euros. I thought this would be a great option for my daughter who has not been to Rome to get a quick view and if she likes it she could return in the future for a longer stay. We did consider staying overnight in Rome but it really is too little time and would rather have the peace of mind of being near the port the day of embarkation. Would appreciate your thoughts or if any other transfer company is recommended for same service.
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