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  1. We are sailing at the end of September - thanks for the review - we have sailed the Vista and I have booked the same inside room in the Havana area to ensure that we don't feel crowded around the pool - first cruise out of California.
  2. Yes this was in March 2016 - I think it might have been the first year that they had Journeys cruises but I could be wrong. We got on the ship in Puerto Rico and debarked in New Orleans. It was a southern itinerary. We really enjoyed this cruise since I had just finished 15 months of schooling.
  3. We have done the Havana area on the Vista - not in a cabana - inside. 😉 I booked it for the havana pool area. We knew the music would be playing around till 11 and we were ok with this. We loved the Havana area and actually were pleased with being so close to the Ocean's plaza, and coffee shop area. Although an inside was more than a regular balcony, I was ok with the price since we truly enjoyed the use of the pool and nice seating area. I am not a fan of huge ships so this was one way to battle the crowds. To original poster - sorry you had a bad experience.
  4. we did a 10 day Journey cruise on the dream out of Puerto Rico - it was a second leg with many of the passengers getting on in New Orleans for the first leg. I will tell you I booked it for the longer cruise length and the amount of sea days. We loved the length of it. We also did a 15 day Hawaii - pre "Journey" title and it was amazing - this was on the legend. I loved it - DH said he was ready to get off ship by the end but not me...This May we will be trying another cruiseline for a 14 day British Isles - we would have preferred staying with Carnival they didn't have the itinerary that we wanted. If you get the opportunity to try a Journey's - I highly recommend it!
  5. It is the only room I would book on a vista class ship - we did Vista a couple of years ago - have PanoHrama booked for next September. I do an inside and although I could probably get a regular balcony for the price - having less people at the havana area, the pool and hot tub makes it well worth it to us. We could hear the music at night but it never bothered us. Also we are a fans of Ocean's Plaza so it is a quick hop skip and a jump to there and the coffee shop and Alchemy bar 🙂
  6. will also be on this cruise - and we have been on her before and my DH has used a cpap for years. We usually put a extention cord in his cpap case and they never bother it - you can call ahead and get one supplied they are they big industrial orange cords. I don't know if they would confiscate an extention cord in your suitcase - I have seen them while picking up liquor at the end of the trip. Hope this helps
  7. My favorite class by far - hubs prefers the bigger ones - the only one I haven't sailed from is the Pride. Miracle, Legend and Spirit at least twice.
  8. honestly, after seeing a picture of the lanyard - I don't think it's that bad. This coming from someone who's husband loved the croc visor😎😀
  9. loved the cross body bag/tervis tumblers and bluetooth speakers. truly disliked and complained about the crock' sunvisor - but my husband loves it lol - to each his own. 😎
  10. We did this cruise a few years back in September from Vancouver on the Miracle - we absolutely loved it - and was pretty surprised how cool it was and how choppy the water was for the first three days. Our cruise critic group was over 100 people! Thank you for taking me down memory lane - I am really loving your review as always :)!
  11. We will be in London next year for four or five days pre cruise - Any suggestions of hotels very close to tube and reasonably priced would be very appreciated. We plan on taking the bullet train for one day in Paris. Figure we want to see as many as the major sites and will probably do hop on hop off for at least one day to get lay of the land. We usually stay at hotels like the Hampton Inn and so looking for something like that in London. Thanks April
  12. its been several years since our 16 year old accompanied us on the Alaska cruise. The kids clubs are open and he did go usually after dinner but I will tell you that since you are busy with excursions during the day - you all might be pretty tired in the evening. To us the ship was quite quiet in the evenings. All the fresh cool air 🙂. I know my post is very vague but this is what we experienced.
  13. I would highly recommend an aft balcony for Alaska - we were upgraded the day before the cruise for less than $400 several years back. It was the best decision - even though it was cold we spent more time on the balcony than we usually do while cruising the caribbean. we had two loungers on the balcony and would sit with blankets and hot chocolate watching the scenery. Simply breathtaking! No regrets!
  14. We have stayed at Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon several times - it has an airport shuttle - and a port shuttle - also across the street from a Publix for any last minute pick ups. Also a Walgreens and CVS within walking distance. Service is great - also they usually have a little wine party in the evening with munchies. Staff have always been great.
  15. I book depending on the ship and cruise - if it is port intensive - don't waste your money on a balcony. I would say it is a must for Alaska but these are my opinions. I do enjoy a balcony for the peace and quiet but you can usually find that somewhere if that is what you are looking for.
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