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  1. Well that's at least a cruise. Lol. Of the 3 bookings I had, all are cancelled and no longer showing online, with no alternatives in their place. I was told this week we would get the details on what they are offering, but I'm not expecting that to actually happen.
  2. Ouch. That is unlucky. But they've asked you to wait till the 13th? MSC told me I will know this week what the alternative will be.
  3. stuart2468

    MSC Med Return

    The above information was also given to me during a call to MSC. I too expect my mini cruise from hamburg to Southampton to be cancelled.
  4. Yes the length of the cruise, coupled with it being a transatlantic was the selling point for me. Obviously getting me on another 23 night cruise in January will be a tough ask, and as such im open to negotiation. It was the shock of being moved to a 7 nighter. That I cannot accept. Roll on July now.
  5. Hold fire on the cancellation. I spoke with the office this morning. The change to Meraviglia isn't the offer they're likely to give. They just had to put the booking somewhere. Contact for changes will begin July 1st so should know more a few days after. Might be worth the wait.
  6. I do understand this so I am prepared for quite a change. But from 23 to 7 days? That is not even remotely close. Thankfully I now know this is only temporary so I'm a little more relaxed than last night. We shall see of course. Both my Fantasia and my Divina cruises have been cancelled, so they've some work to do keeping me satisfied lol
  7. Prices on every category seem high at the moment, which, annoyingly, I suspect is because of all the changes they are making. Over £700 for a Caribbean inside 7 night cruise in Jan. Never have I seen that price prior to C19. If people start cancelling cruise because they no longer match what they booked, and I'm sure there will be a huge amount, the. Prices should plummit to avoid empty sailings. During a conversation this morning with the UK office, she seemed to indicate my 7 night Fantasia bargain has been changed to the 21 night repo. I'm not getting my hopes up until I have the confirmation in writing. But I would consider it a lottery win if it happens. Fingers crossed
  8. So on the dot I called MSC UK at 9.30am. A lovely lady told me not to worry. Divina repo has been cancelled but my booking just needed to be moved to a ship but it is not the definite cruise I'm changed to. She assured me they will get me as close to the original booking as is possible. I just have to be patient and await the offer they send me through. Fingers crossed
  9. Just logged into my booking to see the 23 night repo cruise from Barcelona to Miami Has now been changed to a 7 night Meraviglia Caribbean Cruise. from the 09/01/21 till 16/01/21. I'm then supposed to find something else to do until my flight home on the 06/02/21. No way MSC. This is not an acceptable alternative!
  10. Can understand that. I only paid £227pp for the cruise so I can't grumble too much with what I get. But the repo would be a steal of I got that. I just noticed Grandiosa departs Barcelona on the 20th I'd happily take that for the price I paid.
  11. No, I called MSC, when I couldn't access my booking through the website, to find out why. The guy said the sailing had been cancelled but couldn't see why and that he would need to speak with a supervisor and he'd call back. So far no call. I can see why it's cancelled, because the ship is repositioning to dubai, but I don't yet know what they are doing with my booking. Am I cancelled and refunded? Am I moved to another Med sailing on another ship? Am I being sent on the repo cruise to dubai? I'm hoping for the repo, but sadly I think my expectations may be too high 🤔
  12. Thanks for the info. I had suspected this. So far my cruise has been confirmed by MSC as cancelled (took me calling to have that confirmed though) but I have no idea what they may be moving me to, or if they're going to just issue a refund. Due a call back today so I'll update incase it is of use to anyone
  13. I too am on this short cruise. One of 3 i booked over the last coupe of weeks and starting to see them dropping one by one. My fantasia cruise has been cancelled due to its requirement in Dubai. I don't yet know what my options are as a replacement, only that its been cancelled.
  14. Bagged a cracking deal on a 7 night cruise from Valencia to Barcelona. But it appears the sailing has been cancelled. I cant access the booking on the website, and looking at new bookings, there are no other sailings on Fantasia during November once the 07/11/20 departure has commenced from Genoa. Am i right in thinking the ship will then commences its repo to dubai? Might i be lucky enough to get a place on the repo instead?
  15. Does anyone know or have a hunch at what may happen with the Repositioning of Divina in January? I'm booked to sail the 23 nighter from the 06/01/21 but can see that has been removed from the booking engine. Obviously the ship has to sail to the US at some point so might the trip still go ahead at that particular time, just with a possible itinerary change? When arriving on the 29/01/21, I was hoping to book another cruise from Miami for a week, as such my flight home from Miami I Isn't until the 06/20/21. But the arrival port being moved to Cape Canaveral wouldn't be a major issue. However its not due to sail from CC until march. Where is it likely to be during the whole of Feb?
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