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  1. Why would you want to put yourself thru this? It’s a vacation , cruise lines need to shut it down for a while.
  2. Celebrity summit deck2 cabins. Any info
  3. 630 am , do yo think they’ll honor it
  4. this morning they had a pricedrop and no charge for all 4 perks (a savings of 600 .00) 1 hr later perks are 550.00 ? why do prices change like that.a 1000.00 swing 0
  5. Money scam crew gets money magestrate gets money ,passenger gets screwed
  6. best and worst locations for outside staterooms on summit
  7. we are going second week of May, how's the weather then? thanks for the info.
  8. thank you, we will take your advice. is a rental car necessary? how far is folly beach?
  9. We are thinking about renting a car and driveing to myrtle beach
  10. great review ! love xz's suit where can get something similar?
  11. sullyd


    where are the best outside cabin location?
  12. sullyd


    patron silver?
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