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  1. I'm not surprised, but I do understand your disappointment.
  2. We have cruised on both, and find them pretty similar. I would say the passenger base is certainly about the same, although perhaps a tiny bit more inclined to dress nicely on Viking rather than Oceania, but neither group goes for real, true dress up. In my opinion, Viking tends to draw a little less adventuresome crowd, a little less likely to go off on their own in ports or plan a private non-ship excursion. Oceania goes everywhere, truly everywhere, and often to the lesser-known ports that end up being wonderful surprises to me. But Viking is at least getting a bit better at that, as th
  3. But since I came on Cruise Critic to ask about Azamara cruises, I'll jump on here and ask: Does anyone have a guess as to when any Az cruises in Europe will start out, or if October is too soon to book a cruise? I'm tempted to book a cruise that looks pretty good to me, but since our Oceania cruise just got canceled, I'm not sure I want to plunge in right now for a cruise that may or may not go out in October. But I DO like lesser-expensive rooms, and I know the longer I wait, the more scare they may get. Also, I've never sailed on Azamara, and so I haven't kept up on
  4. Well, Oceania has been silent, too, except for just canceling all July cruises. And I was not at all surprised that they canceled my end of July cruise. It had not been selling well, so I figured it would certainly be chopped soon.
  5. Oh, sorry! Don't know how that happened.
  6. I'm not sying I believe anything will go out in July. But yesterday not everything had been canceled.
  7. Oceania and Regent still aren't saying if they'll require vax proof or not.
  8. I certainly hope vax proof is required. However, at least Viking has capacity and plans to test a lot, so if someone does get exposed, things can be handled better than if they had no vax OR testing requirement.
  9. Well, maybe this has changed by now, but about 8 hours ago, I checked all the July sailings and found a mixed bag. Nautica (4 from Europe), Insignia (6 from NY), and Regatta (4 from Seattle) cruises were showing wait lists in every category on every cruise, Sirena (5 from Europe) had everything WL except for one category on one cruise. Riviera's 2 cruises, both Europe, had a good number of categories available. Marina's 3 cruises all had availability (Europe). So whether the computer programmers are still working through all the cruises, or something else is happening, who knows?
  10. Well, who knows what will happen next month and a month after that. But I just checked, and the room categories that were available about a month ago are still available for my cruise at the end of July. This is a 10 day cruise on Riviera from Istanbul to Athens, stopping in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus.
  11. Thanks. And just because I have no clue, another question: If Oceania wants to run their August or September cruises from one European port to another (with no U.S. stops), can they do that if they choose to? I realize port and country approvals must be met, and ships full enough to make it worthwhile, just wondering if CDC orders affect these decisions.
  12. Sigh. So please remind me: will they refund? Offer future credit?
  13. Thank you; enjoyed that! Lisbon is such a great city!
  14. Haven't done all of those ports, but do agree that Istanbul is fantastic. Love Venice too. Both itineraries sound nice. Over the years, I've found that I usually love the smaller, lesser-known ports, especially if I research a lot and then go out on my own. The smaller places rarely disappoint.
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