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  1. Has anyone had anything to do with Council Of The Ageing Travel Insurance, I didn't know it existed until I received an email from COTA regarding a survey, and I happened to look up their website.
  2. As it should when the main beneficiary is the cruise line.
  3. Put them in her checked luggage, not her carry on . Same thing with nail scissors, metal nail files, and anything that can be used as a weapon or tool.
  4. How come on Princess I've never had to go through immigration procedures before entry into NZ or on the way back from NZ, and we've done the trip twice. The only immigration procedures have been before the initial boarding in Sydney.
  5. Well the online brochure attached to todays email shows around Australia leaving Sydney on 6th October 2020 and 21st February 2021. 28 nights Sun Princess in '20 and Sea Princes in '21
  6. To Mr Walker sincere apologies, having re read your post I realise it was tongue in cheek.
  7. Well you may just cost yourself money, because we deal with a very reputable company that does cover many of the things that you object to paying for and it does so at a far cheaper rate than some others that don't include such cover. However, as a recent TV advertisement says, it is not against the law to waste your money.
  8. InsureandGo pay for missed ports of call, and if you are isolated in your cabin due to illness.
  9. So far as I'm concerned, and officially, Port is wine, even though it is fortified with a distilled grape spirit up to around 18% alcohol. The name comes from the town of origin Oporto.
  10. Is anyone prepared to take the risk of being refused entry, that is the big question, but then again is anyone prepared to lose their house to pay medical expenses because they didn't take out insurance
  11. Stays of 3 months or less than 3 months Passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the return date The supporting documents about: Your livelihood in New Caledonia (example: bank card for international use, cash, etc.) Your guarantees of return (ticket for returning to your country of origin or residence) Your travel insurance certificate or health insurance (covering any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent health attention and/or emergency hospital treatment) Minimum coverage : 30 000€ The purpose of your stay The above was extracted from the list of entry requirements as it appears in the Noumea Tourist Bureau website. Let this put to rest the ongoing mostly ill informed debate.
  12. Well cruisin-m, why don't you skip buying insurance for your next trip to Noumea and when you get there brag that you have no insurance and see what happens. That will prove your point......or otherwise.
  13. You wouldn't, but the advice from InsureandGo is to stick with trip by trip insurance unless you are taking more than 3 cruises per year of 10 days or more each.
  14. SWMBO says stuff the roses, use the money for more wine. this attitude is quite OK when you are 70+ like the pair of us. A not so frequent visitor the other day enquired, during the course of conversation, as to whether I bought our wine by the dozen. My reply was "No, by the three dozen".
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