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  1. Don't you have to pay the GST on it if you bring it back in to the country, or are people saying nothing and cheating the system.
  2. Yep, wheelchair, walking frame, and walking stick get priority and usually so do the group travelling with them. This has always been the case with our group of 6 regardless of the cruise line.
  3. It's funny how tastes change with age, up until about 15 years ago I would salivate at the mention of steak, now I prefer chicken, pork, or fish. Don't mind a slow cooked Topside roast now and then but would be pushed to eat more than 2 or 3 steaks a year.
  4. We always use the Great Southern, have done since before the current owners who changed the name, can't remember what it was. That was back in the days of $80.00 a night, then along came the booking parasites that demand a high percentage and the price jumped to $130.00, and that price was 6 years ago. haven't needed to stay since then.
  5. If you are referring to the Green uncooked cray I agree that it beats the Southern deep red cray, and the Southern cray beats the Tropical cray.
  6. When I enquired at InsureandGo about an annual policy instead of the two we normally get , they told me it was only economical if we were doing 3 or more cruises a year.
  7. What's wrong with spending our hard earned in Australia you ask? Have you recently had a look at the cost of having a holiday in Australia?
  8. You can still get Avomine from the English ebay, taken last thing at night produces no side effects, works for my wife, I don't need it.
  9. We are on the aged pension and manage to have a 10day Islands winter and a 13/14 day Fiji or NZ cruise each year, We own our own home, no debts, buy our wine 3 cases at a time, have balcony cabins, and the big secret is, WE DON'T PLAY POKER MACHINES. We tip our room steward, both waiters, and occasionally a favourite bartender.
  10. Ridiculous it may seem, but remember one country's ridiculous is another country's jail time, or worse.
  11. 810 to this point, stop feeding the troll.
  12. Worse than "Days of Our Lives", bear in mind that it is also people who think like our rod that have for years prevented the annual underbrush clearing and burning, which is contributing greatly to our bushfire problem at the moment.
  13. .....and have all your support staff fly anyway. What a whole load of Bxxxxxxt.
  14. If you had any business knowledge at all you would know that it is quite common practice for a considerable amount of reports in the early stages of studying a possible project, to be redacted. This is an endeavour to guard any commercially valuable information that may, if released, be advantageous to interested parties, thus enabling them to gain an unfair advantage over other interested parties. For a further understanding look up "Insider trading" where information that is not available to the general public is used by people with access to the redacted information.
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