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  1. You may find that being from the US will bring in the tipping, it has happened to others so check the price in the US.
  2. Happy Birthday Leigh, my wife is next Wednesday the 23rd, I'm not even game to whisper the age.
  3. For future reference the German category for that wine is Trockenbeerenauslese. It is made from grapes that are infected with Botrytis, it is at this point where sweet botrytis style wine is normally made, but for the ice wine the grapes are left on the vine until they are virtually sultanas and have been frozen at least once. At this point the sugars are at their most concentrated and the ice wine is made. In my more wealthy days I used to buy a fair bit of German and Italian wines. Botrytis is referred to as the Noble Rot, and if you wish to try a nice Botrytised sweet wine I recommend DeBortoli Noble One, available in half bottles too. This wine, Australian of course, won so many medals and competitions that Dean DeBortoli ceased entering it, basically to give others a chance. Edit. About $32.00 a bottle at Dan the Irishman for 2017 vintage.
  4. Very similar here with changes as follows. Scotch Fillet Steak, charcoal fired Hibachi, medium, no sauce, salad, Shiraz.
  5. Very similar here with changes as follows. Scotch Fillet Steak, charcoal fired Hibachi, medium, no sauce, salad, Shiraz.
  6. Oh BTW folks, I got my hearing aids yesterday so be careful what you say. 🙂
  7. The Queensland attitude, for want of a better word, is not new. A very good friend and his family moved to Queensland about 35 years ago, and when I visited six months later I naturally asked how's it going. They said it was like living in a different country, and that hearing news from the rest of Aus was scarce. I could elaborate further, but it would seem the attitude, wherever it's coming from, still exists.
  8. Well I'm too old to worry about attracting Cougars, but mind you, back in the day. 😉
  9. First wife was a Bex addict, Doctor warned her. I heard she ended up on a dialysis machine about 20 years ago, most likely carked it by now.
  10. Chico Roll and Chips, best settler for the hangover stomach.
  11. I'll be able to control mine from my phone with a bluetooth connection, volume/program/etc, but phone or TV require a widget that is an optional extra.
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