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  1. Back in the days before colour TV was an interesting time to do food shoots. Due to the limitations of the TV cameras if you wanted nice white mashed potato on the screen it was light blue on the plate, as an example. This was the time of the fashion police in operation before a show, nobody was allowed to wear checked patterns or stripes as the poor old TV cameras couldn't handle them and sometimes was enough to completely disable a camera.
  2. Coming in late on this. We returned from the islands on the 23rd of last month after a 10day cruise, and from all reports Sydney was hotter than the islands at that time, lovely cruising weather.
  3. I should have said that most people won't search for a lot of bloody reasons. They:- Don't know you can Don't know how Try and don't get the answer they want so don't ever try again. Are too bloody lazy and would rather ask someone else to do the work, don't argue they are out there. Are not very confident/capable on a computer. They use their phones to post here and phones are a mongrel for a search. etc etc etc. Don't be so ready to jump down my throat next time!!!
  4. For those wishing to find which location your ship is departing /arriving from/at here is the Maritime Schedule. https://www.portauthoritynsw.com.au/cruise/cruise-schedule/ This has to be inserted on a regular basis because most people won't search.
  5. As are many of us here. 😉
  6. We definitely agree with your size statement.
  7. Yeah the bigger ships stopped calling there as the original wharf is too small to handle the number of tenders required to land and return the larger numbers of cruisers.
  8. A couple of weeks late but I just remembered that I hadn't posted that the new wharf at Lifou is about 1/3 done. I had thought that they would extend the existing but they are putting in a whole extra wharf to the right, as you are coming to shore, side of the existing wharf.
  9. This is something that pops up quite frequently, and I don't think there is a hard and fast rule that quite covers it. A recent comment was made somewhere referring to the upcoming Ruby Princess cruise to Fiji in November, and the fact that it was selling out quite quickly with rising prices. Having made the bookings, 3 cabins, for our group last December @ $5,196.00/2 person BB cabin on deck 12 I was quite shocked to find that the current price is now $7,616.00 for the same cabin class for 2 people. So much for waiting until close to departure as some have suggested.
  10. I had stents put in June 2000, and InsureandGo cover me for an extra $60.00 on a 13/14 day cruise, and their price is still cheaper than Covermore.
  11. I think some of the smaller ships will still go to Akaroa, as many of the larger ships can't get in there so will go to Lyttleton.
  12. I'm near enough 75 years young and had Measles as a kid, so I don't need vaccination, how would I get on for a vaccination check? I think there would be a lot of people with the same problem.
  13. Good name for a song up the top there. :)
  14. Has anyone had anything to do with Council Of The Ageing Travel Insurance, I didn't know it existed until I received an email from COTA regarding a survey, and I happened to look up their website.
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