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  1. September 17th It was 9am and I was soon down in Central Park. Wait, what? I was up and walking around at 9am, I didn't go to sleep until after 4am. Seemed to have skipped breakfast that day, but at 9:15am I made my way to Dazzles for the cruise critic meet and mingle. My guess is we had about 50 people there. Majority of the gifts were for a free in room movie, a few bags and maybe a couple bottles of wine. Cruise Director Dennis spoke for quite a while and said they read everything on cruise critic and they will chime in if people say wrong things. He also said the ships are only going to get bigger. πŸ™‚ Got my daily hug from Nancy which brightened my day and ran into a few other friends from our roll call there. My ticket was pulled, actually was the first one pulled and won a free in room movie that I never used. πŸ™‚ Not really sure I was ever in my room long enough to watch any TV, let alone a movie. In retrospect now I'm glad I didn't win a Royal Up bid considering the little time I was in my room. Throughout all this time, I still was being optimistically careful after my BP spike from two days before so as late as I was up the day and night before I never drank that much nor even got a buzz, so I was still being extra cautious, but I didn't let it dampen my fun. Captain Johnny honored us at the top tier party, I really only went as I wanted to know the amount of each level on the ship. Patty joined me and we both enjoyed a watered down Bloody Mary. πŸ™‚ Once that was over, it was time to stroll around the ship. It was a beautiful day at sea. Lunch was at Chops that day precisely at Noon. Lauren and Robert joined me at Chops, however we were on a very tight schedule as at 1:30 we had the Slot Pull and at 3pm we had our Bar Hop/poker run. We sat down at 12:08pm and got our appetizer at 1:00pm. When we first sat down we told our very nice waiter that we had someplace to be at 1:30pm. At 1:13pm I got my Jumbo shrimp, it was about 1:30 and we had to go. We told the waiter to take our cards and ring us up, we had to go. We said, don't worry about our steaks, we'll be back that night and order new ones. He was very apologetic. We all still tipped him as this snafu wasn't his fault. We bolted out and made our way LATE to the Casino for the Slot Pull. We had about 50 folks for our slot pull, we basically didn't win a lot of money, but we all put in $15 and got back $13. πŸ™‚ After the slot pull was over and before the Bar Hop/Poker Run was about to begin a few of us made our own mini slot pull with our $13 left. It was then time for our Bar Hop/Poker Run, we had about 20 of us. We had lots of fun starting at the Casino Bar then we moved along Boot & Bonnet, Schooner Bar.. well Schooner Bar, this is were we defiantly made our mark on the ship as we left the Schooner Bar. πŸ™‚ At 4:25pm we made our way out of the Schooner Bar but we took the back exit where the door is closed, it takes you down those spiral stairs. Well one problem with that at 4pm in the afternoon, at the bottom of those stairs was a photographer taking pictures of people on them. Remember earlier I said there were about 20 of us on this bar hop. Yeah, we made a couple on those stairs by accident a little upset. By the time our train was moving to Boleros it was to late. The rest of the group was quite far ahead of me, and just when they thought we all passed there comes me strolling along, saying sorry, pardon me of course. πŸ™‚ Once we made our way to Boleros more fun and inappropriate conversations were made, we gained a few more folks that joined in later on the hop. We got a nice group picture on the dance floor with about 30 of us at that time. Once we left Boleros we hit up On Air Bar and ended at Sabor Tequila Bar. All and all a great Bar Hop and Poker Run ending around 5:45pm. Just in time for us all to run back to our rooms and go to dinner. Dinner that night was at Chops at 6:30 with Lauren, Robert and Sherry. We had the same waiter we had for lunch and he more than made up for us for our lunch. We later learned that the cook at Chops was sick that day and caused the issue there earlier that day and they had to get someone to fill in. Dinner ended by 9pm, however my other friends Deborah and Richard had just sat down over at 150 Central and I had just heard from Patty that the water show she was going to was cancelled because of the seas. I told her I was headed to 150 Central Park and to come and join Deborah, Richard and I. So Patty and I crashed Deborah and Richards Party and ordered some food there. Of course while I was there had to have a cucumber martini. πŸ™‚ After dinner number 2 that night the horn had blown and our Uber was yet calling us. By 10:30 we all had begun to congregate at the Rising Tide Bar with my first espresso martini at 10:46. Our favorite waiter Merton was taking good care of us. Deborah kept asking Merton if he would let her drive our Uber but he kept declining, we said she was good and not even drinking. She was sad. Espresso Martinis turned into Dirty Martini's. Yup, you guessed it we closed down the Rising Tide Bar 1:30pm and made our way to the Casino. We were good that night, only about 15 of us overtook the Rising Tide Bar before the casino. I'm guessing it may have been an early night to bed that night as my last picture was at 1:45am, thought I really can't confirm that. πŸ™‚ What an amazing Day Three on the beautiful Harmony of the Seas... Next up St Thomas.
  2. September 16th When I awoke that next morning fairly early at 7:30am we were already docked at the beautiful Coco Cay... It was my hopes to have been up earlier for us docking but I had failed at this attempt. Made a quick lap to get some welcome pictures of Coco Cay, then made my way to Johnny Rockets. This day there were not any plans made really for Coco Cay. I had my breakfast and as I was getting done my friends and their family that were also on the cruise that I had sailed with a couple years ago on Harmony had arrived at Johnny Rockets. It was great to see them, I saw them briefly the day before, so I had moved over to there table and enjoyed more coffee and catching up with them. While I was there with them I was communicating with Patty about heading out to Coco Cay to check it out and snap some pictures. At 9am Patty and I headed off the ship to check things out, we ran into a few of our other new friends from our roll call and got some great pictures. Got a Coco Loco before 10am. 9:42am to be exact. πŸ™‚ Everyone must get one if they dock in Coco Cay! πŸ™‚ They really thought of everything at Coco Cay, the island didn't suffer any damage from the hurricanes, however a storm rolled thru the night before and knocked over a palm tree, as we were walking by island staff were shoring it up so that it wouldn't injure anyone. Ran into more members of our wonderful roll call group, chatted and caught up then said our goodbyes that we'd catch them later in the day back on the ship. Around 10:30am we decided it was time to head back to the ship. As we were headed back to the ship we noticed some extremely mean looking clouds with pellets of sunshine in them not far off. At 10:38 as we were more than halfway down the pier those pellets of sunshine started to hit the pier and us, we began to walk a tad faster is more sunshine started to hit us. At 10:41 we just walked up the ramp and into to check in and boarding area and the heavens let loose and it was officially a MOIST DAY AT COCO CAY. Whew we timed that right. Right behind us were our other friends Nancy and Alex, we got a new welcome back on the ship picture with them and my daily hug from Nancy. After we got past security we parted our ways for awhile, I then made my way to the Solarium and found one of the covered pods. Boy did it rain for quite awhile. I tried to nap, but that didn't work out well. I did snap a picture of my steps off/on ship and walking around the island, it showed me at 4,946 steps at 2.15 miles. We pretty much hit all aspects of the island, not very big as we know. Hard to believe there is so much in a small area. Around 12:30 the moistness dried up and the sun, not sun pellets pushed thru. It was then time to take a stroll around the ship on the upper decks running into others from our roll call I hadn't seen since the night before at our dinner at Hibachi. The pools around the ship were pretty sparse, so this is a good day to get some ship pool time if you don't care about going on the island. Around 1:30 it was about time to eat again so I blew the Food Horn for my Unlimited Dining Package friends and called an impromptu meeting at Sabor. At exactly 2:01pm we were seated in Sabor, we were the first there. Our group started out with four of us and before we left there were 15 of us there, others filtered there way in between 2-3pm, we had to keep extending our table. Lets just say Sabor knew us all quite well as we spent a lot of time there. Guacamole was our friend. At 5pm quite a few of us met up at the stairway by the bionic bar for a group picture. We were told the ship photographers would be open at 5, then told it was 7 because it was a port day. Anyways we ended up not being able to get the ship photographer picture but got some good ones with our phones. Pictures came out nice and we got about 30 of us from our roll call into our picture. Not to bad considering. By 5:30 Harmony was underway headed off for a wonderful night and day at sea. The sun was shining and we were in for an amazing evening and sunset, thought I missed the sunset. Dinner that night was at 150 Central Park, however before dinner I had spent time at the Casino and was doing fairly well. Think there were four or five of us that gathered there that night. After dinner we were summoned to our Uber at Rising Tide Bar. It started out with six of us and as the evening went on more our group got bigger and bigger. Lots of very important topics were discussed and inappropriate conversations throughout the course of the evening. Espresso & dirty martin's were rolling around. We closed down the Rising Tide Bar around 1:30 am then we made our way to the Casino. Didn't make it back to my room until after 4am. Wait, what? How'd that happen? What an amazing Day Two on the beautiful Harmony of the Seas...
  3. Thanks. You will have an amazing cruise on Harmony. This is one of my most favorite ships. I’ll surely be filling in more our amazing week on Harmony later this week. Thanks Sea Dog! No Alapha was called for me. Sadly one was called for someone else and a member from our roll call lost a love one during this cruise. 😞
  4. I’m thinking it’s possible you are looking for it In the wrong spot. It was available the whole time in the cruise planner for our Harmony cruise a few weeks ago. I’m seeing it in our cruise planner for my Oasis cruise in December. Here’s the one for Oasis in December.
  5. Thanks. Guess the biggest challenge is typing what’s happening via the iPhone. Since it’s one letter at a time on a keypad it’s not as convenient as using a keyboard. πŸ˜€ Ha. Yeah. Though I’m not sure it was seen by as many as one would think as it all happened so quickly. It definitely changed how day one played out as extra caution was taken.
  6. September 14th - Pre-cruise day! That day started like most day before you leave on a cruise day, what else needs to be done before leaving for a week. We had these "Little" storms still off out in the ocean planning at the time to do who knows what. With the anticipation of it could possibly do something whilst we were at sea it was time to put any outdoor things tucked away should a hurricane decide to head to Florida whilst we were at sea. It was also a day to make sure family members properly take care of pets while your away. πŸ™‚ After the morning stress was taken care of and things on the list were forgotten it was time to make that trek toward Port Canaveral. Our amazing roll call group had gathering at Grills Seafood at 3:30. During this timer period I had also agreed to pick up what was then a new friend from our roll call at their hotel and bring her to our gathering at Grills, but at the time still a stranger, though not as much as a stranger as it could have been as we've all been chatting away for months. πŸ™‚ Saturday afternoon I made my way to the Marriott Courtyard pretty much exactly the time I said I'd be there. I had been on the road a couple hours and had to pee like a race horse, I had parked my car and walked into the lobby, thinking she won't be waiting there for me so I got time to pee. Nope, you guessed it, she was on time in the lobby too. πŸ™‚ So my horrible first impression was "Hello, glad to meet you, but I got to pee." So I zipped past her after shaking hands and did my business. We then had our formal greeting in the lobby and made our way to Grills having a few laughs at my horrible introduction. πŸ™‚ At around 3:15 we made it to Grills and there were already quite a few folks from our roll call there, one had already warned then and they were starting to set up a table for about 25 people. Everywhere I turned there was a new person from our roll call that I've been communicating with for months, I'm hearing this name, that name and then trying to put names and faces together. At this point I'm lucky I still remember my name. Things begin to move along and we get everyone to our large table, in the mean time more folks arrived. We then began to Whoop Whoop in excitement that our cruise day was about to begin. Oh yeah or main Whoop Whooper Jamie and his lovely wife Angie finally arrived. At this point my own nerves and the drink I had kicked in and all our months of communications was now a reality. However there was a very odd feeling to it all, I really didn't feel like I was sitting with a bunch of strangers, I've had a personal connection with everyone that was here over the past several months. This was a first for me to walk into a cruise this way. We all had tons of laughs, ice had been broken that all of us that made it to this gathering had kick started our amazing cruise. This cruise was a partial solo cruise for me and I hadn't done a full solo cruise since my cruise on Harmony last September. But after this it surely wasn't a solo cruise any longer, I had all these new friends. Our wonderful meal and gathering went on for awhile longer and then folks started to head off here and there. I volunteered to pick up three folks at their hotels on cruise day to save them taking a uber or shuttle service. The joke was will I have enough room in my car, I'm like sure, we'll make it work πŸ™‚ As we were leaving another roll call member, Sherry showed up but we were all leaving,. In hindsight I felt bad that Patty and I didn't turn around and go back and sit at the bar with Sherry but well its to late now. We left it that we would see her the next day at Jamie's Italian for lunch at noon. We continued on our way and I dropped Patty off at her hotel and I went to mine and checked in. I was starting to get a headache but didn't think much of it, took some advil and tried to go to bed early. As the night was going on, more and more folks were checking in from our roll call that they made it, the excitement had begun to buzzzz all around. I attempted to go to sleep early, which I really think around 10pm I did fall asleep for a bit. My headache had still lingered off and on, I blamed it on the drink I had as I hadn't had a drink since my last cruise on Allure back in May. September 15th, Cruise day... it's after midnight. Think it was around 3am I woke up and well, you guessed it a boat load of us were chatting on our roll call at 3am, who can sleep, we are getting on a ship in a few hours. LOL. Pretty sure I did doze off a few times until sometime after 7am I finally made my way to Denny's for breakfast. I felt like I was going to be getting a cold, no way can I get a cold, no way. Made my way back to my room to shower and stop at Publix, where shopping is a pleasure... to pick up a few more last minute things. Now remember I said I thought I felt a cold coming along, that morning I had already drank two things of Airbourne. I messaged Patty, Rose and Phyliss and said I was on my way after a quick stop at Publix. Stopping at Publix I decided I would buy all this stuff if one were to get sick and aloe lotion just in case of a bad sunburn. Finished at Publix and made my first stop at the Marriott for Patty, loaded her bags in my car and she says do you think we will have room for everyone and their bags? My bags are quite big. Sure we will be fine, you should have seen how full my car was with my friends when we sailed on Harmony back in 2017, we'll be fine. πŸ™‚ Made our way to pick up Rose and Phyliss at their hotel. They were waiting for us in front, we were all laughing as we saw all the bags, to everyone's amazement we made it, no one had to sit on the room and we didn't drag anyone behind the car. By this time it was around 10:05am, the pier was within minutes from where we were, we circle around and I drop them off and they checked their bags with porters, I didn't check my bag but left my bag with Rose as I left and went and parked my car in the garage. I was back with them within a very short period. We all walk into the terminal together and three of us together and then got separated with Patty, we all just kept going and knew we'd meet up with each other someplace on the other end. Rose, Phyliss and I went thru the expedited line and the face recognition thing did its thing and boom, we were done, we went up to the next level and one guy was saying I had to go this way, Rose and Phyliss this other way because they had the Key. We ended up back in the same spot in the end and walked right on the ship. We were all on the ship no later than 10:25am. Once on the ship, our first agenda were our reservations for our specialty dining, somehow Patty got ahead of us and was already on the ship. I got separated from Rose and Phyliss and didn't see them again for a bit but once I met up with Patty made our reservations for some of the nights for the week. I set up our group of 15 people for Wonderland on night 4 and added a few names to our meal on night one at Izumi Hibachi making our roll call group gathering for 22 people. After we got all that taken care of it was almost noon, time for our group meet up at Jamie's Italian. I got there a few moments early and said there were about 16 of us that would be there for lunch. They were setting up our table, while we were waiting I went out in Central Park and I kept hearing my name, as I kept going to three and four different directions, made my way back with our group to Jamie's Italian. It was at that time I got to finally meet Rick who had been on the ship the whole week before, it was so awesome to finally meet Rick & Jean after chatting in our roll call for so many months and him following my blogs all these years. Was this real? Met a few others that were not part of our pre-cruise meal at Grills the day before. We all had the "Unlimited Dining Package". Our waiter, don't remember his name was amazing, he basically just kept bringing us everything on the menu, bless his heart. We all just kept eating and then they rolled us on out. It was around 145 or so when we all went our ways as our rooms were now open. This to me is the perfect way to start a cruise. Go to lunch at a specialty restaurant, no lugging your bags all around to much and once you are done lunch, rooms are ready. We all went on our ways and said we'd see each other at sail away part after muster drill at the Wipe Out Bar between the flow-riders. Made my way to my room, inside cabin as I didn't win the Royal Up, I was cool with an inside room as I'm not in my room much anyways. Remember earlier I said I kept thinking I was going to get a cold. Well when I was at Publix I had bought a bottle of Ester C. 24 hour Immune support. I laid down and rested a bit since I was in my room before muster. Once I was done resting I took three of the Ester C pills as that's how many you are supposed to take in a day. Made my way to my muster station which was in the theater. Muster came and went and it was now shortly after 4pm and time to head to the Wipe Out Bar. I hiked up all the flights of stairs from the theater to deck 15. Once I got to deck 15 I ran into Tim and got my a drink from the bar there as I knew the bar at the Wipe Out Bar was going to be busy. We had 50-60 people from our roll call that were supposed to meet up there for sail away. Got my drink and chatted with Tim for a bit then made my way to deck 16. Finally met more folks from our roll call. The sun was shining and it was HOT HOT HOT. Time went on, met more folks and we were all chatting away. suddenly I just collapsed. Rick thought I was just messing with them all and picked me up and I was standing again and somewhat chatting I guess, then I collapsed again, it was then poor Rick knew I wasn't being a jerk and messing with them. They all moved me over to the seats by the flow rider and they got the ship paramedics and all that. What a way to meet a bunch of new people face to face that you've been chatting with for months. πŸ™‚ Anyways time went on and my blood pressure had skyrocketed which had caused me to collapse. I had not drank much so it was not the alcohol. They took my blood pressure and tested my blood sugar. They wanted to bring me down to the infirmary but I had refused. I just kept drinking water. I was very thankful for all my new friends around me that took care of me during this very weird time, showed really what great folks we had in our roll call and great community we as cruise folks are. We sailed off, I was feeling better as my blood pressure started to subside. I missed us sailing away and pictures. As proud as I am I took up the offer of Patty going with me back to my deck after sail away to ensure I made it back to my room to rest up before we all were to meet up for dinner at Izumi Hibachi. Once I got back to my room I took a nap, drank more water before our dinner at 730. So basically the rest of night one I was taking it rather easy for the most part being optimistically cautious. While I didn't not drink at all, I was very cautious. Everyone arrived at Hibachi, I honestly was amazed, so far every gathering everyone had shown up that said they were, we had 22 people, basically Hibachi was everyone from our roll call. Everyone also had the "Unlimited Dining Package". We all had lots of laughs and an amazing time, new friendships were forming and ones made earlier were bonding more. Our since of community from our roll call was very prevalent. As time went on my horrible first impression from our sail away party was subsiding. Once dinner concluded most of us made our way to our first official meet up at the Rising Tide Bar. This was our first night of many that we closed the Rising Tide Bar down for the night. During the course of the rest of that night, folks that were not with us at Hibachi made there way to Rising Tide and more faces and names were known. Whoop Whoops were going all around. Good Times. As the Rising Tide Bar was closing and our wonderful wait staff there were taking care of us it was almost that time to call it a day. Day One was a huge success despite my horrible meeting of many. πŸ™‚ Made my way back to my room to rest up for Day two which brought us to Coco Cay. What adventure will we have in Coco Cay??
  7. It appears after reading back thru this "Live" review there is a lot missing. This was an amazing cruise and I'm going to go back and try to fill in some of the blanks as so much fun was going on that it didn't completely translate into just how amazing this cruise was. πŸ™‚
  8. Another great "Live" Sid! Looks like your next one on NCL I'll have to catch up after on that one too as we will be sailing and doing "Lives" at the same time again! 54 more day's until cruise day!! Whoop Whoop!!
  9. Yeah, I've still got the post cruise blues from my cruise and live report. But good news is Oasis of the seas is less than two months away. πŸ™‚
  10. Looks like I need to get caught up on this as I missed it while it was live. πŸ˜€The day after you boarded I was disembarking from the beautiful Harmony of the seas. I used Flyby on my Harmony cruise. πŸ˜€
  11. Can’t wait for us all to do it again!! Best cruise ever! Whoop Whoop!!
  12. Can you just turn this into a B2B. You can do it, we have faith in you. πŸ˜€
  13. Thanks for following along along! It was an amazing cruise! Way to short! Thanks for following along! See you soon on Lady Oasis! Garlic bread was amazing! Really all of it was. Can’t pick just one. Thanks for following along! Thanks for following along! Hope y’all had an amazing cruise! Thanks for following along! Thanks for following along along! Hope you had an amazing cruise! Whoop Whoop! Thanks for following along!
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