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  1. Do u still get days credit for the free cruise?
  2. Below is the link to the one my DH bought on Amazon. He bought it for his FitBit but discovered it worked well for the Medallion. He did say it is a little difficult to do the clasp. Newer models may be better. https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Accessory-Wireless-Activity-Wristband/dp/B01HCHE6DK/ref=sr_1_10?crid=3LICC8PBVNJFO&keywords=fitbit+zip+wristband&qid=1549920796&s=sporting-goods&sprefix=FitBit+zip+wrist%2Csporting%2C152&sr=1-10
  3. No. Since we booked our cruise last minute, we got our Medallions when we checked in. The cruise cards were already in a clear plastic holder and the Medallion in a separate plastic holder. Both were attached to a single lanyard.
  4. The Medallion wasn't a perfect fit, but since the wristband is soft plastic, the Medallion was secure.
  5. My husband used his FitBit Zip wristband for his Medallion. It was $6.99 on Amazon. Of course, shipping would be extra unless you have Prime.
  6. No matter what they do, they're not going to please 100% of people. We're at the point where we primarily book inside cabins. I would actually prefer if they would remove the chair at the desk. Have never used it. On our cruise last month on the Regal they had removed the little round table which I was glad since we would always put in the closet area. We never order room service so table/chair(s) aren't important. We don't spend much time in the cabin. When we stayed in a balcony room in the past, I don't recall using the inside chair much and found the little round table to be in the way and useless. Guess I'm in the minority.
  7. Thanks for all the info. I know at least Delta, United and probably American have an additional more restricted Economy fare that you don't get to choose your seat when you book. This is not offered on all flights. Below is from the United website: I just wanted to make sure Princess was not booking the more restricted Economy fare. Sounds like I better talk with them direct to make sure.
  8. When you book with EZair in economy can you always reserve your seats in advance? I know some airlines now have a Basic Economy fare on some flights where you can't reserve seats in advance. It's a cheaper fare. Just want to make sure Princess doesn't book in this class.
  9. We were on the Regal last month. We’re not good at remembering to take pictures. I really liked our embarkation one but refuse to pay $25 for a photo. If they would just reduce the price they’d sell more. Seems like such a waste to print them out and destroy thousands at the end of the cruise. One of my primary gripes
  10. Thanks so much. Just wish TA’s would explain things especially for first time cruisers like my friends
  11. I'm sorry I didn't make it clear it was $43 for each passenger. The land portion is first then they sail from Whittier to Vancouver.
  12. There are no pre or post cruise hotels included, however the cruisetour # does not match any that are found on the Princess website. After the cruisetour # is says "Custom XXX" with the X being the TA name.
  13. A friend of mine who has never cruised has a a tentative booking thru a brick & mortar TA for an Alaska cruisetour. She asked me to look over the booking confirmation. There was an entry that I was unfamiliar with. Here are the fees that are listed: Fare: $xxxxx Mods: $43 (this is the one I've never seen on any of my confirmations Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses: $xxxxx The taxes, fees & port expenses are equal to what I see on the Princess website, so I'm confused on what this "Mods" fee is. Anyone know? TIA
  14. I've never indulged in the Sanctuary in the past, but we'll have 3 sea days on the Regal in a couple weeks. What does it cost? Do u need to sign up as soon as u get on board? Is it in the sun or shade? Thanks. BTW I'm enjoying your Live thread. Thanks for doing this.
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