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  1. If you apply a Future Cruise Deposit, do you lose that if it's a non-refundable deposit booking?
  2. Can more than one big ship dock in Whittier? If not, Whittier will be busy more days.
  3. Just disembarked from the Royal in Vancouver on June 8. Thought I would post a copy of the times since it varied somewhat from what someone had posted from 2 weeks earlier. I think we were either the 2nd or 3rd time to disembark in Vancouver so maybe they have worked the kinks out. They seemed to be running a bit early for some of the groups. Disembarkation.pdf
  4. I got an upswell last week for our June 1 Alaska cruise. $79 per person to upgrade from an inside to balcony (category ID to BB). I took it. I initially booked the inside at a fantastic rate. This was the icing on the cake.
  5. Thank you. That information is very helpful. I think we're going to give it a try. Our city doesn't have any mass transit so we're not used to this mode of transportation.
  6. Yes, at least for me (American). I found it on my cruise personalizer as something I could add (I booked direct with Princess). I believe if you booked with a TA you need to ask them to add it.
  7. The transfer to Vancouver airport is $29 each.
  8. Thanks so much. We're considering it. At this point, I just want the easiest way that requires the least amount of us schlepping our luggage.
  9. How do you pay? We will have no Canadian money with us. Do you purchase at a kiosk with credit card? Thanks.
  10. That was quick. I know you just got home. Yes, I got the info from your blog. I want to thank you for posting your blog. It has been so helpful since we're doing the southbound on the Royal on June 1. Eventhough this will be our 8th Alaska cruise (7 on Princess), it is always helpful to get up to date real life information. I've already printed out the disembarkation page that you posted. We have a 4:11 pm flight from Vancouver airport. I just checked and the disembarkation paperwork shows people with Princess transfer to YVR have to pick up luggage at the cruise ship terminal. Darn!
  11. I'm considering booking the Princess transfer when we dock in Vancouver to the airport. Does anyone have any recent experience (I know the season is young). Will we have to collect our bags after we get off the ship, or will they go from our cabin directly to the bus. I think we have to clear customs, so maybe we have to collect our bags before getting on the bus. We have a late afternoon flight, but I just read a post from someone who got off the ship yesterday that there was a 45 minute wait for taxi.
  12. We will be boarding the Royal in 2 weeks. Just received our Medallions this past Friday. Does anyone know if we will get a cruise card when we board. when we were on the Regal in January we got both the Medallion and a cruise card at embarkation. We booked last minute so no time to mail Medallions to us. Just curious if they have done away with cruise cards completely on Medallion ships.
  13. Looking for some clarification especially as it pertains to the Ocean Compass app and does it work before u get on the ship. We were on the Regal in January and everything worked well for the most part.  We are going to be on the Royal in June. Everything is completed and Ocean Ready shows check marks for both of us. Medallions have been ordered.  However when I open the Ocean Compass app and put in my booking number and birthdate I continually get error message that they were unable to match the combination of reservation number and birthday. Is this normal until I get on the ship?
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