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  1. Looking for information on what is available for pre-cruise packages in Rome that would also include transportation to the ship. The intent is to be in Rome for two or three nights prior to boarding. If there are any know deals with the cruise line, it would need to be on Celebrity. Any and all assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. looks like they got the Quote HTML code working....now for the rest.
  3. Bottom line, text editing in this new version is horrible. It appears that this was not adequately tested. No choice of fonts, old HTML code not recognized to change text, copy/paste does not work correctly because paste gets pasted twice, Quote blocks are no longer shaded like they were (but you see the HTML code for the quote), we used to have some chance to make signatures individual but now extensive restrictions prevent that. Bold selection for font does not appear to work. Etc., Etc., Etc...... Test the changes before releasing them. Also, along with the release, do not ask us for our help to find out what is wrong, tell us what has been changed and how to use it. My comments come from experience. I am a retired computer professional with over 40 years of coding and TESTING.
  4. This is now far more cumbersome than it was previously. The text entry process does not allow for choice of fonts as it did previously. Also, when I do a cut and paste, the paste is entered twice. It also appears that many of the HTML commands that were wrapped around previous entries are no longer being recognized as commands to format the text thus you see the HTML language commands as part of the posts. I also do not like the restrictions now placed on the Signatures. If members want to let others know what cruises they were on previously, six lines is a serious restriction in the ability to do that. It seems as if you are forcing us to ignore our individuality for the cause of making everyone the same. I do not know if this is the case across all platforms or this is only true on my Macbook Air and Firefox browser.
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