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  1. No thanks.....we're done.....too much ambiguity on this subject. We have our train tickets and we are done. Others were in the same boat so to speak and also bailed on the second cruise.
  2. We were booked and paid for our Koningsdam cruise from San Diego to Vancouver coming up late April. We also booked after much discussion on these boards an overnighter aboard the Oosterdam upon debarking the Koningsdam in order to get us back to Seattle. Much talk on these boards as to whether the "Jones Act" is in violation by us getting off the one ship to board another to overnight to Seattle. It was confirmed at that time that it was not in violation as the first cruise was porting in Victoria Canada prior to debarking in Vancouver the following cruise was OK. Then HAL changed our port from Victoria to Seattle on the Koningsdam for a media event. So apparently this is when we now are in violation of the Jones Act as now it looks at the two cruises as a round trip Seattle......and we don't know this until yesterday when someone on our roll call thread again speaks a warning to us. At first I was annoyed by this but it did spur us into another call to HAL. Needed to elevate it to a supervisor in order to get an answer but it was confirmed. At this point we needed to duke it out with the travel agency for a refund who usually charges a $100 dollar fee for such things. An hour on hold with them calling HAL we did get our refund with no penalties and were told that they learned something today. Had we turned up to board the Oosterdam we're told we would be subject to arrest or fine as it breaks the law, even if we had no idea. If not for CC and the knowledge it provides people like us would have real issues. Thanks to all for your help and this is why we are here. I do think HAL has responsability here as they should have allerted us as to this potential problem. We are now taking the train into Washington that evening.
  3. Well at least you found something on the port schedule.....I think we'll have to assume pier 91 and hope HAL has free shuttles for us. Thank you for the assistance.
  4. We are taking the Koningsdam repositioning in April from San Diego to Vancouver and our original port stop was to be Victoria, now changed to Seattle for PR purposes I'm hearing. While we were sad to loose Victoria as our friends have never been and we all know Seattle well.....I'm not sure where the ship will dock. I've only known the terminal way out of town where ships embark and debark from trips, but I also know of the one at the marina behind Pikes and the ferris wheel but have only seen Norwegian ships there. Is that dock for "day porting" in Seattle or is it contracted with Norwegian only....? We're just trying to plan our getting off the ship and walking around that area on that day and not sure how the cruise line would handle moving guests from that far away terminal into town and back. Do they charge for a bus/shuttle or would we need to get an uber for ourselves.....? Thanks in advance for any information you'd have for us......Qcruisers
  5. At the risk of asking another question that may have been addressed here.......we are aboard the Koningsdam repositioning cruise April 28th San Diego to Vancouver and could not select a cabin as this is a continuation that began on the East coast through Panama canal so we understand the reasoning behind this policy. Being it's our first HAL cruise, at what point can we expect our obstructed balcony cabin to be assigned.....? I suppose we might not know until we board.....but then how do luggage tags work.....? Any ideas would be appreciated.....thank you.
  6. Caribe deck on Royal class ships are no larger than others......
  7. Agree with no umbrellas use a pancho instead. The only time so far we've done Alaska we took the attitude "let's do it right" since we're here may not get back.....took a helicopter glacier landing while in Juneau.....it was so worth doing. White Pass railway is good in Skagway. Hope you do have a balcony as this is when you really want one the experience is amazing.
  8. We were there in September last year and one of the entertainers came in one night with his possey and they all began smoking.....we had no idea it was permitted and quickly left.....found out it was permitted.
  9. Prices are not discounted pre cruise......
  10. Qcruise


  11. We were given a handicap interior on lido once only......enjoyed the location being so close to pool, bar, food never had noise problems and the extra space the handicap room provided was nice. Never did we request a mobility challenged room and we don't require one.
  12. The Grand class of Princess ships have larger balconies.....we try to get on Caribe deck at they are much larger and have half covered.
  13. Yes.....bring both. It will be cold on deck until you get halfway down the baja......expect rough seas on you Northbound leg coming back......pools routinely get closed for safety reasons.
  14. Thanks to martincath for that information we might take that option for sure.....it's good information like this that makes CC so valuable and why we stay on the boards.
  15. I think we should try to get as late a debarkation time as we can.......that would help.
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