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  1. I echo the above, there is no ability to pre-purchase cans of drink - just water. Cans from memory were $2.50Au each - but always warm as the bar would only tip it over ice and never had any in a fridge. The soft drink package is not worth it (I worked out you get about a third of a can per cup so need to drink a fair few a day to come out even). The good thing however is P&O allow you to take a dozen cans per person onboard so just take your own. No rule on the type of drink as long as it is in a can and non-alcoholic. You do however have to pack them loose in hand luggage
  2. Being a rider of both I would suggest something comfortable with an upwards riding position e.g. not a sports bike. Sports bikes are great for an afternoon blat but not ideal for the roads in reality. I am not sure if you live in NZ but if you do I strongly encourage you to enroll in the ride forever courses - I try to do one a year to keep my skills up and they are low cost and with the current cash back on rego pay for themselves....
  3. Hey Taffy I am with you - keen to get back to cruising and think that NZ is in front of the world with this. Hubby and I were looking at this cruise as well 🙂 Both of us feel more comfortable cruising to the pacific than Aussie at the mo. Not liking P&O's current deal (we have FCC so the $1 deposit is valueless to us and we are particular about our cabins) but once it changes we will book a cruise ASAP! Cruise ships got a bad wrap with Corvid - you didn't hear much about the 5000 people infected at a European ski resort!
  4. Not sure where you are located @Wellydancer but if you are in the UK or Australia / New Zealand then I suggest you check out Stake. They allow you to purchase on the US exchange - this is how I bought my shares from NZ. I have used a couple of platforms to purchase shares and they are the easiest and cheapest....
  5. So for us we are still keen on cruising and have a few booked over the next 18 months. They may get cancelled not because we don't want to go but because we may not be able to leave / return the country. I don't need to get my confidence back but I think it will change the cruise industry - who will have to overcome the negative publicity that has been generated by the Diamond / Ruby Princess etc. One of the things that could easily be adopted it what P&O Australia has done. While they have been heavily criticized for the "food court" feeling of turning the buffet
  6. Hi Tracey It is my understanding that there is Carnival on both the US and the UK market. I purchased my US shares via Stake (they are allowing kiwi's on the Aussie site till the launch in NZ later this month). It took about two days to set up and then another 2 to get the money transferred. It is a great time to be buying the shares - they have halved in value since I bought them but not worried as they will go up + I have enough cruises planned to more than get my money back through OBC. Look for CCL with the picture of a red flag with a blue centre.
  7. Following as I am interested too. We are on a Princess cruise to these ports in October which appealed as these destinations aren't typically offered.
  8. They sure do. If you have previously received this it is likely to be on your profile and automatically applied to your booking.
  9. I have only ever booked through a personal cruise planner but this time wanted to book direct online using the Princess website. We need an accessible cabin (we have sailed before and completed special needs profiles) but while it allow me to go through select a cabin when it comes to completing the booking it just says the cabin is unavailable and select another one. However they don't give another one but the cabin is still showing as been able to be selected. I have tried to call but gave up after 30 min on hold and chat is offline. I am thinking my issue is because we are t
  10. The Ruby is running a special menu on trial that is very beef heavy - pretty much every night there is prime rib / strip steak / beef tips etc. They did do a "hangi" dinner - however being a Kiwi i ordered this with an open mind and can confirm it is nothing like a hangi in NZ.
  11. I am so with you on that. We have a cruise on the Majestic booked in Sept but would really like something different and the Sapphire would be ideal. It is annoying that they release something to agents but it isn't on their site ready to book.
  12. In January we paid $25 NZ from Sydney OPT to the airport (sorry I know you are after White bay!) on the Princess transfer In Auckland we normally pre book a super shuttle - you go straight to the head of the line, show your booking confirmation and they pop you straight on the van. Never had to wait as they have a controller there and 2+ vans at all times filling up. Costs $25pp. Happy travels
  13. no, you can bring anything - cans, bottles or cartons. Apart from alcohol there is no restriction.
  14. So we recently had the same question except it was the Ruby Princess and an 11.50 international flight. We only had the one flight choice or spend the night in Sydney (and an extra days leave which I couldn't really afford to do). To ease our concern I booked the flight through EzAir (Princess's air booking service) + transfers. My thoughts were that if the ship was late it was on them to sort out. The 11.50 flight was within their flight booking window (from memory 5 hours after the 6pm docking) so they were able to get the flight I wanted. Everything worked fine - we were o
  15. Guarantee means that you will receive a cabin in the category you have paid for or better. While with Princess there is no financial advantage to booking guarantee, it does give you the possibility of an upgrade. The cabins can be allocated from within hours of the booking to a day or two prior to the cruise.
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