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  1. I am so with you on that. We have a cruise on the Majestic booked in Sept but would really like something different and the Sapphire would be ideal. It is annoying that they release something to agents but it isn't on their site ready to book.
  2. In January we paid $25 NZ from Sydney OPT to the airport (sorry I know you are after White bay!) on the Princess transfer In Auckland we normally pre book a super shuttle - you go straight to the head of the line, show your booking confirmation and they pop you straight on the van. Never had to wait as they have a controller there and 2+ vans at all times filling up. Costs $25pp. Happy travels
  3. no, you can bring anything - cans, bottles or cartons. Apart from alcohol there is no restriction.
  4. So we recently had the same question except it was the Ruby Princess and an 11.50 international flight. We only had the one flight choice or spend the night in Sydney (and an extra days leave which I couldn't really afford to do). To ease our concern I booked the flight through EzAir (Princess's air booking service) + transfers. My thoughts were that if the ship was late it was on them to sort out. The 11.50 flight was within their flight booking window (from memory 5 hours after the 6pm docking) so they were able to get the flight I wanted. Everything worked fine - we were off the ship at 7 and at the airport by 8. One of the things that likely worked in our favour was Sydney was not our first port of call in Aussie so we did not have to clear customs or immigration as disembarkation. In one regard it was stressful (what if the ship was late / what if there was road works etc) but I tried to mitigate that risk by putting some of the onus back on the cruise line. I would be happy to catch the same flight again in the future... even with a later in the day flight issues could happen.
  5. Guarantee means that you will receive a cabin in the category you have paid for or better. While with Princess there is no financial advantage to booking guarantee, it does give you the possibility of an upgrade. The cabins can be allocated from within hours of the booking to a day or two prior to the cruise.
  6. We have been to Noumea a few times and there is a wide variety of tours you can pick up either prior or at the terminal. One of the largest operators is Lyvai and I have been happy with the tour we did with them. Depending on what you like you should be able to pick up a tour that meets your needs. As for Port Vila - this is a country that is on the start of their cruise tourist journey, so depending on your level of expectation it may be worth looking at getting something from the ship. The on wharf tour operators / taxi drivers can be very aggressive with touting for business. The transport is also not at the level you would be used to - unlikely to have air con etc (to quote my husband, this is where cars go to die). My plan for the next time we visit is to go to a spa then hit town for the cheapest duty free in the south pacific.
  7. It has been a couple of years since we were last there but from memory I recall the guide saying that all the swim beaches are on the other side than the port. You may want to consider a resort pass or similar as the transportation is limited so getting to a beach and back may be an issue otherwise.
  8. We just got off a cruise that was over New Years. There was a few tuxes but mostly suits however many men were in neither. However they did enforce the dress code in the MDR so it will depend on how you want to dine.
  9. So Napier has a couple of really good, non wine options. It is well known for being an Art Deco town, which was due to an earthquake in the 1920's wiping out most of the buildings. On cruise ship days the Art Deco trust does their tours from just down from the shuttle drop off https://www.artdeconapier.com/Cruise+Passengers.html For a more nature focused experience is to visit Cape Kidnappers - https://www.hawkesbaynz.com/see-and-do/attractions/natural-wonders/cape-kidnappers/ I have done this tour (not through the ship - but while i was up there on holiday) http://gannetsafaris.co.nz/cape-kidnappers-gannet-tours/cruise-ship/ and found it really worth enjoyable - you get a different perspective than the beach trip and also a better commentary. There is also the one that goes along the beach - which is tide dependent. https://www.gannets.com/tour/faq/#cruise-ship There are some great walks in the Hawkes Bay but you are likely to need to either rent a car or arrange transport to get to them. Glow worms are a solid choice, just set your expectations as you are likely to spend a lot of time on a bus to have a short time in a cave. It is really cool though and almost a quintessential kiwi experience 🙂
  10. Hi Eric Yes you will be able to do the cable car + the Gardens and Zealandia in one day - take the cable car up to the Gardens and then grab the free shuttle from there to get to Zealandia. https://dev.visitzealandia.com/shuttle As Wellington is a working port you are shuttled off the port into town. There are two stops - by Parliament and then further down the CBD. For the cable car get off at stop one and walk down Lampton Quay to the cable car (an easy 5-7 min walk on flat ground). As for Lyttleton - there is very little to do there, it is the port for Christchurch so broaden your search for that. Singnrn what type of things are you interested in? Whangarei is the port for the Bay of Islands so lots of things but you are likely to have to broaden your search again. If you like historical / cultural things Russell and the Treaty of Waitangi grounds could be worth a look.
  11. Apex is a fine rental car service. The vehicles are modern and are in good locations around NZ. Havent rented through them for a while so can't comment on the customer service but when I did use them I was always very happy.
  12. Picton Walks https://marlboroughnz.com/guides/walks/picton-walks Picton Mail Boat Tour https://www.beachcombercruises.co.nz/scenic-cruises/mailboat-cruises/Mail-Boat-Cruise/ Wellington: Zealandia https://www.visitzealandia.com/ Botanical Gardens https://wellington.govt.nz/recreation/enjoy-the-outdoors/gardens but go up via the cable car www.wellingtoncablecar.co.nz Some walks from Welly City https://wellington.govt.nz/recreation/enjoy-the-outdoors/walks-and-walkways/across-the-city Some of my Wellington must do's https://www.wetaworkshop.com/visit-us/the-weta-cave/ (this is not a nature attraction!) https://www.tepapa.govt.nz/ https://www.parliament.nz/en/visit-and-learn/visit/
  13. Wellington has some really great cultural attractions - Te Papa the national museum, the botanical gardens, zelandia wildlife reserve etc. It is the second largest city in NZ so you will have to get out of the city to see nature. Picton is in the Marlborough sounds so very picturesque and has amazing walks and boat trips around some of the loveliest parts on NZ. The town itself is tiny - basically the stop for the ferry service between the two islands. I work in Welly and travel semi frequently to Picton and love them both - but for different reasons. Depending on what you want to do that day will make a big difference. If you want to get out into nature Picton wins but if you want to understand what makes NZ special then it is Wellington....
  14. TV news update just said 4 people sent to burns unit, search and rescue is on the island and have downsized those on the island to 50 (did report 100 earlier). At least 20 people have gone to hospital but they only reported 1 in a serious condition. Those who did the helicopter excursion were fine and have returned to shore via boat but still a number unaccounted for.
  15. The key in our household was being in touch with your body and listening to it. It is understanding what works for you and what wont - and this will take a bit of trial and error. The advice about protein and carbs is great but you also need to read up on GI (glycemic index) as this is really what understanding why carbs can send your levels sky high or not. T2 Diabetes is not about avoiding anything with carbs or sugar but knowing what impact it has on you and making good decisions. The 10, 10, 5 rule, reading labels and pay attention to things like hot flushes, general wellness etc after you eat will help you navigate the way forward. Also don't think that artificial sweetener is a cure all - in fact for some diabetics it is worse for them than sugar. Keto seems to be the diet de jour at the moment and this fits well for T2's so you won't look out of place. While you may not be able to eat and drink without any thought, just a little analysis will mean you will have a great trip!
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