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  1. Can't help with the cabin noise as I haven't been on the Dawn but I have on its sister ship the jewel and never had any issues with noise (last cabin was next to the casino). You are more likely to be disturbed by kids running down the hall than ambient noise. We sail yearly on P&O and like it as it offers a good product for the price. They key is managing expectations - it is a 3 star line so expect that. It doesn't have free ice cream or hamburgers but you won't stave with the food offered for free. The decor is much nicer than Carnival and the entertainment is similar. The service is friendly and while the ships are older they are very clean. We have always had a fantastic time - sometimes we don't like the food (well since the last menu change we haven't been impressed) but we worked out that we could buy the steak each night if we wanted too and still come home with significant change from a princess fare. I have never been on a single cruise where drunk bogans have been prevalent- it is just average middle income holiday makers having a good time. No particular tips if you are a regular cruiser - P&O is very upfront with all costs - so anything that is extra will be indicated as such. If there is anything in particular you want to know just sing out and I will do my best to help.
  2. I love the Sky City / Sky City Grand hotel in Auckland - while it is the casino this is just a small part of the organisation. They have a massive hotel, conference centre and 20+ restaurants on site. It is also very well located in the CBD and has some great outdoor spaces as well. If you are going to rely on public transport it is a good base. If you have a rental then look at staying outside the CBD where you are more likely to get free parking.
  3. Sorry, no - but we travel with a travel scoot and love it. We had a different fold up scooter and found it a bit bulkier than the travel scoot. Really my words of advice is take advantage of the free trials and see what works for you as everyone has different needs.
  4. Hi, as a person that works in Wellington I would go to Zealandia and then if I had the time go to Te Papa rather than the zoo. The other top thing to do in Wellington is the Weta Workshop tour. I don't know what your preference is but the zoo will disappoint after zealandia.
  5. As a Nelsonian if I only had one day to see the sites I would go to WoW https://www.wowcars.co.nz/ Nelson is the birthplace of the World of Wearable arts and while it has now moved to Wellington the museum is amazing and it has cars for the guys (or girls!) It also has a cafe and free wifi so a good stop away from the hussle and bussle of town. If you are in port on a Saturday then I would do the Saturday morning markets in the CBD. I hope you enjoy your visit.
  6. While I can't help with the cabin location - if you do need to take sea sickness pills can I suggest you do so at bed time. That way you sleep really well and the next day you will be fine 🙂 I hope you have a good trip.
  7. Hiya, I too am lurking and subscribed so every night when I get home I get to read the next little bit of your trip. With no cruises booked I am suffering serious withdrawal so reviews are helping me get through. I have loved the details you give and really enjoy your writing style. Many thanks!
  8. When we were on our last cruise (Oct 18) they had stopped storing them so we had to cart the bottle around ourselves. On the positive side it meant we had it on us when we went to the show!
  9. Think about Uber - they certainly take credit card. I have used them every time I have traveled from the airport to the city and they are cheaper than the taxi.
  10. I was the one that was desperate to cruise - when we finally did I felt horrid for the whole cruise. We did a 3 night taster and I spent most of it in the room. However cruising was the best choice for our situation so we were determined to make it work. Fast forward 6 years and we have 7 cruises under our belt - but I still spend the first 3 days in the cabin. Turns out that I go hard out all year, then finally get a chance to disconnect on the ship and I end up napping for 18 hours for the first few days. So we plan cruises that have lots of sea days - preferably up front. I also give myself permission to nap - knowing that it is not a waste of vacation days, but the R&R I need to make it through the rest of the year. I do agree though - finding what you like in the terms of ship size, culture and activity level is important. Also not feeling pressured to do things / go to activities if you don't want to. That is the joy of cruising, you can do as little or as much as you want.
  11. They are a lot more relaxed, no formal nights as such, but they have cocktail nights. No matter what they night / theme you will fit in whether in jeans or a suit. My husband wears a kilt with a waist coat and tie and that is about as formal as you would want to be. There are theme nights always a gatsby night then the other 1 or 2 depend on the cruise. Many people have at least a token nod to the theme, but again you won't be out of place if you don't. Smart casual will see you through comfortably but if you do smarten up a bit the crew love it - just don't wear a tux, you will definitely be out of place.
  12. They are always very accommodating - also make sure you head to the waterfront once you have boarded so you can book a dinner table for the whole cruise.
  13. I too echo the lyvai tour - it was very good. The other option is a private tour - this guy is absolutely amazing. http://us.tours.nc/prony/ We did a tour with him on our last trip and the price was excellent and he was such a nice guy who really takes pride in showing his country.
  14. One of the key factors is if you want to buy duty free. Because if you do then buying onshore at Vanuatu is the way to go (don't get suckered into buying on board - the discounted prices are still at least double of port vila). Other than that they are a much of a muchness - while the islands are different they are in essence just beach stops - no real sightseeing opportunities. However if you want to have a pacific experience then Suva is way nicer than Port Vila and have more tours - getting them on the wharf is the best way to go. No matter which one you choose you should have a great time.
  15. The drink packages are not really worth it in my view. The soft drinks are warm and they must be poured over ice meaning you only get about a third of a can per drink. This means you need to drink a minimum of 3-4 drinks per day to justify the cost. However if you buy a can then they give you the can and the glass of ice. However every person is able to bring on board a dozen cans of non-alcoholic drinks. So why you may not want soda it could be fresh up etc - the main rule is it must cans and be loosely packed in your hand luggage. Both my husband and I are very taste sensitive to water and both have no issue with the shipboard water. It is free all over the ship - on the edge of each bar. If you decide the water is not to your liking there will be two bottles in your room and you can ask your steward to bring you some more to make up the package deal. From memory there is not a lot of savings (if any) to pre-purchase. Enjoy your cruise :)
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