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  1. We were in Riviera Maya at a resort during the H1N1. The outbreak happened literally 3 days before we were supposed to fly down there for our vacation. My wife and I seriously considered cancelling. But didnt because we figured we would get it at home at some point anyways. The trip was by far the best land based vacation we have ever had. There were like 8 people on the plane down there. And we basically had the entire resort to ourselves. One funny thing is on the way back when we landed at BWI they quarantined the entire flight. There were doctors and nurses dressed in full hazmat suits poking and prodding us. They asked how I felt and I said other than one of the worst hangovers of my life I felt great!
  2. I am in 8252 on Eclipse in Alaska in two weeks, May 9th. We tossed around the idea of doing an aft balcony as we had one on NCL Escape last year and loved it. But the location of 8252 is really great. Dead center of the ship. And since it is the first cabin on the rear of the hump it should be nice and sheltered from the wind and rain. We are so excited. I will do a review with pictures when I get back so you will be able to get a pretty good idea of what an Alaskan cruise is like in that specific cabin.
  3. You may be right. But you can certainly say that their seasoned cruisers. The one's that spend the most money with them ARE on this site. And those people's posts in this thread have to be a concern for Celebrity.
  4. We are on the Eclipse 10 nighter in 2 weeks. I will try to remember to come back here and post the menu's for that cruise.
  5. We are on the Alaska segment with you and I hate that I read this thread :). I hope they get it straightened out in the next couple of weeks. This will be our first Celebrity cruise coming up after cruising on many different lines. And I was looking forward to comparing Celebrity to the other lines we have sailed. We will have fun regardless. But the issues listed above are not minor IMO. Not being able to make a drink at a bar due to lack of resources is a real problem. I am not going on vacation to get drunk every night. But I do like a couple of well made cocktails every evening while on vacation. I kind of figured the ship would be a little beat up at this point. It has been a while since her last refurb. That Alaska segment wasnt cheap. In fact it is the most we have ever spent on a cruise in our lives. Celebrating our 25th on this cruise so I hope it lives up to the price we paid. We will find out in two weeks. 🙂
  6. Just checking back in on this post. Great subject by the way. Celebrity cant like that only 32% of their current passengers will guarantee to cruise with them on their next cruise. There isnt a company in the world that would be happy with a 32% retention rate on anything. And the scarier thing for Celebrity in this thread is that LONG STANDING loyal customers are talking about jumping ship to another line. Not a good look for them.
  7. My wife and I have been tossing around the idea of trying Viking ocean next. We have had a couple of different friends sail with them. And both said it was by far the best cruise experience they have ever had. It is more expensive. But when you add in what is included not by much. Airfare, excursions, specialty restaurants and everything else is included. And the passenger load is smaller. Less than 1000 pax per sailing. Seems like the way cruising used to be to us.
  8. Agreed. Or if it was terrorism they would have done it yesterday when tens of thousands went to worship. I am no expert for sure but this doesnt seem like arson or terrorism to me. Regardless. A sad day for France.
  9. When we were younger we never bought travel insurance for our cruises. That has certainly changed now. We buy the best policy we can find. Something like this happening to us while out of the country could darn near bankrupt us.
  10. It never ceases to amaze me just how disgusting some human beings can be. Others have mentioned just about every reason why our hands are filthy on a cruise. We go through hand sanitizer like water on a cruise. And for a very good reason.
  11. Just horrible. A truly awful loss for the history and culture of France. Just glad to hear that no one has been injured apparently.
  12. We are on the May 9th sailing on Eclipse coming up. Cant wait. We booked through our TA about a year ago in April of 2018. There was a big sale right around January that saved us over $1200 off of the price we booked. The sale also included two perks instead of the one we had. So it was a huge difference. We contacted the TA and they took care of rebooking it in the same cabin. I guess my point is there really isnt a best time to book. You just need to pay attention to the pricing up until final payment date and jump if there is a good sale going on. By the way. Even though we booked so far in advance and our cruise is only 4 weeks away. We are still paying less than the current pricing right now for that cruise. So it really pays off to watch for sales.
  13. Thanks for your review and pics. We are in 6030 on the Summit for a January sailing. It is always nice to see "your" room before you get there. Can you talk about how hard the bed was please? 🙂
  14. Same thing here. My departure times on origination flight have changed at least 6 times since I booked it. It is not a big deal to us as our second flight doesnt leave for an hour and a half until our arrival. But I could see how this would be a big issue for travelers. The funny thing is they changed our departure time earlier every time. Then last week changed it back to the original departure time 😕
  15. Pretty awesome view right now with the thunderstorms going off behind the ship. I love this PTZ Roku channel!
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