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  1. We were at Quarterdeck at Dania Beach Saturday and saw one cruise ship offshore. It was out there with the submarine.
  2. Make sure to stay on the water taxi after dark. It's the best time!
  3. capriccio, we've been packed at Thanksgiving. To the OP, that's a fantastic deal!
  4. In all my years of driving I95 when I owned a second home in Fort Lauderdale instead of living here, both day and night, including the middle of the night, I95 has never been a 'quick trot'. Not ever. It's a major artery down the eastern seaboard and it is always busy. If you've been saving for a cruise for two years, you can save another $75 and spend the night. Also, starting cruise after you've been up all night is not the best way to start a cruise.
  5. You can almost count on any fresh body of water having gators. I would just take one of the Everglades trip.
  6. I can't tell you how many posters I got pushback from that were convinced I was wrong or spreading rumors. I would think people would be happy to have some inside scoop. I think I originally posted this on the RCI boards in July or August.
  7. No they don't! Someone driving 95 miles an hour in a Maserati will cut between you and the car in front of you or mami will cut you off in her 1995 four door tiny mobile and slam on her breaks. There is no common sense driving down here! Save yourself and your family LOL!
  8. Gee, it looks like the President of Norwegian and the Carnival people knew what they were talking about when they said Mid 2021. Where RCI goes, the rest follow. https://www.*****.com/2021/01/12/royal-caribbean-cancels-all-of-its-march-and-april-cruises I can report that we were out on the boat Monday and there are currently five cruise ships in port including the fast ferry Balearia.
  9. rk, it isn't bad at all up until you hit about West Palm Beach. Once south of that, it's hell. Our car insurance is so high because one out of ten cars isn't insured, the speed limits posted on I-95 not only are not enforced but police aren't allowed to pull anyone over because of the narrow shoulders, you have people driving that have never driven in the US before, many have no drivers license, road ragers will actually pull out guns and shoot at you and I could go on for hours. If you are on a motorcycle, it isn't if you get in an accident but when.
  10. My BFF just stayed there two weeks ago and the hotel is gorgeous. Views are really good, city view as the hotel is on the first twelve floors or so then it is residential above the hotel to about the 40th floor. Pool is really nice except it is shaded this time of year by the other high rises. You'll have early morning and late afternoon sun. Should be all day May-September. Pool deck bar looks cool, nice gym. Hotel restaurant looks okay but independent restaurant Eddie Vs at the opposite end of the building looks fantastic. It's a stones throw from the
  11. You are a much nicer person than I am. I would have left without them.
  12. Without a doubt, The Riverside Hotel. It's an historic, South Florida Hotel right on the New River which is the main artery through Fort Lauderdale. It is surrounded by tons of shopping, dining, and attractions. There is a Water Taxi spot at The Riverside. It is the heart of beautiful Las Olas Boulevard. The Boathouse, the onsite, waterfront restaurant is excellent. I love the pool area also on the water. You are two miles from the ocean. Get a room in the new area, the views are from The Everglades to the ocean, all the way to Miami.
  13. Of your three, I would pick in this order: Gallery One (love the location and the views) Hampton Inn (not great to walk around at night Wyndham (not a Dania Beach fan but love Tiki Bar) There is just so much at your fingertips with the Gallery One; shopping, great restaurants, views, the beach, water taxi, etc.
  14. John, ask any South Floridian and we'll do just about anything to avoid that drive on I95.
  15. Yes, we are the yachting capitol of the world right now. We sat out on the beach all day yesterday and watched the charters heading to the Bahamas for Christmas and New Years. We probably saw hundreds go out.
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