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  1. Versailles is a great option but I didn't realize the restaurant was open that early. I thought just the bakery.
  2. It's a gorgeous hotel in an amazing location!
  3. That's a shame because Christmas On Las Olas is that night! It is a lovely holiday street party. They close Las Olas and it really is a fun party. I think you should find something nice for under $150. Try for the Riverside on Las Olas.
  4. I assumed they were going to eat in Miami. Bos is a good option.
  5. Exactly. If he is in an apartment building, he doesn't own several units. I caught a poster on this forum illegally renting a unit in one of my friends apartment buildings. You are better off not renting an AirBnB in South Florida.
  6. Nothing in Miami anywhere is under $100 that doesn't rent by the hour or have bodies in the closet. Try Hotwire or another one of the discount sites. You need to plan on spending about $150 a night for a entry level hotel in a safe area.
  7. Have you looked at Hotwire for hotels?
  8. It's February in South Florida. Nothing is economical. Did you look at Hotwire? I just saved $500 for a Paris stay in October.
  9. FPLSAVE BLFRIEND These two currently work.
  10. Duffys doesn't serve food that late on a Sunday. Probably nothing on 17th. Quarterdeck maybe but you'd have to call. The only place I know that will be open and serving is Sushi Song in Himmarshee Village. Excellent and all the chefs in town go there after work. They serve until 4am.
  11. This hotel is in a horrible location on Marina Mile. Can you pick another hotel?
  12. Did you not look into staying in Boca or somewhere? Greyhound also makes that run but with more than two people, Uber may be your best bet. However, you may not find a driver willing to take you.
  13. You have to be at the airport or at least heading there by 1PM and restaurants usually don't open until 11 or so so a food touris probably out. An early brunch if you can find a restaurant open by 10AM otherwise you really don't have much time. I don't know of anywhere outside of an IHOP or Dennys that is open that early.
  14. What John said. However look at the new Fairfield Marriott Las Olas.
  15. Yes, it is a really cool hotel in a unique location. We always cut through there to get to the Miami River by boat. Keep in mind the man made beach has no entry to the water. That doesn't really matter because the pool is so amazing.
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