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  1. Orlando isn't the entire state. The West Coast has been packed since last July. My sister is an executive for Publix in Sarasota and her bonus was so large, it paid off her mortgage. These people are here and it's packed.
  2. Land based. Hotels across the state are running at 100% occupancy. Places like Key West are averaging $1000 per night for moderate hotels. You can't find a hotel for under $350. Cruising isn't that big a part of our tourism. Also, Yacht Chartering is huge right now. One week on a decent sized yacht is $250,000.
  3. What RC requires doesn't matter at all. They are a private business and can do whatever they want. However, the countries the cruise ships dock at will be the ones with the restrictions. If your cruise goes to all countries that require the vaccination, then you will be required to have it before you board.
  4. Just like every other private business in Florida, the cruise lines can do whatever they want. I work for the largest and busiest privately owned restaurant business in South Florida. All of our employees are required to wear a mask while working. All of our guests are required to wear masks to enter and exit the restaurant. If you don't have on a mask, you cannot enter. It is a privately owned business and we can do what we want. Just like we require you to wear shoes and a shirt to enter.
  5. Except for inside dining, bars, nightclubs, gyms, hair salons, and beaches, South Florida never really shut down.
  6. Easter is packed here. You'll find Uber, Lyft, and cabs everywhere.
  7. God and everyone in the US is in Florida right now or has been. Every single business is crazy busy.
  8. I think the poster is talking about the fact that so many South Floridians do not have car insurance at all. Probably more than one in ten cars here are not insured.
  9. I would stay in Coral Gables or Coconut Grove.
  10. No, it has been completely packed through the pandemic. Don't forget Fort Lauderdale is the yachting capitol of the world and many of the crews furloughed there. Both flight and yacht crews along with medical professionals. And don't forget, finding construction crews in South Florida right now is next to impossible.
  11. Honestly, there is not one single thing you will be doing out by the airport. Any savings will get eaten up by transportation costs. I would change my reservations because the airport is a really dismal area. Strip clubs, pawn shops, etc.
  12. Miami is so much easier to fly in and out of. We live in FLL but choose to fly out of Miami.
  13. Getting authentic Cuban in Miami is like getting authentic Italian in Italy. It's everywhere but you should go to Versailles because it is iconic. Havana 1957 is my favorite chain. The best restaurant in Miami is by far Komodo. Had some of the best meals of my life there. One caveat, it is super expensive. Also Micheals Genuine Swan Prime 112 Joes Stone Crab Smith & Wollensky Hillstone Tigertail + Mary
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