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  1. Just to sound more credible, you rent a boat and charter a yacht. You don't rent a yacht. You cruise on your own charter. John&LaLa, I've really enjoyed reading along. BTW, I just followed you on Insta so if you get a notice from someone in FLL, that is me! I think every cruise ship in service is anchoring off the coast of Florida. We went out on the boat yesterday by Port Everglades and there are about five docked and three anchored offshore. The Something Princess has been docked for weeks now.
  2. It was beautiful out! We saw a ton of boats and passed a couple of Broward Sheriffs boats. They just waved like every one else. We did the Dania Cut loop past the port and airport, through Marina Mile, and downtown New River. I don't think all of our boat ramps are closed. Whiskey Creek is closed to boaters. I'm not sure if ours are all shut down. We did see one that definitely was shut down.
  3. Yall are the opposite of most people. We counted so many New York license plates yesterday that we could not believe it. People were completely hostile to them, yelling, "Go Home to New York!". I think the coronavirus quarantine has made nice people nicer, and nasty people nastier.
  4. Did about 4 1/2 miles to the beach and back yesterday. Today we are taking the boat out. FWC is asking boaters to stay 50 feet apart so we will do that.
  5. Trying to find a reason to get out of my pajamas today. I think I've seen everything on Netflix.
  6. No ratchet. Girls in fights on Ocean Drive pulling each other's weaves out with fifty people standing around filming it. Ratchet.
  7. My husband and I enjoyed a five day stay in Brickell last month at a friend's condo at the Icon in the W Hotel building. It was amazing. I am at the point that I like Brickell better than South Beach because it has gotten a bit ratchet.
  8. The yellow quarantine flag is what you fly when you need to go through customs and immigration. At least it is for us when we go from one country to the next and need to go through customs on boats. It doesn't have anything to do with illness. We did however see one cruise ship anchored offshore yesterday.
  9. I probably have the darkest tan I've ever had. A lot of pool time and a lot of margaritas. Thank God the weather is beautiful and the liquor stores are open. I've been with the same small group of people, one of which is a doctor, for the last ten days and we jump from house to house to cookout and have a pool party. The hubs and I are also taking the time to try and get in really good shape. Just trying to ride this out with an intact liver and realize that we have this amazing quality time together with sunshine and palm trees and people we love. How are y'all holding up?
  10. They aren't going to close the roads, just all hotels are closed. Nowhere to stay from my understanding. However, I could be wrong.
  11. Here in Broward, the police have a very heavy presence and between the horse patrol and the SWAT toys, no one anywhere is on the beach. I do my daily cardio between 17th Street and almost LBTS. We have four times the population Brevard has. We have a many, many more police.
  12. Actually, we do have the manpower. All beaches closed from Miami Beach and up through Palm Beach.
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