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  1. Most definitely the beach. Much prettier area than 17th Street and a lot more to do. However, I'm a beach person so I'm biased.
  2. Both. I use Uber everywhere but mainly in Fort Lauderdale because I live here. My husband and I live right off Las Olas so it's easier for us to uber anywhere we can't walk than to take the car. Because parking is not free anywhere here East of US1, it is also cheaper for us to Uber.
  3. Use it all the time, literally hundreds of times and have never once had a problem.
  4. A buffet at a hotel will set you back closer to $100 per person and hotels usually only do them for Sunday Brunch. What day are you arriving? St. Barts on the A1A would be a good choice. They also have 241 mimosas. If Bo's Beach is open for breakfast, go there. Excellent food!
  5. I hate a redeye more than anything but in this case, I would pick the redeye. You can check in as soon as your room is ready. I've checked into hotels as early as 8AM and have gotten a room. You are also allowed to use the hotel pool as soon as you arrive.
  6. Make sure you stay on the water taxi at night, the views are beautiful! Lots of good restaurants they stop at.
  7. I'm pretty sure you can transfer the transponder if you get the portable one.
  8. THIS!! Especially in Miami Beach! They are older hotels from the 1920s-1950s and some rooms are so small, you cannot fit two beds in the room. In some South Beach hotels, two queen beds in the room is actually an upgrade from a standard room.
  9. Getting in and out of Doral is always a nightmare. Plan for twice as long as you think it will take you.
  10. It makes zero sense to try and stay in Miami if you are cruising and flying out of Fort Lauderdale. I'm sure something will open up in Fort Lauderdale.
  11. The hotel is scheduled to open this fall and the hubs and I got invited so I'll be sure you take photos. It's quite stunning to see.
  12. The W Hotel The Conrad Ritz Carlton Westin Beach Resort Right off the top of my head, those would be the best walkable to Casablanca, Coconuts, Beach Place, Bos, etc. Keep in mind they are across the street from the beach but the views are not obstructed.
  13. We do the Jungle Queen once a year with my real estate office and while it is a lot of fun, the captain screws up who owns the houses on the route. One is my girlfriends current house and another's former home they attributed to someone out of left field owning. Or the Huizenga's own them. I'm partial to the water taxi for multiple reasons. One is that they featured my family in their social media. However I like that I can get off where I want and I'm not limited to choices for dinner.. I love Flip Flops, Shooters, 15th Street, Margaritaville, etc. Whatever one you pick, make sure you stay on the boat after dark. The prettiest views are at night.
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