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  1. Excellent explanation, caribill. As much as these new procedures will be restrictive and not as enjoyable there has to be some assurance that cruising will not create more problems. The concern about passengers coming back on the ship and spreading infection needs to be taken seriously. The last thing anyone wants is a repeat of the awful scenario last spring where ships couldn’t dock and the infection was spreading onboard.
  2. We have flown into Venice’s Marco Polo Airport Twice and found it to be the easiest airport of all of the European countries that we have visited. Both times we took the Alilaguna boat into Venice proper, but there is also a bus option. We agree with the poster who felt that touring after the cruise was more enjoyable. An added bonus to traveling in that order is that you may pick up recommendations or information during your cruise that will be helpful as you tour. We can’t wait to return to Italy when the world situation improves.
  3. We used to have to ask for a top sheet, on our last few cruises the beds were made up with one. The cabin steward told us that they were doing that now. We were so pleased that we didn’t have to ask anymore.
  4. True, but MSC passengers are from Europe at this time and Europeans are taking the virus more seriously. Not sure if American passengers would be as cooperative.
  5. We were scheduled to sail on the Coral for the South/America itinerary in Match 2021 and we cancelled our reservation last March because we were fairly certain that the cruise wouldn’t happen. We had a refundable deposit which was returned to us approximately 60 days after we cancelled. We were not interested in waiting for any perks that would be offered if we waited and let Princess cancel the cruise. We continue to be very comfortable with this decision especially after seeing how poorly some of the South American countries (eg. Brazil) are handling the virus.
  6. We feel exactly the same way. As much as we love cruising, a cruise under those conditions would not be pleasurable, especially if you factor in the fact that it will make it difficult to not think about the possibility of contracting Covid.
  7. We sailed on the Coral and would definitely recommend her. The full promenade deck and fore and aft “secret” viewing areas provide many opportunities for excellent viewing. We had a balcony stateroom, but enjoyed having a variety of areas to view the scenery. It’s been several years since we took our cruise, but the naturalist on board, Mark Harris, was first class. We liked the Coral so much that we sailed on her for our Panama Canal cruise too! We also had a reservation on the Coral for a March 2021 South America/Antarctica cruise, but sadly cancelled that reservation due to th
  8. We watched tonight and found it interesting. As we watched I looked up the ship’s history on Wikipedia. I loved the parts where Colombo kept calling it a boat and the officers kept correcting him and called it a ship. It continued until the very last lines of the show. We’ve always been sensitive to that distinction and feel that a classic vessel like a cruise liner deserves the respect of being called a ship.
  9. We’ve been on three medallion cruises so far and I have been fine with leaving it on the lanyard. I like not having to take it out of anything (pockets, purse, etc.). My guy keeps his in his pocket (men’s pants always have pockets). If we return to cruising I may be interested in trying the Amazon wristbands. We go to Disney World frequently and love the convenience of the Magic Bands.
  10. We had never used EZAir until our Baltic cruise last summer. For that cruise we booked EZAir and were very pleased with the price and the flight on SAS. We were able to choose our seats as soon as we booked. It was a very positive experience and we would’ve hesitate to use EZAir again in the future for international flights. Unfo, we won’t be booking any cruises until Covid is well controlled.
  11. On or about March 21 I cancelled our March 2021 South America/Antarctica cruise. It took a full 60 days, but we did get our deposit back. I imagine that at this point the backup is even longer.
  12. We had no problem getting on the bus to Talkeetna three summers ago when we wanted to independently explore the town.
  13. The Coral is our favorite ship also. We’ve taken an Alaska and a Panama Canal Cruise and we were signed up for the March2021 SouthAmerica/Antarctica cruise, but decided that we wouldn’t be comfortable taking such a long cruise until Covid was well under control. We will miss her when she moves to the Pacific.
  14. Wow! Those coffees are gorgeous! We’ve had some excellent baristas on our Princess cruises, but never one that created anything that lovely. I’d be reluctant to drink it and spoil it.
  15. I understand the OP’s disappointment. Although we enjoyed many of the Regal’s features on our Baltic cruise last August, we still strongly prefer ships with a full promenade deck, especially with such a scenic itinerary as Norway. As others have mentioned we have also feared that the ships with promenade decks will soon be a thing of the past. For us, that will be just another reason to reconsider cruising in the future. The last thing that we would want would be to sail on a ship with less access to outside air.
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