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  1. Good to hear about the Sapphire. We will always opt for a ship with a promenade deck if we can when booking a cruise.
  2. I agree. I truly dislike the smell of cigarette smoke, but haven’t been troubled by the Coral IC’s proximity to the casino. Perhaps it’s because we usually don’t go there during the time when the casino is really busy. Despite the fact that we’ve been in the IC in other (bigger) ships we still enjoy the Coral’s IC.
  3. We were on an aft balcony (C742) on the CB in March and did not experience any vibration issues. We were very pleased about this since we normally do not sail in aft staterooms due to the possibility of vibration. We had a late booking for this cruise and had very few stateroom choices, but it all worked out very nicely.
  4. Thanks for the lovely photos. On our next visit to London the Columbia Flower Market will be on our list of spots to visit!
  5. We had the Joe Upton book and map for our 2014 Alaska cruise. We bought it before the cruise so we could begin reading before we left. It didn’t seem to be inferior in any way to the Rachel Cartwright book that we checked out on the ship. I don’t think that we’ll do another Alaska cruise (too many other places to explore), but if we did we’d probably get the Cartwright book.
  6. Southbound and Northbound usually refer to the Alaska cruises. The Golden will be in Alaska in July.
  7. Did your American CC need chip and pin or was just the chip enough?
  8. Noting that this thread is over a year old we would still be very interested in your experiences with the various currencies on this cruise. Specifically, we will be on an Alla 2 Day Tour in SPB and two other ports. I believe that we are being encouraged to tip our guide and driver in cash. Did you tip in rubles in SPB? How much cash was necessary in other ports? We have some leftover Euros so we are okay in Estonia and Germany, but we’re very curious about the krone in the other countries.
  9. Thanks so much for this review. We will be on the August 6 Baltic cruise and appreciate all of the information that you shared. Your comments on currencies was particularly helpful.
  10. We took this tour on the Royal and enjoyed it very much. The department heads in each area were welcoming and very informative. So glad we did it. It may not matter, but we waited to book the tour until we were cruising on one of the larger ships thinking that it might be a little more interesting and up to date. In any case it should be a fun experience for you. As previous posters have said, I would recommend inquiring and getting on the list early.
  11. I have heard that, but have never had a problem using a laundry room at 10 or 11. It may depend on the ship.
  12. Thus far we have never had to use the Princess laundry service. We have been reluctant to do so based more on the stories from posters about how their clothes were shrunk, effected by the industrial cleaning methods they use rather than the cost. We have found that it has been easier to use the laundry rooms later on at night when more people have retired. We usually do this on the evening before a sea day so we’re in no hurry to get up the next morning. We will be doing this on our upcoming Baltic cruise in August. We recently signed up for back to back South America cruises in 2021 which will total 31 days. The laundry situation will be a little more interesting on that adventure.
  13. We chose not to have our medallions shipped to us for our Recent March CB cruise because we were traveling before the cruise. We received them when we checked in at the port. They had the proper color and were correctly programmed with our information and pre-voyage purchases. I don’t think that it even took five minutes longer.
  14. Exactly this! We cruised through the old locks on the Coral last year and found them to be very interesting. We were on one of the forward observation decks as we entered the canal. We loved watching the “mules” on either side of the ship. Finally, I also read Mc Cullough’s book before the cruise. It helped me to appreciate the experience even more. We were fortunate to be on the Coral. Ordinarily we would never want to sail on the Island, but the fact that the Island does the old locks would sway our vote to her given the two choices that you have. It’s too bad that the Coral isn’t an option.
  15. We will be sailing on the Regal for the first time in August. We have previously sailed on the Royal and were generally pleased with everything, particularly the expanded Horizon Buffet. The MDR and service from the crew was also good. We are expecting that the Regal will be similar. We are cruisers who love a full promenade deck on a ship, so that dissuades us from booking the Royal class ships. In the case of our August Regal cruise we relented because we really wanted the Baltic itinerary.
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