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  1. Our thoughts and sympathies are with you. We were booked for this same cruise in March 2021, but after seeing how things were developing for your cruise and after hearing about the possible restrictions for “older” cruisers we cancelled on March 20 of this year. As of yet we have not seen our refundable deposit. I hope that everything works out for you. It promised to be a magnificent cruise and I am sad for all cruisers who will not be able to experience it.
  2. Our situation is a little bit different. We were booked on the March, 2021 South America/Antarctica Coral Cruise. After seeing the issues that were taking place on this year’s version of that cruise and hearing about the possible restrictions for older cruisers we decided to cancel our reservation and request our refundable deposit back. It amounted to a little under $900. We cancelled on March 20 and still have not received our deposit back.
  3. Yes. Taking a risk concerning your own life or health is one thing. Once your behavior endangers others that’s a whole different story.
  4. According to the CDC the incubation period for Covid 19 is from 1 to 14 days with 5 days being the most common.
  5. I understand what you’re saying, but if asymptomatic virus carriers get on a perfectly sanitized ship it won’t matter. The virus will spread. As you said, it’s not the ship as much as the people. It only takes one. That’s why we will wait.
  6. We don’t buy Princess insurance but get it with a third party right after we book our cruise so we can get cancel for any reason. At that time we only pay a small portion to cover the cost that we’ve put out for the down payment. At final payment time we pay the remainder of the premium. Works well for us.
  7. It should be pretty obvious by now that this insidious virus is much worse than the typical flu. Just look at the statistics on how quickly it spreads. As much as we love cruising it will not be worth it for us to take a cruise until there is a vaccine. Until that time there are plenty of other vacation/entertainment options that we can take advantage of that will involve less of a risk to our health and will therefore be more relaxing. The idea of wearing a face mask on a cruise would spoil the whole experience for us. As with most things, people’s opinions on this will vary.
  8. I haven’t done that exact trip but I have sailed on both ships and definitely agree with those who prefer the Coral. We did an Alaskan cruise tour on the Coral and the quality and variety of viewing locations on that ship far surpass the Royal. Based on our great Alaskan cruise we also booked and enjoyed a Panama Canal cruise on the Coral and were also booked to do a South America/Antarctica cruise on her in March 2921. Sadly, we cancelled that cruise a couple of weeks ago and will probably not be cruising for a while. While we always get a balcony stateroom, we have found that the lack of a full promenade deck and the limited viewing opportunities on the Royal class ships to be a disappointment. As far as the route is concerned, we were also very glad that our Alaskan cruise took the inner passage.
  9. We love redbud and the dogwood in VA is so much nicer than upstate NY. My son is now an established VA resident and my sister has lived in Williamsburg since 1978 so we love your state! Best wishes to you and your family. Stay well.
  10. Thank you, capriccio. I really appreciate this information. Since the departure date for our cruise was March 2021 I’m not sure that a voucher will be possible but I will look into it. Off Topic: I always smile when I see your posts as I was a frequent traveler to the Shenandoah Valley when my son went to JMU. What a lovely area!
  11. Thank you for your informative post. We’re in a little different situation. We were booked on the March 2021 South America/Antarctica cruise and decided to cancel. Our down payment was totally refundable and our TA assured us that we would receive our refund, as you described, on the credit card that we used for the down payment. I had also purchased travel insurance through a third party (Travel Insured through USAA) but only put a minimal deposit on the policy. I haven’t called Travel Insured yet to cancel the policy, but assumed that my deposit was not refundable. I was especially interested to hear that Allianz would let you use the funds from your cancelled cruise on a future trip and hope that that option might be offered to me as well by my insurer. Best wishes on your future travel!
  12. The previous posters have done an excellent job of describing the differences between the two lines so I’ll limit my comments to strongly advocating that you choose a ship that will transit through the original canal. We did a partial transit on the Coral and then sailed through the remainder of the canal on a smaller boat on a ship’s excursion. It was an amazing experience and the original canal is fascinating. Best of luck on your cruise!
  13. I agree with the emotional effect of separating family members and I also think that it would not be responsible to separate a couple that had been living together for the past several days. Chances are that the other family member might at the current time be asymptotic and would then manifest the virus in the next few days when they were out in the world.
  14. Yes, there are many of us who are thinking of and hoping for the best outcome possible. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Coral is our favorite ship and until March 13 we were booked for this exact itinerary. We cancelled on the 13th as we had refundable deposits. Your continuing experience had sadly confirmed to us that we made the right decision to cancel. We are on our late 60s and early 70s and probably will not feel comfortable cruising again, especially with the new regulations for 70+ people. Wishing you a safe disembarkation and a safe and swift journey home.
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