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  1. That is EXACTLY how we feel as well. Our next cruise on Princess is already booked!
  2. It is that exactly and the ratio of crew to passengers In December I was on the Ruby talking to the Future Cruise Consultant and asked about the Pacific. Her comment "you people are climbing all over each other to get on that ship". It made me laugh! When i'm planning a cruise, the first thing I do is look to see where she'll be sailing to see if I can fit that into our time frame.
  3. Count us in among the getting worried and now relieved! It was really lovely seeing you guys over Christmas! Nan and Anthony
  4. agree! and OP likely thought that they were outsmarting the cruise line by NOT purchasing the "cancel at any time" insurance. I get so tired of those types, bragging how they "saved" money by not buying insurance and then crying out to the heavens and anyone else who will listen about how the horrid, nasty, blood sucking cruise company isn't making them "whole".
  5. I find that I have been stressing over going through customs in Australia. More so than I have EVER been before in traveling to loads of countries - first second and third world countries. And of course I have better sense than to travel with guns or porn or illegal drugs. I think part of the problem is that I read so much about it on these boards and I've gotten myself wound up. I've also learned things like tea or maple syrup could be a bio-hazard. I also think, part of the "problem" is the wording on the customs entry card. I wish that they had separate question for medicines. It's grating to feel like you are bringing in something that is lumped together with illegal porn, weapons and illicit drugs! I have sort of a knee jerk reaction to that! and I feel like my privacy is being somewhat invaded - no one but my doctors need to know what meds I take. However, for the greater good, better my privacy than bring down a country's eco-system. I really appreciate all the locals who are insisting that we declare, even if we are feeling rebellious. And I will, I have no want desire to risk my vacation in away.
  6. Additional information is always welcome! I am a bit surprised that the decorations come down the day after Boxing day. We're getting kicked off the ship on the 27th so it won't really matter to us. If I were on the New Year's Eve cruise, I'd be surprised by no decorations though. I know it will be crowded (the ship is sold out) and that there will be LOTS of children. We don't have any - but we really like kids of all sizes and, mercifully, they seem to like us too. Am starting to get really excited!
  7. Oh! Gingerbread Souffle! and Eggnog! YUM! I realized that of course Yellow Fish has been on Christmas cruises so I searched her blog for Christmas. Looks like there are plenty of Christmasy activities, including a Christmas movie marathon on MUTS. Obviously the celebrations varied by ship and cruise director but it does look as though there is plenty to enjoy. Here's the link https://pescadoamarillo.blogspot.com/search?q=christmas
  8. This will be our first Christmas at sea, on the Ruby. And Christmas Day is a sea day. I've also been wondering what to expect. For example, on the ships that have on demand TV channels will there be the usual Christmas movies available or should I download my must watch ones (It's a Wonderful Life, etc.) Thanks!
  9. Thrak, We're on a Christmas cruise this year - first trip to AUS/NZ. Ever since I discovered that if one settles one's onboard account using a credit card, you will get hit with a 1.5% service charge, I've been paying for things in advance. (This is apparently some Princess Australia thing, I'm not talking about a "regular" foreign transaction fee which most of our cards waive.) This discussion made me curious as to what exchange rate Princess was using. Just looked at my credit card account. The last payment Princess processed they used $1.00 US to $1.4682 AUS.
  10. in total agreement! I'll add that to me they taste fresh and like the way you would like to think that the water they came should taste.
  11. So we talked about porters, and drivers, room service and restaurants, but what about tipping tour guides and tour bus drivers? Count me as another American who thinks our tipping culture is way out of control. (Just for the record though, we don't remove the daily grats on board. Those people really work hard for their living!)
  12. We're going this December sailing AUK to SYD. I booked the flights as soon as they were available using Princess Cruise E-Z Air program. They really have great pricing and they have flexible fares so one can re-book the the fares go down. We're flying San Diego to Auckland, then Sydney to LAX, business for about $9600 for the 2 of us. The fares for people booking flights now for this cruise are much higher.
  13. We love to cruise because we love being on the ocean. As larger and larger ships are built the ocean experience is getting reduced to the point that one might as well be at some land based resort. We enjoy the Princess product and still think it's a good value, but when the smaller ships are gone from the fleet so will we be.
  14. We'll be doing this same Princess cruise tour in January, only at the end of our NZ cruise. I'll hang my head now and admit but I haven't done much research (yet). Will it be fly season in the outback in Mid January? where do I order hat nets? What about deadly jelly fish season? Living in San Diego, I'm not accustomed to flying biting things,or killer jelly fish for that matter! Any other venous things to be concerned about? thanks!
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