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  1. If you cancel prior to final payment, and you booked with a refundable deposit,100% of your cruise fare and port charges are refunded. I'm pretty sure your airfare would be fully refunded also as long as you booked a flexible fare and did not prepay it in order to choose seats. The only thing you would forfeit is the cost of the insurance itself. I never buy the insurance until just before final payment when I'm confident I will be going (barring unforseen future events), unless I'm booking under a non refundable deposit (the only time I pay for cancellation insurance prior to final payment).
  2. Good to hear. We're sailing on her this summer. Can't wait!
  3. I wonder if the changes to the reservation transferring protocol (60 days from booking) is having an impact on the PCCs.
  4. Won't work for my summer 2020 BALTIC cruise. Fares have increased $300pp over the last week. An extra $150 pp OBC won't cut it. Also shows a disclaimer of new bookings only.
  5. I don't know if the same situation would apply with HALs air credits, but I have a cautionary tale from a princess booking which I believe uses the same air consolidater as HAL. I had a $200 pp air credit as part of a promotion. Booked air as soon as it was available (got a great deal) and continued to monitor the cruise fare and air fare. Well air almost doubled within weeks. When the cruise fare went down I went to re fare the cruise I was told by 2 separate princess reps that if I did re fare the cruise not only would I lose the $200 air credit (which was expected since that promotion had ended) but I would lose my entire air booking and would have to re reserve air at the current price. These were international business flights so we're talking an additional $1500pp! Needless to say I did not refare the cruise. Sometimes it pays to book a bare bones fare for the flexibility.
  6. Keep in mind that if HAL has gifted you the beverage card (vs you purchasing it) there is no refund of balances remaining at the end of the cruise. Only cards that have been purchased refund the balance to the cruiser.
  7. If you plan on traveling more often you may want to look into an annual medical/evacuation policy. It's extremely affordable and the one we have serves as the primary insurer. it also has coverage at much higher levels than the cruise lines. Does not cover cancellations but your credit card may, or take out the bare bones policy from the cruise line.
  8. Great pics and review. Thanks so much for sharing. We will be on Zuiderdam this summer for their Baltic cruise and I have a question. I noticed that the MDR dinner menus you posted include a number of selection s that would normally be considered lunch items (reuben, burger). I've never seen that on HAL for dinner before. Is this something that is more common on the Caribbean cruises or is this something new fleet wide?
  9. Hi tom. Dh and I will be on this cruise 7/16. There is a short roll call started if you would like to join it. I think it will get more active after the holidays. Good question re tallinn. I'm just starting to plan shore activities for us. Audrey
  10. Was your original booking thru HAL before or after Nov. 26? The date of the original booking may have impacted the receipt of OBC or a card. Just a guess on my part.
  11. I thought about that too. Early TD is at 5:30 but is still too early for us, given th at the first part of the cruise is port intensive. But thanks for the suggestion. I have no problem with ATD and enjoy meeting different people over meals. Just thought TD would be something different for us since the second half of the voyage is a TA. Regardless, I'm sure the food and company will be great whenever, where ever we dine. Thank you all for the info on club class dining!
  12. I ran into this issue when I tried to refare our Baltic cruise next summer and was wondering if this is a new policy or if anyone else had run into the same experience. We have an excellent ez air fare to copenhagen from our original booking. Current RT air fares are $700pp higher. Called princess to refare the cruise but stressed that I didn't want to lose my air reservation. So far, two princess reps have told me that if I re fare, I will lose my air reservation and will have to re reserve air at the current price. Last July and August i re fared a princess cruise with no change to my existing flight costs. So I'm wondering, is this a new rule throughout princess (in which case I could just as easily cancel my booking and re book cruise and air at current rates - not a good financial option for this particular situation) or might this apply just to the current anniversary sale, or are both princess reps incorrect? I am transferring this booking to my big box TA to see if they have better luck, since they are the ones who previously had my cruise re fared twice with no impact on the air fare. Any thoughts from more experienced princess cruisers?
  13. You're right! I just checked and it has changed to anytime. No more dilemma. And over such a first world problem! Thanks.
  14. But could we dine with them in anytime?
  15. We are scheduled to embark on the Sky in a couple weeks. We were confirmed for late traditional dining, but discovered the actual dining time is 7:45 vs the 7:15 that had been listed in the personalizer. Normally 30 minutes wouldn't be a big deal, but we were pushing our limits with the 7:15 to begin with and early traditional is just too early for us. So I switched us to anytime dining. The personalizer made the change but listed us as now having club class dining even though we are not booked in a mini or suite. On the surface it sounds great, but part of our enjoyment of cruising is meeting new people at meals. Can anyone tell me how club class tables are set up? is it primarily 2 tops or are there larger tables available to share? I love my husband but it's nice to have other people to talk to at dinner and share their experiences. If we hate CC when we're on board can we switch to anytime? Thanks.
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