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  1. We just got back from the 8/25 extended HOTS cruise. We had the UDP and Deluxe and refreshment drink packages. I will go over a couple of our experiences. We have no prior experience with specialty on RCI, so we have nothing to compare it to. Some nights the steak was better than others. But overall, it was very good food at all. There were guests complaining at Chops on several different occasions. We went to the Windjammer twice an hopefully never to go back. Just to experience it. You have to circuit forever to find a table and when you do the food is horrible. We stayed on deck 8 and it was perfect walk to the restaurants and back and park cafe in the morning for a bite. Multiple Entrees We never requested nor desired a second. In fact towards the end of the cruise we had so many visits to all the places we started getting 2 entrees between the 3 of us. It was so much food. At Jamie's our server on our embarkation lunch just kept bringing food to the table, we had to tell her to stop. One sea day we stopped at Sabor and got drinks, chips and gauc, some empanadas and desserts. Shakes at JR without dining. With the refreshment package this was no problem. They often had a line of people getting shakes. So not sure if they will cut this off at some point. One day after an excursion we had some time before our dinner and we stopped in for just fries and shakes. So she just put them in to go cups. Hibachi & getting sushi before hibachi Everything I read say you could get two proteins, but they didn't budge. They up-charged us $4. The second time we went we had the late seating and we showed up early. We went to the sushi bar first and had some nigiri, then onto the hibach with no extra charge. I am sure if we ate it at the hibachi table we would have gotten a bill. We only got one protein that night and skipped the rice. Thinking of rice. I remember some thread saying that they didn't get enough rice. Well both nights at the 3 tables, they gave everyone a bowl of rice and made plenty for seconds. They took away a full plate of rice away uneaten at every table. So there is plenty of fried rice. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. Check this. We are in Vitality cafe and they have Evian. And they told me it’s covered with refreshment package. Good selection. Along with fresh fruit smoothies.
  3. Ok. Today is day 5. We got back from Roatán and my daughter was on the deck for sail away and they were smoking again. I called guest services and they were up right away and caught them and gave them a warning. With next offense a $250 fine. He seemed to be certain they wouldn’t do it again. We shall see.
  4. We normally board our cats. But they only have webcams on the dogs. So we boarded the dog and kept the cats at home and have people visiting twice a day to feed and pet them. And we set up 8 Wyze cams to keep an eye on them. Its great being able to see them 24/7.
  5. The pot was certainly not the smoking area. We finally found some seats with shade and the guy sat down right next to me. He had a vape pen in one hand. I was like this isn’t going to be good. Then in his other hand tucked in a hand rolled joint. It smelt like some ran over a skunk. I was like doesn’t anyone else smell this? It it drove us away. We were upset, as there were no other seats. But at least we could get away from it. So my wife was like screw this. So I sent here back to the cabin while I did watched my daughter on the flow rider. Then when I got back to the stateroom, my wife and son were none to pleased to be chased off our balcony from cigarette smoke. It was a kind of perfect storm.
  6. I think it said spring. I will double check.
  7. Attached are two pictures of water we have been getting onboard. The Panna is the still and the San Pelligrino is what have been getting in specialty. The True is from the bars.
  8. Agreed. I don’t know the circumstances. The ship did wait and wait and wait. Then finally pulled up. I am sure they got back on. The boat was untied and ready to go. Literally the ship was pushing off 1 minute later.
  9. I really should have pointed out to the RC staff member right next to me. I am sure he could have smelt it. The dude smoking the weed was a big guy with another big guy. Wasn’t looking to get a whooping. But we did report the cabin next to us. They followed with a call today to see if everything was ok. They may have talked to them. No smoke today yet.
  10. James Van Fleet said they should have something to say today. But Captain Johnny just made an announcement 5:30 PM asking for another day. Nothing definite as they have reports storm might make landfall further north. No changes as of right now. Anxiously waiting ourselves
  11. Today in Cozumel HOS docked next to Celebriry Equinox. Equinox waited 20 extra minutes when they pulled up the ramp. The ship was fully untethered. When 3 people casually walk up and pleased their case. They put the ramp back down while everyone watching booed them. And now it’s 7 minutes after our all aboard and people are still casually walking up. Man, I am so paranoid, we got on 90 minutes before. Ww are not seasoned Cruisers. This just blows my mind.
  12. Hardly tattletale. You can smell it really bad. And they don’t give a heck. My son was on the balcony and came in and told my wife they were smoking again. So she went out on the balcony and closed the door loudly to alert her presence while the smoker said, we paid for this vacation too. They went in and she sat and read. 15 minutes later, someone came back out and started smoking again. They are forward of us so all the smoke goes right on our balcony and it smells disgusting.
  13. James Van Fleet hasn’t ruled it out. Said, looking to determine by tomorrow night. The current models show Dorian right over Port Canaveral on Sunday. So we may be looking at a one day extension.
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