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  1. I am currently booked on Symphony with 2 connecting ocean view balconies. During my L&S, will they let me change category to a Grand Suite 1 bedroom which actually prices out cheaper than the 2 connection ocean view balconies?
  2. I plan to tip the same. How would you handle this? Last cruise we didn't even enter the MDR or Windjamer. We had the UDP and ate at specialty lunch & dinner. Between the auto grat and UDP would you tip extra at the specialty?
  3. I have an 8/29/20 Symphony cruise set and I would love to see this sail at 30%. It has stops in Labadee, Falmouth and CocoCay. I would be fine to see them cancel Falmouth and do a second day at CocoCay. That will be a great stop at 30% capacity.
  4. My employer had a work from home order for post traveling before the full Stay at home kicked in. But we are all working from home now, so that wouldn't be a problem. My biggest issues is booked this at the end of the summer right before the kids go back to school. We still might be remote learning by then anyhow. But if they do open and the kids aren't allowed to go to school for two weeks would send my wife over the cliff.
  5. We are set to sail Symphony on 8/29/20. I give a slight chance we might sail as I have read some good guesses about ships in Florida cleared to sail 8/1. My big concern is that the CDC might require people coming off cruises quarantine for 14 days. Personally I can't see sailing going forward with a requirement to quarantine after. Is there any requirement in place now that would require this in August?
  6. Can a Bahamas Itinerary with CocoCay be lifted to a Caribbean with CocoCay? I read somewhere as long as one of the stops match and they seem picky about CocoCay.
  7. Did you do that on the phone? Through the website they want the full fare deposit. Wow, that is an incredible savings. Nice one.
  8. Did you have to pay the full fare or just the deposit?
  9. I have a 8/29 cruise with final payment the end of this month.
  10. What did you try to switch from to? I am Western and want to go Eastern. Will this fly?
  11. I guess the feel these cruises are going to cancel or people are going to cancel. So instead of adding them to the list of refunds, just hold onto those funds and shift the reservation.
  12. Is the lift & shift only for existing reservations or can you make a new one for August and shift it?
  13. I have this same question. I am booked on Symphony and May 1, 2021 they are going to reclassify room categories and are adding CB. So if I have two ocean view balcony connecting today, they won't match next year. It also looks like they are adding CI connecting interior as well.
  14. I know this was probably asked and answered. But can I go from Western to Eastern Caribbean?
  15. So it looks like an 8D connecting on Symphony is recatogorized as a CB? If I have an 8D connecting 2020, will that transfer over to a CB in 2021?
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