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  1. Exactly what i wanted to hear CB! Just confirming breakfast in Giovanis & priority tendering(lift down to Level 2) on Voyager? Cheers Craig
  2. G'day all, We are on Voyager in March & really looking forward to it as our first cruise as Diamond. we are (DIGS) _ Diamonds in Grand Suite! 😎 Never been on this class of ship, size wise in between Radiance & Ovation. has anyone done the taste of royal? we have done a few chef's table & really enjoyed them. I will check out the DL, not expecting much, small room with no views! Maybe hit the DL for a coffee if its closer than the SL. Cheers Craig
  3. we had a great Chef's table on Radiance, only 2 x couples.. plenty of great food, and the wine just kept flowing...😎 Craig
  4. thankfully not too many Pinnacles in Australia, the US C&A upper tier numbers are crazy my 2 cents.. Its too easy to get to Diamond & I am Diamond. We are on Voyager in March in a GS & really looking forward to it, especially the SL. maybe DL becomes D+ & Pinnacle lounge, Diamond gets say 5 drinks/day in any bar? Craig
  5. underground cruise terminal & rail transport @ Garden Island.... Craig
  6. Just WOW.. those number blow my mind.. I believe that Suite Lounge should ONLY be for people in a suite! Pinnacles have reached their status from previous cruises(internal/balcony/suites) I am paying for a Suite for this current cruise. Is it fair for a Pinnacle (not in a suite for this cruise) to have access to the SL? fire away! 😉 Craig
  7. As an Aussie, I can't do peanut butter & jello(jam) peanut butter & honey is one of my favorites.
  8. did you already have an old version? uninstall old version, the d/l new version. worked for me on android
  9. yep cant wait! my cruise isn't till March, so I just selected any cruise to have a look. shore excursions & deck plans.
  10. Love Lord Howe Island, 2 hr flight from Sydney Absolutely stunning, awesome snorkeling, turtles all day everyday. Stayed at Pinetrees, cant wait to get back there. Craig
  11. got it..wohoo. had to uninstall the old one & install latest version. Voyager of the Seas...🛳️ Craig
  12. tickets to the first tender boat when going to a snorkeling island/beach. 😁
  13. Agree 100% we usually rotate between a South Pacific cruise one year, then 10 days on a Fiji island the next. 😎
  14. like the idea of year round cruise options for Brisbane & Sydney with RCI. Radiance, Voyager or Ovation are cool..😎 middle of Aussie winter cruise to the South Pacific sounds great to me.🚢
  15. Ahhh yes!!! I did not think of that..🚢 Next cruise desk here we come! Cheers Craig
  16. We are Diamond for our Voyager cruise in March 2020 after her amplification !! So excited too!!
  17. No not yet! 10 nights South Pacific, 4 great snorkeling ports, so no shore tours. Diamond staying in a GS... first world problem i know!
  18. we got about the same OBC $1,000 USD = AUD $1,450 for Voyager in March 2020 😎
  19. just do it - a GS or above suite lounge, you also get tender priority, which is awesome with a lot of tendered ports. reserved seating in theater/shows. usually a suite only sun deck too? Craig
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