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  1. Yes. The tenders drop you very close to the course & the treaty house. A must do if you like golf, rent everything, clubs & carts, bring plenty of balls unless you are really good? the Treaty house is amazing, well worth a look at too. Cheers Craig
  2. Love the Bay of Islands... have caught many big sharks & plenty of snapper in the Bay of Islands! Much better to stay onboard Waitangi Golf course is awesome too.... Craig
  3. Love Fiji! Great report, Have you got some pics for us to drool over? Have seriously thought about the cruise you did. Yasawa Islands are just amazing, been to a few of the smaller islands too. BULA! Craig
  4. thanks Chilliburn, appreciate your reply. have only sailed on Radiance & Ovation. Voyager sits in the middle - am really keen to tick off another class of RCI ship! Cheers Craig
  5. G'day Guys, Hoping to get some info on changes after the Amplification later this year. I did have a quick look, a very quick look... loved the look of the updated pool deck on Navigator, I'm hoping Voyager gets the same? lime & coconut? is there a suite lounge, what deck? is there a suite restaurant like Coastal Kitchen on Ovation? Appreciate any help Cheers Craig
  6. loved the wow bands on Ovation.. Any chance of wow bands being on Voyager after the revamp later this year?
  7. we did a 10 nights cruise on Ovation in a GS. did not even go to the MDR, CK every night for us(except chops) CK food & service is excellent! Enjoy!
  8. G'day guys, I had to re-enter my C&A number today. After entering my C&A number my status was updated to Diamond! Up until today it was Emerald! - never got around to ringing them up. Wohoo!
  9. G'day Island Lady, Yes the CL was never even half full... DL was full every night. I especially like the chairs up at the bar... loved watching the flying fish jump the waves from the CL. If you don't want an overflowing CL/SL then sail from Sydney. We only had 1 x pineapple, but around 150 D+ Enjoy.. Craig
  10. Radiance - smallish loved the view to the ocean from almost everywhere not too many 2,500 pax CL - good size never full sailing ex Sydney DL - too small was very busy ex Sydney Ovation - big (Oasis = HUGE) big ship 4200 pax plenty of stuff to do love the CK CL - just awesome full width aft - perfect views of wake handles rough seas really well Going on Voyager early 2020 & cant wait Craig
  11. Radiance had a gluten free island at WJ. went there several times to beat the long lines for "normal food"
  12. following - great to hear an Aussie's perspective...😎
  13. G'day Guys, Always work to do on a ship, especially ones that sail 360 days a year! We had a water leak in our room on Radiance, we were out of our room for about 7 hours total over 2 x days. Got a letter in our GS the day after it was fixed - ended up getting $726 off next cruise. We didn't have to ask. 😎 Cheers
  14. Stayed in 1554 twice, mid ships hump great big balcony 😎👌
  15. G'day Guys, For every person that writes a bad review, there are literally thousands of people who had a great time on that same cruise. Craig
  16. Hi Twangster, thanks again for all the superb photos, any pics of CL or SL? I don't suppose WOW bands were added in the makeover? Craig
  17. Maybe XXXX island in QLD? Or one of he many other islands big enough for about 4,000 passengers to spend a day on? Craig
  18. agree with the above, had 6m seas around the bottom of NZ, hardly even noticed it, very stable ship.
  19. Hopefully something about Voyager - we are booked on her March 2020 they should have all of the bugs out by then...😎
  20. mandatory life vests??? they should be available if someone wants to rent one, but not mandatory.. blue line trevally Cheers Craig
  21. Superb photos thank you. I am assuming that Voyager will get the same refresh later this year? Craig
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