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  1. Yes I was on a cruise out of Southampton and some of the luggage ended up in the water. We'd heard 'rumours' around the ship this had happened but then I bumped into a lady I'd spoken to earlier at lunch and she said her's was one of the bags.
  2. Look forward to meeting you Bessca 🙂 60 days to go!!!
  3. I know I shouldn't have done it......BUT I've just priced up my cruise in June and it would be a lot cheaper today. I'm in Studio and for £99 I'd also get dining package. Worked out £261 less (of course it's closer to sailing so probably would have had price drop anyway perhaps) . I would need to add DSC on top but still sure I'd be better off. Wouldn't bother me not having Wifi or Water.
  4. oh Wow, thanks for all the replies and suggestions. A foodie tour sounds good!!! A lot of people say Naples is a bit of a dump, but I actually think it's got lots going for it. As it seems from the above comments there is plenty of things to do other than the obvious tourist attractions.
  5. Hello I'm going to Naples again in June and trying to decide what to do. I've been several times before (all my Med cruises seem to go here!) and so have been to both Pompeii & Herculaneum, plus trekked up Vesuvius. The last couple of times I did some research and ended up doing the Naples Underground tour and also the funicular up to Vomero (lovely views and a fantastic bar to sit and enjoy a classy cocktail 😉 ) So looking for suggestions to pass a few hours. Options are a visit to Capri, or trip to Amalfi Coast, but I'd rather ideally not have to go too far away from the port. Anyone know of any secret wonders in Naples!!! Thanks
  6. Yes NCL do have a shuttle and chargable. They also do a shuttle to the train station so make sure you get the correct one 🙂. The first time I went it was quite hectic figuring out where to buy the ticket and which queue to get in. Some cruise lines occasionally dock closer to the centre (easy walking distance) but each time I've been on Epic it's always the further one.
  7. A lot depends on your budget. There are some cheap hostels (with private facilities) near the port. I stayed in Hostal Barcelona last year. It was VERY basic but clean and I could walk to the port in the morning, picking up the Port bus to take me to the terminal. I personally prefer to save as much as possible on travel costs, so I use the Airport Aerobus for a few Euros, which drops you off in Central Barcelona. This year I have managed to book a low cost hotel very near Placa de Catalunya so just a few minutes walk from the bus drop off. Then in the morning I will get a taxi down to the port which I understand is fairly cheap. I found this website very helpful with the travel options https://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/airport/transport/barcelona-airport-bus-aerobus.html Check the various hotel comparison websites for accommodation to suit your preferred location and budget.
  8. As Lois said above, I doubt anyone will find anything 'strange' about you being on your own. To be honest I think a lot of people are fascinated and probably slightly envious that you have the courage to go away on your own. I found a lot of people when they find you are on your own, like to try and talk to you. I've done 4 solo trips and my 5th is later this year. While I still enjoy going away with my friends, I'm equally excited (and probably a little bit more!!) about my solo cruise. Just chill out and enjoy lots of people watching (particularly the couples and/or families that are becoming frazzled with each others company ;-))
  9. P&O UK are just trialling a drinks package, but limit 15 drinks a day.
  10. Every hour is happy hour 😀🍸.
  11. So jealous!!!!. Really want to try Bliss, it looks amazing, but once I've added flights from UK it's sadly out of budget for this year. I've just booked Epic so while I'm onboard I may get some cruisenext deposits to use for Bliss at some point. Have fun, I'm sure you will enjoy your first true solo trip. x
  12. Just booked NCL Epic for 2 June (Western Med). The Studio price dropped today by £140 (around $182 I think), having been tracking it for a few weeks. Just got to the 100 days so possibly that's why. Anyway hope to meet some great Solo cruisers again 🙂
  13. Having taking the plunge and booked, my cruise countdown tells me it's 100 days to go. Perhaps the 100 day marker is the trigger for drop in price! Anyhow I'm happy I've got something to look forward to
  14. I'm sorely tempted! I'm talking myself into booking it .
  15. So I've been monitoring Epic studio prices for June/July this year and they've been steady for last 3 weeks (generally heading down a little). Today for 2 June it dropped by a massive £140!! Is this a sign 😉 With UK bookings it's All Inclusive so no promo's to worry about...for studio's the price is the price! Wondering why the sudden drop for that week in particular??
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