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  1. Deck 12 of the lounge is really just a corridor with stairs down to the main lounge on 11. Just means you can access the lounge from 12.
  2. It’s strange some reports it’s a teenager from US travelling with parents, other a 63 Korean woman travelling with husband. Either way a tragic end to the holiday.
  3. I too was on this cruise. My first thoughts this morning were of this terrible incident and how her poor family are having to deal with it. Really can’t imagine how they would be feeling.
  4. Just got of this Cruise. It was terrible news. I heard the call out for missing passenger early morning then shortly after the ship seemed to be going really fast and it felt choppy. Then the awful announcement that we had turned back to search for missing passenger. It took a couple of hours to get back and then they spent the whole day searching. My first thoughts this morning when I woke was of her family and how they must be feeling.
  5. Hello I am staying near Placa de Catalunya and to save pennies was looking at getting either the S9 or V13 bus down Las Ramblas and then hopping on the port bus (also just for the sense of adventure 😉 ha ha) Would there be an issue with taking a suitcase on the bus? Or would a taxi really not be much more and worth it for the convenience of door to door transport? It's only a one minute walk to the bus stop and then I'd just need to cross the road to get the port bus, (which I've done before), so quite happy to do this and save the money of a taxi (as I'm travelling on my own so no one to share the cost with). But not if the bus driver will be grumpy with me.... Thanks
  6. I’m on the cruise out of Barcelona this Sunday and so excited. I just love the Epic and particularly looking forward to getting my ‘Priscilla’ fix 😂.
  7. I'm on Epic in 3 weeks time. This will be my 5th time... I also "love to Epic" 🙂 Freedom and fun is what it's all about!!
  8. I used them just for Pisa a couple of years ago. It was fine. A bit hectic at the stop in Livorno (I think an earlier bus was late and lots of passengers all asking questions and not sure what bus to get on). As a lot of the time when you can't speak the language, you are just told to 'wait over there' without any explanation and simply hope it all works out! But we got to Pisa ok and we were told which bus we had to get back, which was on time.
  9. Exactly what it feels like! You can feel the excitement with everyone getting into the holiday mood. 😎
  10. I think it would be 2 hours before due to sail. I personally didn't get on with Stugeron..it made me really drowsy and I fell asleep in the ships cinema ;-). I use Kwells which you can take last minute and for me doesn't make me feel drowsy. Have a great cruise and hopefully the weather will be kind (and you miss Storm Hannah).
  11. Yes I was on a cruise out of Southampton and some of the luggage ended up in the water. We'd heard 'rumours' around the ship this had happened but then I bumped into a lady I'd spoken to earlier at lunch and she said her's was one of the bags.
  12. Look forward to meeting you Bessca 🙂 60 days to go!!!
  13. I know I shouldn't have done it......BUT I've just priced up my cruise in June and it would be a lot cheaper today. I'm in Studio and for £99 I'd also get dining package. Worked out £261 less (of course it's closer to sailing so probably would have had price drop anyway perhaps) . I would need to add DSC on top but still sure I'd be better off. Wouldn't bother me not having Wifi or Water.
  14. oh Wow, thanks for all the replies and suggestions. A foodie tour sounds good!!! A lot of people say Naples is a bit of a dump, but I actually think it's got lots going for it. As it seems from the above comments there is plenty of things to do other than the obvious tourist attractions.
  15. Hello I'm going to Naples again in June and trying to decide what to do. I've been several times before (all my Med cruises seem to go here!) and so have been to both Pompeii & Herculaneum, plus trekked up Vesuvius. The last couple of times I did some research and ended up doing the Naples Underground tour and also the funicular up to Vomero (lovely views and a fantastic bar to sit and enjoy a classy cocktail 😉 ) So looking for suggestions to pass a few hours. Options are a visit to Capri, or trip to Amalfi Coast, but I'd rather ideally not have to go too far away from the port. Anyone know of any secret wonders in Naples!!! Thanks
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