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  1. So a slight twist to this question - I am Diamond Plus, sailing with a friend who is Emerald. We have both pre-purchased the deluxe package. If I find that it would be a better deal for me to buy onboard with the 30% discount, can I cancel only mine and repurchase without affecting my friend's? Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks! Ruth
  2. The lots are all built up higher. No need to worry about flooding.
  3. rajacks

    Beach Limerz?

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I always appreciate fellow cruisers who take the time to share their knowledge!
  4. rajacks

    Beach Limerz?

    Thank you so much for this feedback! I was kind of thinking the same thing, because most of our group really likes seafood. I'm definitely leaning towards pay as you go.
  5. Has anyone done the Bajan Rum Lime Tour with Andy Wood? Looks like it might be fun, but I can't find too much info about it. Ruth
  6. rajacks

    Beach Limerz?

    I will be in Antigua on a cruise with friends in early November, and we think we want to give Beach Limerz a try! For those of you who have been there, do you normally do the $65 package or pay as you go? And why do you prefer the one you choose? Thanks for any feedback! Trying to decide which option is better for us, although we are leaning towards the pay as you go. Ruth
  7. Has anyone had luck being able to use the Diamond Plus BOGO coupon on a later night? I'm traveling with a group and we all purchased the online BOGO (before it disappeared!) so that will cover the first two nights. Thanks! Ruth
  8. It showed up for the Serenade repositioning cruise in October. It's $59. Glad we got the BOGO for $40 last month! Ruth
  9. I received a new survey for Royal this afternoon. It was mainly about how environmentally responsible and socially conscious I consider Royal and other cruise lines. Also included questions on how important that is to me in selecting a cruiseline. It was interesting. Anyone else see it yet? Ruth
  10. I believe I've read on another thread that you can purchase online, then if it's less on board with your D+ or P discount you can cancel/repurchase. Anyone have experience with this lately? TIA Ruth
  11. rajacks

    Private Cuba tours

    For those who used FerTours, how long did it take to get a response from them to your initial inquiry? I sent one through the website link yesterday morning and have not heard back yet. (I know it may seem like I'm not really giving them much time, but we booked a cruise very last minute, and will be there next week!) Thanks Ruth
  12. I know you said you weren't doing an excursion, but we did one last year called the Falmouth Food Tour with Jamaica Culinary Tours that I would highly recommend. It's a walking tour. Your guide will meet you inside the port area and walk you out. It's a great way to sample some local food while seeing the sites and hearing some of the local history. One of the best we've ever done! Ruth
  13. Following along! Thank you so much for doing this. The Panama Canal is on my bucket list, so I'm excited to hear more about what there is to see and do....besides the canal itself, of course! Ruth
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