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  1. Notwithstanding today's news about Zaandam's flu problem, my choice would be Zaandam ... although, in all fairness, I must admit that I've never sailed on Amsterdam.
  2. Thanks, John, for the info - as usual, it is to-the-point, accurate, timely and non-hysterical. May God's blessings continue to be on you and your family as we work our way through the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. I'm wondering if this might be a new twist on the old saw that the squeaky wheel gets the grease ...
  4. Not to put too fine a point on matters, but I believe 50,000 guest refunds at $1,000 each would equal $50,000,000 and NOT $100,000,000.
  5. IMO, no ... but since you obviously are, you may want to ask your TA when your money will be refunded to you.
  6. Makes sense to me - unfortunately to this point in time no one appears to have understood what you wanted. So I'll jump in: When I've encountered similar situations, the "negotiation strategy" I've used is to enlist the help of our TA, since TAs have as much clout with airlines as anyone. That is also one of the very good reasons to have a regular TA who values you as a customer and is willing to go the extra mile for you when necessary. Good luck.
  7. Good point, although I noticed that none of the replies appears to address negotiation strategy.
  8. IMHO your best bet would be to call the airlines directly.
  9. Since your questions involve interpretation of HAL's new Corona virus cancellation policy, IMO the only sensible approach would be to call HAL directly or, if you booked through a TA, have your TA call HAL.
  10. Just curious, on what specific facts or projections from CCL do you base your dividend-reduction prediction?
  11. Not to put too fine a point on matters but in OP's Post #5, OP said, "Didn't know if it would be tacky taking his Diet Coke can into the MDR." (Emphasis added.) And I even quoted OP's question in my Post #10 above when I responded to it.
  12. IMHO it would be tacky to take one's own soda into the MDR or any dining venue. JMO though.
  13. One of our cruising friends has been able to purchase the non-alcohol wine, Fre, for at least the immediate past 10 years on HAL's Caribbean cruises. IIRC she can only get Fre by the bottle and not by the glass. FWIW, she is also from Wisconsin.
  14. Spot on, sail7seas - great use of the rhetorical question!!!
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