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  1. Just curious, on what specific facts or projections from CCL do you base your dividend-reduction prediction?
  2. Not to put too fine a point on matters but in OP's Post #5, OP said, "Didn't know if it would be tacky taking his Diet Coke can into the MDR." (Emphasis added.) And I even quoted OP's question in my Post #10 above when I responded to it.
  3. IMHO it would be tacky to take one's own soda into the MDR or any dining venue. JMO though.
  4. One of our cruising friends has been able to purchase the non-alcohol wine, Fre, for at least the immediate past 10 years on HAL's Caribbean cruises. IIRC she can only get Fre by the bottle and not by the glass. FWIW, she is also from Wisconsin.
  5. Spot on, sail7seas - great use of the rhetorical question!!!
  6. Just curious, how do you deal with this issue at theaters, symphony halls and restaurants at home?
  7. Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly where I found this picture and only saved it as a .jpg file, so I do not have a "link" to it. IIRC I spent many hours doing online searches and reading countless articles before I stumbled on this collage. Wish I could be of more help.
  8. Here's something I found online a few years ago - it shows a picture of each cabana AND the cabana's Number. As you will notice, the cabanas start with "Grey #1" at the upper (East) end of HMC and proceed Westerly down the beach to "Mauve #15" at the end. Hope this helps.
  9. Pinnacle Grill is $39 pp and Rudi's Sel de Mer is $50 pp, although a 20% discount is currently being offered for online bookings for our January Koningsdam cruise. Of course, those prices are subject to Mariner discounts.
  10. No difference except that the cabanas are located along the HMC beach and HAL needs a way for people to choose a location ... so HAL has designated each cabana with a different color. Suggest you check one of the available "maps" that shows the location of each cabana along the beach.
  11. Hear, hear, Bostonjetset, well said!!! 👍👍👍
  12. Why not just call HAL and ask? If those arrangements have not been made, maybe the HAL rep can tell you when to call back for a definitive answer. JMO
  13. I think you may have overlooked OP's opening comment: " We currently have HAL transfers scheduled from Ft. Lauderdale airport to the port for our April 1 sailing. That is costing us $76 roundtrip." (Emphasis added.) Since these are ROUND-TRIP transfers, the fare is exactly what it should be - $19/person for the FLL-to-Pier transfer and $19/person for the Pier-to-FLL transfer. ($19 x 2 = $38; $38 x 2 = $76) QED
  14. ... it appears you missed the mark (by approximately 1.4 cents/ounce) by bringing Zephyrhills Spring water on board instead of a like quantity of gasoline ... JMO
  15. Good one, John - thanks for keeping it "real"!
  16. Can't answer your questions about the Retreat, but have some comments on Sel de Mer and Rudi's Sel de Mer. We have eaten at both SdMs and were very pleased with both ... and I really didn't think either one was "expensive" although, like you, I realize that is a very relative concept. Since I wasn't certain which of the Sel de Mers you were referring to, I'm attaching a "sample" menu for each. rudi's-sel-de-mer SAMPLE MENU 11-17.pdf sel-de-mer(1) 3-14-17.pdf
  17. We have had several similar experiences with HAL Customer Service ... in fact, I honestly cannot recall any of my encounters with HAL CS representatives that were less than 100% satisfactory!!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
  18. Although I'm fairly certain that all of the major English-language dictionaries include the word "allision", I didn't need to look it up, as I learned it many, many years ago and surprisingly haven't forgotten!
  19. Congrats on getting your fifth star, Dave. You are correct about "newbies" being more profitable for HAL than us old timers ... but only when compared head-to-head on a single cruise. However, when compared on a year-in, year-out basis (number and length of cruises) over a period of several years, the "newbies" come up very short. And that's why HAL loves us so much. On your several questions, I suggest you contact the Mariner Society by 'phone, as I have always found the MS staff to be most helpful and thorough in responding to questions and concerns. I have also found the MS reps to be good conversationalists with frequent good/interesting insights into various itineraries, ports-of-call, HAL history, etc.. Again, congrats on reaching 5-star status, Dave.
  20. According to one of Carnival's press statements on this matter, there was no "collision" between Glory and Legend, as only one of the two ships was moving ... which made this mishap an "allision".
  21. Certainly NOT a new concept to me BUT it obviously is for you. Hope you enjoy your Cunard cruise, as we HAL shareholders appreciate your patronage of ALL the CCL-affiliated cruise lines! And bless your heart for sharing the good news!
  22. Bless your heart for so generously contributing to HAL's revenue stream ...
  23. Whoever posted that "insight" obviously is neither an accountant nor an arithmetician. An $18 corkage fee on a bottle of wine that retails for $75 (24%) is nowhere near the gross profit HAL would realize if it were sold by-the-drink in one of the ships' bars or restaurants. Only on wines that retail in the $27 - $36 range would the $18 fee approximate HAL's lost profit.
  24. You may rest assured that I am NOT kin to your friend, HappyinVan, by chance or otherwise. And I resent your gratuitous attempt to smear my good name by linking me to him/her. Bless your heart!
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