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  1. There was still a round glass topped table in our room on this cruise.
  2. Thank you Bob! It was so nice to meet you and Holli and so good to run into you a couple of times on board! We made our future cruise deposits and will be looking to Hawaii for our next one. (Not any time soon, unfortunately). I’ll be keeping up with you here on CC!
  3. Just wanted to add a couple photos we took today in SD
  4. OH! Thank you so much *blushing from embarrassment*
  5. I"m sorry to be dumb, but the first set from the Sea Princess seem MUCH higher ... are the drinks that drastically different from ship to ship, or am I looking at two completely different things here? (newbie)
  6. Thank you all for the very helpful information!
  7. I am getting ready to book this for our cruise next month. What do you all recommend as to what day/night of a 7 day California Coastal to do it? Would it be best to do it on an at sea day (night) or a port day (night) or does it matter? It's an aft balcony if that makes any difference with regard to wind (or lack thereof)... I'd love to hear your opinions! Thank you!
  8. Does anyone know, if neither of us drinks wine or champagne, what (if any) substitutes we might get? Thank you!
  9. Haven't been on Princess yet but I will be for the first time in less than a month! Ruby Princess. Really looking forward to it.
  10. I am traveling with my husband, who will either drink straight coffee if it's "good" or a latte with extra shots and heavy cream if we're at Starbucks. I am strictly a "foofie" coffee drink person (vanilla lattes and such) and never drink straight coffee. If we were to get a coffee card for this cruise, in whose name should we get it? His, so that he can get complimentary coffee AND his lattes (if he chooses to get one), and then I can also get my foofie coffee?
  11. Not to hijack the post, but for those of you who have done balcony dining (of any sort)- can anyone comment on how windy (or not) having dinner on an aft balcony would be? I want to do a dinner but my husband is concerned that if the ship is moving we will have wind blowing on us and our food.
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