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  1. I just answered your post on the other thread you started. Yes, you are confirmed at 5:30pm. The W/L # applies if you, or any other passenger, were looking to book that time now. But you are confirmed. The drop-down lists shows the current status of all potential dining times. You are all set as long as 5:30pm is your desired time.


    Thanks for the answer steelers36, though I think you may have me confused with another poster? :confused:

  2. Uncle Joe and Aunty Tony are working on it don't you worry about that.


    They also plan to weight you before you leave and when you return and calculate how much you ate while away and apply the GST to that amount of food.


    That would not surprise me. What gets me is how you are expected to pay GST for every drink you consume on the entire cruise if you purchase before you depart even though you are out of the Australian tax zone, yet you would pay no GST if you buy each drink on board.

  3. its actually $64.90 inc tax, i thought it was $59 but appeared in my personaliser about 5 days ago checked with cruise about and it appears its $59 plus tax, next december 2016 the package is $73.


    I would be expecting to pay GST if I purchased prior to departing as it is a sale within Australia, however once departed I would not be happy to pay good old Joe anything the same as I wouldn't be happy to pay him GST on any of the other items I purchase whilst overseas (noting the cruise Rubynic asked about is to NZ).

  4. I'm sailing in November, a Coastal between Sydney and Melbourne so no excursions but I cannot get any Spa pricing as yet, the message said it hadn't been released



    Spa pricing should be there by now, it is available in the personalizer for my cruise in Dec to NZ. You just have to make a mock booking to see the prices for each individual treatment, not exactly user friendly.....


    Rubynic - the drinks package is $59AUD bought onboard which at the current exchange rate is about 27.50GBP if you don't use the Princess conversion rate (the Aussie peso is way low at the moment :( )

  5. That 4 day cruise from Auckland is only for those joiniing in Auckland. The majority on board will be doing the 13 day Sydney rtn cruise, so I would imagine NYE will be formal. I hope it is as it makes for a real Gala Evening.:)

    When we were on for NYE , they did the Champagne Fountain that night so the cheap bubbly flowed and flowed, with plenty for everyone.:D


    Diamond's Itineraries....


    08-Dec-2015 South Pacific & New Zealand 13 Nights Diamond, New Zealand Cruise ex Sydney Return

    17-Dec-2015 South Pacific & New Zealand 13 Nights Diamond, New Zealand Cruise ex Auckland Return

    21-Dec-2015 South Pacific & New Zealand 13 Nights Diamond, New Zealand Cruise ex Sydney Return

    30-Dec-2015 Australia 4 Nights Diamond, Australia Coastal ex Auckland to Sydney


    Bit of a side question, where do you find the list of itineraries like that?

  6. Just checked my cruise personalizer and noticed that the Drink Package is available there now, but it appears to have gone from $59.00 to $64.90.:eek:

    I just checked mine and saw it listed for the first time. I am not sure it is the AU package though, it might be the US one listed with the price converted to AUD. The description has drinks to $10 though the AU package is advertised as $14?

  7. I haven't seen a Princess calculator sheet but I imagine if you plan to have more than 10 drinks(alcoholic and non-alcoholic) a day it is worth it.:D


    Personally as not a big drinker if bottled water and canned drinks would/could be included into an expanded non-alcoholic package I would buy that in a heart beat, but obviously there isn't a market for that customer base..........

  8. Has anyone seen a calculator for the AU Princess drinks package? I have seen the US ones around but I was wondering how the AU package stacks up in comparison? Though it covers drinks to $14 how do the numbers look at $59 if you are a light drinker but were to offset with the other items mentioned ie coffees, cans of soda, bottled water etc?

  9. Do any of the sister line cruises count towards the Princess loyalty program? ie P&O etc similar to the relationship between say Qantas and Jetstar?


    Sorry about the dumb question but we are new to cruising and even newer to the loyalty programs :o and some of the comments made us wonder if there was maybe some kind of relationship between the lines?




    CJ & Tam

  10. How much is it on the ships that operate in Australian waters and everything is charged in AUD? Not everything seems to be a direct conversion to AUD from USD?


    Found the answer to my own question in the Patter thread. For the Dawn Princess sailing Nov 2014 Melbourne - New Zealand loop the UST is listed at $175 AUD in the embarkation day Patter.

  11. Nope, sorry, $USD150 = $AUD203 x 2 = $AUD406 for My wife and I.:eek: That is wwwaaayyy over the top in my humble opinion.


    How much is it on the ships that operate in Australian waters and everything is charged in AUD? Not everything seems to be a direct conversion to AUD from USD?

  12. 2. The Café Select Coffee Card for $33.35 - Listed at $37.40AUD on the Personalizer


    12. Roughly, how much can we expect to pay for drinks – soft drinks, coffee, hot chocolates, wine, beer, juice and water. - Not sure on individual drink prices but drink packages are available unlimited soda $5.45AUD/Day, unlimited soda and more $7.65AUD/Day on the Personalizer and just recently Princess have added the package that includes alcoholic beverages for Australian cruises at $59AUD/Day

  13. Welcome to Cruise Critic. We take a selection of US and European adaptors, I have a US one that converts to a double adaptor. These are allowed and are also quite cheap and compact (any bag shop sells them, Kenjo is one such brand). It means that I can have at least three items charging at the same time if needed. :D


    Thanks for the welcome Mic :)

    I found these https://www.korjo.com/Product-Range/Adaptors-%281%29/Adaptor-%28double%29-for-USA-%28KAUSDA%29.aspx they would probably be perfect I think if there was a choice to have the plug on one one side instead of in the middle. But I can see why the selection of different adapters will become necessary as there isn't going to be a one size fits all solution.


    For the ship I am going on the best info I have found so far shows a double US point in the cabin (as pictured) but I am sure the next ship we cruise on will be different so we will start our collection with what suits this cruise and keep adding to it as we go.


  14. Take a selection of adaptors and small USB chargers to be on the safe side.


    RCI and (I think) Celebrity have US and European, or possibly UK, power points. The European ones are best as they are 220v. There were two of each on Rhapsody I think and they were easy to access.


    Princess Aussie ships have one AUS/NZ power point and one US. On Sun the AUS/NZ one was behind the TV, very inconvenient.


    We are heading off on the Golden Princess which from what I can tell only has US points. Hopefully there will be some more feedback when she hits our waters a little later this year. Being our first cruise I am sure we will have way too much stuff :eek:

  15. Thanks The_Big_M makes sense when you look at the US wiring standards. Guess I will look for an old school cheapie power board to take with us on the cruise as most newer ones have surge protection these days.


    Bit of a bummer as we normally only get boards with individual switches but I haven't seen one of those without surge protection for ages.


    Will just have to see how it goes if they take it away on boarding so be it, wonder what their plan for the future is then as the amount of electronics people travel with isn't going to reduce?

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