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  1. 4 hours ago, suzyed said:

    - for the most part (the biggest exception I see is those on longer voyages being restricted in number of free visits to Alfredo's/Gigi's if on the Plus - a majority of guests supposedly). 


    Setting aside the number of free visits issue, regardless of voyage length (this also affects the SD benefit), because I think that is a different issue altogether that could be discussed with Princess or seek an explanation as to perceived unfairness
    Yes, this is us and yes I did discuss although it wasn't really a "discussion" just a Q&A. And I was assured that the 2 casual meals were the limit no matter how long the voyage is.  The same 2 meals as those on a 7 day cruise.
    And yes, we are in the group who is well past FP date (6/30) and sailing in about 54 days.


    I was wondering about the per cruise addition items and how they represented value based on length of the cruise? It certainly doesn't make a great selling point for packages on longer cruises if there is per cruise items included as you pay a lot more in total for the same benefit compared to a shorter cruise.

    On the other hand, how are B2B cruises treated? Are they separate and therefore you get an allowance for each like you do for the elite min bar setup?

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  2. On 8/8/2023 at 9:08 PM, skynight said:

    Don't try to rationalize the law. Accept it. You can not change it. 

    Not sure I understand this bit? Everything I ever hear about the US is how it is the model Democracy? If the people do not agree with a draconic law why wouldn't it be changed?

  3. 3 hours ago, Gwendy said:

    Have used a CVP a few times, never had one who was attentive or interested.  One offered me $100 OBC for a $15000 cruise.  Lol.  My response put your manager on line please.  Yep it was increased.

    Seems about normal for the Aus ones now days. Haven't had a decent one for years........

  4. 4 minutes ago, MissP22 said:

    Unless you stretch your neck around the other side of the bar, the bartender is the only one that can see it. 

    Sitting at the Explorers on the Grand we passed the time matching faces in between evening events

  5. 12 hours ago, MissP22 said:

    Since you don't get to see the photo during the cruise, why worry? 

    It is the photo that comes up on every bar terminal when they ring up a sale. It is how they identify passengers.
    You see a whole bunch of them on the screen at each bar as people walk past with their medallions...

  6. We have taken kids with us on cruises varying from 7 days to 20 days in length and so far have not had an issue with bored kids yet.


    The kids club has a wide range of games and activities for the kids with their own version of the patter to let you know what is on each day. Whilst Princess doesn't do the big ticket items like rock walls, coasters, rides etc they do have gaming machines and arcade machines in the different clubs.


    Which brings up the next item, your daughters are in different age brackets which will mean they will be in different kids clubs. They do not make age exceptions, the only time I have seen age exceptions occur was on the longer cruise where the number of kids were lower and they allowed the kids and teens to mix.


    So far we have found every cruise no matter the length there is always kids on board, just the number varies from quite a lot (usually holiday periods) to around 20 or so on really long itineraries.

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  7. We come across this issue and the problem of cabins being unavailable a fair bit due to port of embarkation. When a cruise has multiple ports of embarkation as part of a longer/multiple leg cruises then the selection for each embarkation port is limited.


    We have had success using a PVP to contact Inventory control to release specific cabins from other sectors to make them available from our location. It can be done but it does take some effort on their part.

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  8. 10 hours ago, Fa-Li said:

    apparently more than a few people think they are being cute when they put photos of their dog in as their medallion photo.  He was like am I supposed to say "Drink for dog!"

    There is an option to have an alternative image displayed when you are using the screens around the ship, door locks etc this can be whatever you choose (within limits I guess)


    The photo that comes up for crew is the security photo which has to be of you. If it is not of you then you will have difficulty boarding as security won't allow you on as you don't match the photo, at which time they will take another photo for you 🙃

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  9. Hi Don,


    I have seen many people in  the same boat as you (pun intended 😃)  it is common to see grand parents sailing with grand kids without parents. When you board with the kids you automatically take the role of guardian as you are the adult in their cabin.


    You will be able to sign them in and out of the kids club without a problem. You should have the option in your personalizer to sign them up for the kids club pre cruise as they should be linked to your booking as minors.


    Oh and if you are interested or in need, there is the option for kids to remain aboard in the kids club while parents/guardians go ashore. They must be booked in beforehand though and positions are limited. We have used this on a few occasions when the kids didn't want to do the excursion we had planned.


    Hope that helps

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  10. 3 hours ago, Steelers36 said:

    I am not so sure that is an official thing and may have slipped by scrutiny.  

    We went to see the future cruise sales rep on board after receiving the advice from here, asked if were able to purchase FCD's for our kids who were not sailing with us and she was more than happy to complete the order after looking up their Captain Circle numbers to confirm they were correct.


    This has been available for sometime now she advised us.

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  11. 9 hours ago, cruzsnooze said:

    Waitlist is not a booking with a price gty. You pay the current price on the day a cabin becomes available to book. That has always been the procedure. It is a new booking.


    Interesting, though as I said this is the first time we had given the waitlist a go.


    As we booked it on board we spent a bit of time asking about how it was meant to work etc and it was explained by the Future Cruise consultant that it was a booking at the current promotion t&c, in fact we had one of the waitlist bookings altered just before the cruise ended as a new promotion had begun which further reduced the price.


    Whether the Princess employee on board or in the sales office here in Australia is providing the wrong information to the customer they are still representing on behalf of Princess.


    My last update was Friday afternoon from my PCC who was still trying to convince me that the new offer at a 25% increase was a great deal. He is now clearly aware that we are happy to accept what we had originally booked or we are more than happy to look elsewhere, there are plenty of cruise lines to choose from.


    He is still trying to work the issue and has asked if can call back on Monday 🤷‍♂️

  12. 11 minutes ago, cruisegirl25 said:

    I'm not sure if their wait list program works very well. 


    I've never received anything from the waitlist. So a room became available to the general public without being offered to the waitlist first.


    Yes it does seem to be a really poor way of treating their customers. Certainly not a great way to encourage them to stay with the line?

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