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  1. If you book a ship's tour then the buses will be at the dockside. You will have a ticket and someone from the excursions team will check you in and direct you to the right bus. At Civitivecchia, should you wish to use public transport to get to Rome then there is a shuttle bus provided by P&O which takes you from the cruise terminal into the town of Civitivecchia where you can make your way to the train station. At other ports it depends on where the ship docks as to whether shuttle buses are needed. If the ship docks pretty centrally (Ajaccio) then there won't be a bus. If it is further out then one is provided although these ports are often quite walkable as well. And just to confuse things, if you are in a commercial port then buses are mandatory and free for all passengers (unless booked on a tour which again will meet you at the ship)
  2. Thank you No Pager, you've explained it really well and I agree you can't keep getting compound FCC for the same reason but when it's for a different reason then they should be offering something, it's really frustrating.
  3. Ok, just got off the phone to P&O and not very happy (surprise!). We have just had our Oceana cruise cancelled for the second time. First time was the repositioning so we put our FCC from that and a cancelled Aurora cruise towards a November Oceana. That was straightforward but now Oceana being sold we got the standard email saying 125% FCC so we thought well, with all we've already spent on this cancelled cruise will get FCC but no! If you've already had FCC you don't get it again so they've sold our ship and we get no compensation at all! I know from these threads that compensation in the past has varied wildly but I've read the email over and over and nowhere does it say you can't get FCC again, which would have been approx £500, which was the difference in price between cancelled cruise and new booking. The girl I spoke to was lovely and helpful but basically we have got nothing for having our cruise cancelled because ship was sold.
  4. At least you can access your cruise personaliser. We rebooked a cruise a fortnight ago and still can't access the new cruise. The original cruise has been cancelled by P&O but is still showing both on cruise personaliser and on my log in. And although we used a cancelled cruises FCC and a cancelled deposit to pay for the new one we've only had an invoice showing the minimum deposit paid.
  5. We really liked St.Nazaire, we found it very interesting. Loved sailing in past the ship yard, I think MSC Meraviglia was being built, it looked huge. We wanted to do a tour of the shipyard but left it til we got on board and it was fully booked. Airbus are also assembled nearby and there were various bits of aeroplanes on the docks. They don't get many ships in and we were made so welcome with loads of information and tourism staff available. St.Naizare has a lovely beach which we walked along and looked at the memorial to the St.Naizare raids. And there was an interesting submarine which we visited and a really good museum about ocean lines which was very well done and we thoroughly enjoyed. Ok, so it's not a pretty place and you can't get away from the enormous u boat pens but they were very interesting. We had been in La Rochelle the day before so had lots of prettiness there.
  6. And we were due to be there in 6 weeks, never mind, there's always next year. And in theory we still have our November cruise to look forward to
  7. I phoned P&O on Monday and they said our cruise was definitely cancelled despite it still showing on our account (and still showing) . We had it as a B2B so cancelled both and moved to November. I'll be keeping a close eye on the website though in case they offer a different repositioning option as would love to go through the Suez canal.
  8. If the word on the ground is that she's there until November then I'm glad we cancelled our cruise end of October and moved it to mid November. We saw her in Weymouth bay before she moved up to you and she can still hold her own.
  9. We have booked all types of fare: select, early saver and saver. It depends when we book and what's on offer but we've always been happy with our cabin when it's been allocated for us. Occasionally a select fare will come with a lot of onboard credit which is equal to the difference in price and when we've booked on launch then it's select but sometimes we just can't resist a bargain.
  10. These 2 pictures were taken Monday evening, Azura was there as well but was just heading off to Southampton and Oceana was next to Queen Mary. Arcadia is looking pretty rusty, I assume they couldn't do much maintenance when she was coming back from Australia
  11. Aurora, she is my perfect ship, although agree about Crows nest from Arcadia and maybe some of Arcadia,s stylish glass sculptures, and you could add in the gin tasting as well. Also put in Cafe jardin from Oceana and put back in her beautiful library that was made into Sindhu, then she would be truly perfect.
  12. What lovely pictures, thank you for posting the link. We were wondering yesterday if a trip to Weymouth could be classed as essential travel (or exercise) but at least we have pictures now. Looks busy there.
  13. Yes please, lots of tea. My only criticism of MDR breakfast is never being able to catch a waiter's eye when I would like a tea top up. I do wish they would leave the pot on the table. Same issue at afternoon tea. But doesn't stop the enjoyment of a lovely breakfast, particularly as I'm vegetarian and they have some really nice veggie alternatives.
  14. Sundaes 7 days a week for me. And if I choose a different desert I often ask for a scoop of ice cream, then they bring out a bowl ful and I pretend it's too much and then scoff the lot.
  15. I'm with Michelle, I love the Raspberry Creme brulee. Haven't tried re-creating it at home as it would make me cry. I try to drink them instead of having a desert as they are so rich and creamy but those good intentions never last long and I'm soon knocking them back after one of the sundaes. I like pretty much all of the cocktails onboard but those Raspberry things are just really tasty.
  16. All these plus something based out of Singapore heading around Malaysia, Thailand etc. Would love to do Greenland though, I was so envious of those who were on Oriana a couple of years ago and all the beautiful pictures they posted.
  17. I hope this thread is giving you some good ideas of places to visit. London is a great city but there is so much more to the UK.
  18. Well I'm going to be the cheerleader for Dorset: areas of outstanding natural beauty in the Purbecks, Jurassic coast, beautiful beaches, Abbotsbury, Monkey World, tanks, I could go on. Also put in a word for Northern Ireland. Since our daughter has been at University in Belfast we have been managing to explore Northern Ireland a little and the countryside is so beautiful, we have spent some time in Fermanagh and Antrim so far and hoping to explore the Mourne mountains when we take her back in September.
  19. I agree that certain cruises attract younger age groups. We met some Australians doing our Christmas Market cruise back to back with a Canary Island cruise and they said the age range was about halved for the Christmas Market cruise. There is definitely more than 1 laundrette on Arcadia.
  20. Arcadia is a beautiful, stylish, elegant ship. We haven't stayed in a suite but we did like the balcony cabins for space and facilities. The ship has beautiful glass sculptures, a gin tasting every night and a great promenade deck. We did find problems with the sight lines in the theatre and she doesn't have the equivalent of the aft show lounge which means that concerts and talks are often in the night club which isn't great. I agree that the layout of the main dining room is a bit odd but didn't cause any problems for us. So to conclude, her layout isn't perfect but the pros outweigh any cons and she's a lovely ship.
  21. I've wasted a fair few hours today binge reading cruise reviews so am in cruise mode. We too did a Christmas market cruise on Aurora and loved all the ports at that time of year, equally special was Iceland last summer on one of Oriana's final cruises, all ports were stunning in their natural beauty. I washed my hair this morning using White Company products brought back from last cruise. They have a really distinctive smell (in a good way) and always remind me of our lovely holidays.
  22. Our flights have just come through for our cruise in October so I'm trying to be hopeful that it's going to happen.
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