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  1. I am trying to find a beach or snorkeling trip in Ibiza, but everything I find is on the other side of the island. Nervous about getting there and back with an excursion as I can’t seem to find reliable transport that isn’t super expensive. thanks, john
  2. my kids are 17, 20 and 22 we started cruising in 2015 and my TA got all their points taken care of. They each had a few accounts that had to be consolidated.
  3. @PalmBeach4 I would recommend you reach out to NCL or your travel agent and get your kids latitude numbers (they probably have more than one at this point) and when booking your kids always make sure you have it go against their latitudes number. I spent a good amount of time getting all my kids accounts collapsed in to one so they would have all their points.
  4. Double points are only for the first two in a room, same with the latitude extra points. I have three kids, two are platinum because they got the bonus points, my youngest is still gold 😞
  5. Balcony was bigger and had better chairs than the breakaway class, the room was bigger, bathroom was bigger and shower was a really nice size. I didn't have any issue with cloths storage either, but my wife would have liked more shelves. I was in 13776 and it was quite, we had some rough sea days and no weird loud noises at all. My father has already booked that cabin on another cruse based on my recommendation.
  6. I think it is still open for lunch and dinner, they just use it for the breakfast rush I believe.
  7. deck 8 is easy to walk on, I walked several laps with no issues, on warm days in can get crowded so best to do a morning or evening walk. The treadmills are nice, but they seemed dangerously close to the metal structure holding the windows in place.
  8. The local is the replacement for O'Sheehan's (which I really miss) and is free and it also serves breakfast.
  9. This will be my first review so be kind, main reason I wanted to provide this is there have been a lot of negative Prima reviews and it scared me before my cruise, but I had mostly positive experiences so wanted to share my views so other who might be worried by the negative reviews could get another point of view on it. I did the free air package (I always say I will never do it again and yet I do) and had a red eye on Iceland Air and landed in Reykjavikey around 6am. We had the airport transfers as we knew we would be to tired to do any tours when landing. I was surprised that NCL took us to a hotel for a buffet breakfast that was both hot and cold foods it was nice surprise and helped us get some energy after the flight. Once breakfast was over they took us strait to the port and we passed the line of people waiting to get on the ship and when strait to security. I think we were probably one of the first 20 or 30 people on the ship right around 11am. We went strait to the observation deck, found some lounge chairs and took a nap. The Ship The ship is beautiful and I really enjoyed all the outdoor space on deck 8, but I was one of few as the cold weather kept most people inside. I do understand the complaints about how the outdoor space is unusable on cold cruises, but I think you would have the same issues on the breakaway class ships as well, if everyone is kept inside it would be a bit overwhelming. There was always some bar that you could sit at that was quiet if you wanted to read or something and another place where you could get some music. The observation lounge was nice, but did get crowded, I mostly stayed on my balcony which I thought was bigger than the breakaway class and had better chairs. As a runner I did miss having a running track, the treadmill is just awful and to top it all of we were fog the one time I used it, not sure it that was good or bad, but was odd looking out in to nothing. The gym was nice and had good equipment so if you want to get some workouts you should be able to do most things you usually do. I liked how the ship service desks were split across decks in the atrium it made it less busy than the breakway class ships. There were times I missed the breakaway atrium's as it was a good viewing area for games and events, but also it was nice to have the huge crowd right in the middle of the ship all the time. The Food The Local Bar & Grill There is a bar side and a restaurant side, we were told you can't order food from the bar side by someone, but every time I walked through there were people eating and being served food on the bar side, so not sure the story there. The restaurant itself had good hamburgers and rubens. The nachos were amazing and I really enjoyed the pretzel bites. We had breakfast here once and dinner and lunch a few times, never had to wait for a table. Hudson's This is one of the large dining rooms, we ate dinner and breakfast here, never had to wait for a table. Food was good every time we went, I really liked the Chicken Piccata for dinner and the pretzel bread sandwich for breakfast. They still had the specials for the day and the standing menu (I thought they got rid of this, but I guess they brought it back). Indulge Food Hall I really liked this concept, once we went and there were not tables (some bar top space, but we wanted a table). The Indian food was great and fresh Naan was a treat. I am a big BBQ fan and smoke my own BBQ so I was not a huge fan of the Smokehouse because I don't think any smoke ever touched that meat. That being said I really liked the portion sizes here. Surfside Café & Grill Can get super crowded and pretty small buffet. The lunch pizza was really good (the dinner pizza I didn't try, but did not look as good as the lunch pizza). The menu rotated and they opened up food republic for more seating so we never had an issue finding a seat. On nice days we sat outside and that was nice. Observation Deck This was a hidden breakfast gem, not sure what other meals they serve, but they had really good breakfast sandwiches in the morning. Cagneys Same as any other ship, my steak was just the way I wanted it. I was disappointed in the apps as they all were seafood which I don't eat, but the sides were good as well. The seven layer chocolate cake is still as good as ever.. Hasuki No idea why they renamed this as it was the same food, same show etc.. not much else to say. Los Lobos I really liked Los Lobos, the fresh table side guacamole, the churro dessert so good. Onda by Scarpetta This was OK, I miss the fresh loaf of bread from the breakaway class Italian restaurant, but they did have three breads that were fresh they brought to your table. The Shows Donna Summers The music was great, but I found the show itself boring, maybe I am just not a big Donna Summers fan who knows. The Price is Right I have to say upfront my review of this might be biased as my wife won the showcase showdown. She won a 55" TV which we were able to just take the cash value for (around $500). We went twice as we liked it so much the first time, you really feel like you are part of the show. It was a bit odd though as the first show there was a husband and wife that both got called up and then in the second show both myself and my wife got called up (I only won a tshirt as I didn't have the closest price). Syd Norman's Pour House We went twice, the first time we waited 30 min and got a seat, the second time we showed up 5 minutes after it started and still got a seat. It was crowded with lots of people standing, but there were still seats if you wanted them. They do a few different shows throughout the cruise and it is a "show" more than just a band playing music. It wouldn't be the same if they did it in the theater vs the small venue. Mike Sterling - Singer Mike was amazing, he did two shows each twice I think. He mixed musical with pop and told stories of his time doing Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. If he is on your sailing do not miss his shows! Danial Ka - Magician He was apparently on Spains got Talent, I am a big fan of magicians, but I was not that impressed with Danial, I still went to both shows and was entertained, just not a very strong magician in my opinion. The Staff Staff were super friendly and always had a smile. Only complaint here is the room steward, he did a great job but the timing was very inconsistent and I felt like I never saw the guy. I wonder if this is a result of less staff because they only make up the rooms once a day now, but was a little disappointing. Lastly it was an odd trip with the port change in Iceland (I really enjoyed having two days in Akureyri), we went to Flam instead of Geiranger due to "port congestion" which was fine by me as I had nothing planned that day. 3 days in a row I think we has people leave the ship by ambulance. We almost left 6 people in Bergen, they had to pull the gangplank back out for them to get on. Was woken up at 2am by a "Code Alpha" in room xxxx not sure why that came over our room speakers, but there were at least 2 other code alphas which is apparently an injured passenger (these were separate from the ambulance people). Of course the now famous ship breaking away from the pier... But all in all we had a GREAT time and really loved the ship. We are now looking to her or the Viva for a Mediterranean Cruise next year.
  10. I was on this cruise, I didn't see any damage to the ship except for some scraped paint.
  11. I got 3 nights of dining in my 10 day cruise in two weeks on the Prima, not sure why you only got 2?
  12. Basically any specialty dining restaurant will have people there with kiosks setup to handle that, the best place is deck 6 where howl at the moon is as there are like 4 venues there with people to help.
  13. My flight lands at like 6:30am and trying to understand what is at the port when NCL airport transfer gets us there. Anyone know if there is a place to get some breakfast and kill some time before we can get on the ship? thanks
  14. perfect, I am supposed to be there on the 7th, watching the current cruise to see if they get to the port or not.
  15. If you google around you will find the email address of the VP of Guest Services for NCL, I had the same issue and emailed her directly the full story of what happened and got some satisfaction from that route. I also always use a TA who saved us when we had those issues.
  16. No, but that is more because I really don't like talking if I don't have to, you would also think there would be some explanation of the benefit somewhere, but if there was I have not found it yet. Was hoping someone here knew so I would not have to push past my social anxiety and make a call.
  17. I have looked all over the NCL website and all it says is that I get that benefit, no where can I find what it actually provides.. https://www.ncl.com/latitudes-rewards-program#tier_benefits does not tell me anything. searching NCL https://www.ncl.com/search?Ntt=dedicated pre-cruise service desk Only provides the phone number, not what they actually can do for you. Googling or searching the forums here did not give any details either, if it was that easy, I would not have asked..
  18. Been searching for info on this all morning with no luck, what can they do for you? Do they have access to specialty restaurant seating inventory or anything like that? thanks,
  19. My wife and I don't drink alcohol, but do drink soda, the free drink package tips are more that just buying a soda package, but the free soda package is super cheap, I have tried in the past to argue my case with NCL, but with no luck, was wondering if anyone has had luck just getting the soda package free when over 21?
  20. I have used it twice, first time was great, second time my flight was canceled and NCL could care less. They told us to deal with the airline and refused to give us cruise credits or anything if we missed the boat. The airline said they had limited options as NCL was the purchaser of the ticket and they need to handle it. In the end our travel agent, not NCL, spent hours on the phone with United and got us all there, but I had to rent a car and drive 4 hours from the only airport I could get to to the port. Not sure I will use it again as NCL does not back it at all, they just say it’s my problem and not theirs.
  21. So I have another cruise coming up (the cruise I just took was to get me to platinum before my next cruise) and trying to understand how the free specialty dining works for platinum guests. Also do platinum guests get to sit in the haven lounge waiting to embark? thanks,
  22. Beware if anything goes wrong NCL will do little to nothing to help you and the airline will point you back to NCL as they are the "TA" for the ticket. Caused us a day of issues and hours on the phone to get to our cruise ship in time.
  23. Just got off the Sky as well. I found most the staff to be great and friendly, had an awesome room steward. The shows were not the best, they did have some good bands perform on night which I thought was the best. I will say after being on lots of ships I will not go on the Sky again. Not sure how much of this is COVID vs economy vs staffing or if it is now the new normal on cruising, but the buffet was pretty bad, main dining was OK, but not what is used to be. As others have said, the short cruises are a whole different type of clientele than your longer cruises. The private island was great and the highlight of the ports (food there was pretty bad except the food truck). I knew what to expect from Nassau, but was Freeport was pretty bad, port is far from anything and they have a pretty crappy "taxi" system where if you can't fill the bus you either don't go, or pay a premium to get anywhere (and that includes back to the ship).
  24. We actually ended up making our cruise, while we gave up, our TA did not and found us some flights. We had to rent a car and drive 3.5 hours and my wife's luggage didn't make it, but if nothing else we made it to the boat, now I get to work through United, American and NCL to see if I can recover any of my extra costs. Cruise was good, staff was great, not my favorite ship (NCL Sky) and food was not up to NCL standards, but not sure what is COVID, what is economy and what is the new cruise experience.
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