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  1. Loving your live review. We'll be on Lady O in April in a CP oversized balcony. Your pictures are so good! Been long ago, and I think it was on the Allure, we got a "back stage" tour of the Aqua Theater. It was very interesting to see how all of that happens. Have never seen that particular tour offered after that one cruise. Wish that would be considered doing again. I do remember Ken Rush was the CD for that cruise. Have a great week! I'll be following.
  2. It's a very slim roll call. Never been a part of one with very little action. Just thought I'd drum up some "business". 😄 Anxiously awaiting entertainment reservations to open.
  3. We're on that same cruise as well. Come join the roll call. 🙂
  4. Had this on a recent Allure cruise. It was a one night Caribbean event. There was an evening event in the Promenade that was Caribbean themed. CD announced on his morning show to wear Caribbean for the evening. Servers in the MDR wore Caribbean shirts on this evening. There were other nights that were "formal".
  5. Thank you. Did an online search and found them. Called and spoke with them. FYI...$8 per bag
  6. When we've had a larger group, we have used Larry's Limos when needing transport from a Fort Lauderdale hotel to Port Everglades. The cost was split and very little difference of a cab. I requested a car the first time and ended with a very new limo at no extra cost to us! When it's just my husband an me, we have used Lyft to the port. Never a problem.
  7. Wish that were the case for an upcoming April cruise for us. Nothing in the app or online. Hopefully soon.
  8. Is Expedited Boarding designation more likely for those who check-in through the app rather than online?
  9. Recently checked in for an upcoming cruise through the Royal Caribbean app and received "Expedited "boarding. Did the passport scan and picture. Received the same for boarding on a recent Allure cruise. Is "Expedited" boarding related to one's loyalty level? Asking because a person in our group checked in and didn't get it.
  10. I'm so with you about doing anything on my phone. I truly prefer a regular computer. Found the app to be user friendly. Not sure about scanning the picture on the app after signing in online. Either way, I'm sure you'll be on the ship! LOL Not seeing any show reservations open as of yet. Hopefully soon. One positive about Labadee is if you have a drink package, it's usable there. No extra charge for items in your drink package. I saw where that wasn't the case on your last cruise at the "private" Island. IIt's showing "Pre-Cruise Deals" for Labadee excursions & other things online right now. If you book any excursions or other things and the price drops, just cancel and rebook. Done it several times and never had an issue. We did the Dragon's Breath Flight Line a few years ago and loved it! It's fast and you'll wish it would last longer. 🙂 Part of the excursion is riding up the mountain in Jurassic Park style vehicles. It's something we still remember! For this zipline, you are taken by bus to the top. At the end of the zipline, you will be caught by guys at the end. No hard landing on your feet. There are many videos on Youtube that will give you a good idea of the process. We did have to go through a mini zipline "training" prior to riding up the mountain. I read about your accident and the whole ordeal that followed. So tough! From your December cruise, looked like you are making great progress. The Oasis will give you a workout. I know if we've forgotten something in the cabin, it usually stays! Just not worth losing time to go back. LOL Just a hint about the ship. All entertainment is in the front (theater, casino, skating) and most restaurants (MDR, Windjammer) are in the back. Couple of exceptions...speciality restaurants are mostly in Central Park deck 8; Aqua Theater is in back. As far as internet, since we're in St. Thomas and Puerto Rico, we do have US connectivity for those days. One last thing...I know you mentioned Sakari's birthday will be the day at Labadee. Not sure if they will still allow her to go solo. The only reason I mention this is I remembered reading about cruisers who have mentioned about having kids reaching "drinking age" during the cruise. Royal considered their age to be what it was the day of boarding the cruise, and wouldn't allow them to drink alcohol. Might want to get a definitive answer on that. Since you've done a Royal cruise before, going through Crown and Anchor might be an easy way to go. Consider emailing them and have written proof of how they will interpret letting her go solo. This post ended up being longer than I anticipated. 😮
  11. Hi, Kim! We are Dena and Robert and we'll be on the Oasis with you in April. Responded to you in the roll call. I didn't really read through every word of info you've received about the Oasis. Hoping what I tell you won't be redundant. Download the Royal Caribbean app. Check in on the app. You can scan your passport and take a picture of each of you. You'll also need to enter any other info they are needing. At port, you can use your phone to check in. I did print out our set sail pass online and take it as a back up. This was the best thing we did to check in for our Allure cruise in January. We truly breezed through check in. I know we'll be at the Port of Miami, but that's even a newer port than Fort Lauderdale, so I'm expecting a smooth check in. In the Cruise Planner online, no entertainment is yet available to be booked. Should be fairly soon. Pre-booking entertainment prior to boarding is truly the best way to ensure you get to see what you want. Not sure if you've been on an Oasis class ship. The one show I always recommend you book early in the week or even the first night, is the Aqua Theater show. If it has to be cancelled due to rough seas, you'll have another time to see it. It is truly a unique show. Hope to meet you on board! 🙂
  12. Thank you everyone for your swift replies. Your input was most helpful.
  13. Yes, trying to decide if earlier is better or later is better for pick up is tough. I'm sure the Oasis will be trying to get everyone quickly off. Have requested a 9:30 pick up. Hoping that works.
  14. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm thinking FLL could be a zoo since this will be the week after Easter, and those with a week of Easter break will be trying to make a flight. So wish Oasis was offering Luggage Valet. 😞
  15. Good advice for everyone to check and make sure luggage is on the bus! Flights for our group will be out of FLL, so that adds a bit to the mix. From what I've been able to research, there is no Luggage Valet on the Oasis out of Miami?
  16. Range from 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. No children, but sometimes that doesn't matter! LOL
  17. Wanting to know... Setting up transportation from Port of Miami to Fort Lauderdale. Is a 9:30 pick up time about right? Concerned having to get a group of 16 off the ship. TIA for info
  18. We are also disappointed that after booking, we discovered our Alaska cruise will not be going to Glacier Bay. Sounds very much like a bait and switch tactic. We're debating if losing $100pp and booking with another cruiseline going to Glacier Bay is worth it or just go with it. Thanks for sharing your experience attempting Royal to own up to a bait and switch tactic. Wish you could have had success.
  19. Thank you for your review. We've not tried the Quantum class ships. We'll be on the Ovation in Alaska late summer 2020. Your information is most helpful.
  20. Small world....that is exactly what we may have to do as well. I was checking Houston, but will keep San Antonio in mind. We didn't do this on our last cancelled flight because the new fare was just too cost prohibitive! Thank you for the input.
  21. Thanks so much. We've never had to have this information for a cruise since we're on long before 90 minutes prior to sail away!
  22. We are very seasoned cruisers and always fly in the day prior. We are flying from deep south TX with very limited flights. We have to change planes in Houston. Our last cruise flight was cancelled, and we actually had to cancel that cruise because there was no way to get to Florida by the time the ship was leaving even by the next day. Always purchase insurance! First time we've ever had to use it, and it paid off everything! Now fast forward...Scheduled to leave Saturday morning for a Sunday Allure cruise, and weather once again may be our nemesis. If we could at least get to Houston, there are a couple of flights that could get us out of there to Florida on Sunday prior to the cruise. I'm no longer watching the Weather Channel since it puts me in panic mode. 😀 My question has never been a concern since we're always in port the day of the cruise. What time do we have to be on board for a 4:30 sail away?
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