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  1. Thanks, I got two different answers - Where you can choose boogie board or stand up, AND someone also said it is where they split it in half. Not sure which is correct.
  2. This is on Liberty of the Seas. I see times for Boogie Boarding, Stand up Surfing and Mixed Wave. Trying to figure out what Mixed Wave is.
  3. Looking at a cruise compass and it has - Boogie Boarding, Stand up Surfing, and Mixed Wave. Just wondering what Mixed Wave means?
  4. After departing a cruise, how much does it cost and was it a hassle/long wait? With 4 people and luggage I assume we'll need uberXL
  5. We are on Liberty of the Seas, and our flight is not until 6:30 at night. We are hoping to rent a car and find something to kill some time doing on that last day. Any suggestions? We will have luggage, but hopefully can just leave it in the car. Will have kids 15 and 12.
  6. Hello, we don't have a flight out on our return day until later in the evening, so we wanted to rent a car and explore Houston, etc . It seems that only Enterprise is available near the port and it is crazy expensive. Was thinking about taking an uber to a car rental place inland and renting from there. But is the closest place with car rentals at HOU airport? Or is there another option?
  7. So it's just first come, first served? Is there a comedy show/venue and is this the same?
  8. In the cruise planner and I can't see where you book entertainment/shows. I know it may not be available yet, but I don't even see where I would go to do so if available?
  9. Not sure yet, didn't book, but just looking at options!
  10. What is the earliest you would think you could have a flight home from Galveston? I am looking at 1 pm or later but do you think that is too conservatitve?
  11. Is it a certain number of days before the cruise?
  12. I am not sure but I removed it and readded it and it worked and only appeared once.
  13. Figured it out! not sure how to delete this post?
  14. I wanted to purchase the 4 device wifi, but it is adding it in the cart for both people in the room. I only one one of this package (4 devices), not two packages, which would be 8 devices. It won't let me remove one. Do you have to purchase for every person in the room???
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