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  1. We have cruise booked for January 2021. Time will tell. I wish I could say yes we’re going to cruise but there is so much up in the air.
  2. Thanks for sharing your review with us. We loved Siglo. Much better than the band on Escape.
  3. Here is my duck! Going to post on #cruising ducks on facebook
  4. People hide small rubber ducks around the ship. If you find a duck post picture on website and hide the duck for the next person to find.
  5. We were on the Escape. Didn’t notice less people on ship.
  6. We tendered on the Escape last week. We had no problem with the tender. We stayed until 11:45 and them headed back to ship for lunch. $7 for a bottle of water. we got tender #1 in morning.
  7. Kind of a bummer that I took the time to post review on our cruise and no one responded. Guess the corona virus is taking over the boards. 😞
  8. Final thoughts I found a DUCK! In all my years of cruising I have never found one. I was excited like a kid in a candy store. We selected Pink luggage tags. We waited in room for our tag to be called. Was supposed to be called at 8:30, called at 8:15. There was only two times the whole cruise I had to wait for elevator (Aft elevators). I still can’t believe that there was no waiting. I use a walker and folks would move over so I could get in. Very polite and no issues at all with elevators. Our buffet was self serve during the cruise. I was hoping it would have changed to employees serving. We wiped everything down with hospital grade wipes we got from friend who is nurse. It still drives me nuts that folks don’t wash hands in restrooms. We would re-clean our hands after touching serving utensils. We had a great time and would recommend the Escape.
  9. We did a whole lot of nothing today. Reading, eating, listening to music, shopping, napping, etc. Cagney’s. We love Cagney’s. I had shrimp cocktail, we’d salad, and filet. DH had crab, French onion soup, and porterhouse. Everything was cooked properly. DH had the chocolate cake. I skipped desert. Was a great last meal on ship. We always do Cagneys the last night. Gives us something to look forward to at the end of cruise. We went to the casino and then to bed. Up next..final thoughts
  10. Cozumel We had an excursion planned for Cozumel. It was Salsa Salsa. We met at end of dock and were taken to waiting cabs. I forgot to write down the name of the place we went. They set you up with all the ingredients to make 3 different salsas. You are greeting with Margaritas. You also make some cocktails. It was fun. We made the salsas and were given some chips, quesadillas, and tortillas to eat with your salsas. The last one was a desert salsa. After that the room is cleared so the dancing could start. It was a great time and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We walked along the port and picked up a few gifts for friends and cigars for DH. We ate lunch in the buffet. It was ok but not great. The ‘salad station’ did not have cheese or croutons which I thought was strange. Dinner at Bayamo- Diner was so much better tonight. Service was good and food was delish. DH had the grouper and I had Fish and Chips. Both were good. I had the key lime tart and DH had cheesecake in jar. late night room service
  11. Costa Maya Had reservation at Maya Chan. Unfortunately the captain made an announcement that it was too windy to dock. I wondered if he made that decision because of the incident when he hit the dock in Harvest Caye. We went back to sleep because there was no reason to get up early. Several times we listened to music, karaoke, game shows, and other entertainment. Nothing stood out like Siglo on the Bliss. The casino bar was great with live music and plenty of dancers. I have to say that this cruise had more ‘beyond tipsy’ passengers. It was funny to watch them dance. During the cruise we saw 2 girls that security came to escort them to their rooms. There was one guy, we called him Shiny Pants (his pants were shiny like aluminum foil) that danced everywhere. He was always dancing not just moving with the music but getting down dancing. Everyone was watching him dancing in the atrium instead of the band singing. He had a loyal following.
  12. Harvest Caye We ordered coffee/muffins for breakfast. I had secured us Tender #1 going to the island. I reserved a clamshell on the beach. (We were told we could not use our $50 shore excursion credit for the clamshell. Looking at my statement they credited the $39 charge) It was hot and sunny. We went into the water and it was the perfect temperature and very refreshing. The lifeguard was warning everyone to stay to the right side of him. There were jellyfish in the area. Luckily they didn’t come by us. We spent a few hours here before heading back. They had a golf cart back to tender area which was great because I was hot and tired. bottle of water was $7 We had a light lunch at O’Sheehans of wings and nachos to share. We relaxed in the afternoon until our dinner reservation Dinner at Le Bistro- Le Bistro has always been a favorite of mine. We ordered a bottle of nice wine. (20%off with drink package). I had French onion soup and filet. DH had soup and sea bass. We had the cream puffs and chocolate fondue. Everything was delicious! The service was spot on and we got to speak with the captain who was greeting passengers in the restaurant. off to the casino
  13. Roatan. DH went to the port to check out cigars. I stayed onboard and enjoyed my book (book 2). Teppanyaki- When we got to our table there were 4 kids at the table. We were concerned about how the meal would go. They were the best behaved kids I have seen. They ordered off kids menu, but they also gave them rice and some meat/seafood. The food was very good and the “show” was fun. My favorite drink is in this restaurant—Wasabi. It’s sweet and delicious. After Midnight Show- Not our cup of tea. I wasn’t sure if we would like it so we sat in the back. We didn’t stay long. Howl at Moon- get there early (7:45). We has 12 people in front of us. By showtime it’s packed to the gills. If you have not been before there are 3 singers/piano/drums. They take requests for songs (tips appreciated). It’s audience participation and lots of fun. They also have a bar in the venue which is great.
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