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  1. My wife and I were also on the 3/17 sailing and noticed the very long queues for the open seating on deck 2. We were open seating, but managed to avoid the worst of the crowding by setting up a standing reservation for the whole cruise on embarkation day. Upon boarding, we went straight to the dining reservation table near the atrium on deck 3, where one of the assistant maitre-d’s got us a table. The only problem was that only very early or late times were available, so we went with 5:15, which turned out fine. We loved our table assignment and waiters and had a great experience in the dining room. It it seemed like things calmed down after the first few nights and we didn’t see anymore long queues the rest of the cruise. Although it worked out OK for us, it seems like HAL hasn’t figured out Anytime Dining.
  2. We also just got off the Koningsdam on Wednesday and there was definitely an English breakfast station at the Lido every day. As Copper mentioned, there were no pillow chocolates the entire cruise (we were in a Vista suite), but frankly I didn’t even notice until the end and who really needs any more food at the end of the day? I would rather HAL spend the money in other places.
  3. Copper10-8: My wife and I are also on the same cruise with you and I just got caught up on your postings, which are excellent. Always love your informative writings. We’re having a great time and love the ship, our first HAL cruise after several cruises on other lines. I had a chance to meet the staff captain Fritz at the Officers on Deck party last night. Very nice guy. He said there are 400 people staying on for the full 21 days. There was a nice sunset last night and I caught this view through one of the openings on the promenade deck.
  4. I can see now that there are only crew onboard and deck furniture is stored and stacked away.
  5. I haven’t heard anything on the radio, but I only happened to notice this as I was watching Port Everglades departures on the Holland America board today. I believe she was headed to Spain for the rebuild, but are there passengers onboard?
  6. Yes, I’ve been watching. Port schedule says arrival at 1816 and departure at 00:15.
  7. Although my experience wasn't on a cruise, I recall that Tobago (Scarborough) was a wonderful place to visit. A number of years ago, my sister was stationed in the capital Port of Spain, Trinidad and we took the 10 minute flight over to Scarborough for a long weekend. The beaches were lovely and the vibe was very relaxed, because there aren't nearly as many tourists as elsewhere in the Caribbean. I don't recall any issues with safety and if anything, Trinidad & Tobago is one of the most stable of the large Caribbean countries and Tobago is certainly safer than the Trinidad side. Hopefully, you will have a chance to enjoy the local food.
  8. Agreed on Zuiderdam. The white that extends to a lower level on the newer ships may contribute to their top-heavy appearance at the front, too. There just seems to be a much greater mass of white structure.
  9. Great photos! It’s interesting to see the subtle differences in the three generations of the same basic ship structure. I had not noticed before that the dark blue paint on Zuiderdam goes up to the promenade deck, whereas that deck is white on the two newer ships. This is most noticeable across the stern.
  10. Copper10-8: Many thanks for the full list of HAL godmothers, which clearly shows that the majority of the current godmothers are not from the Dutch royal family. The choice of Oprah is very consistent with the practice of the past few decades.
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