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  1. There are flights from Rome and Milan to Genova daily with Alitalia. Perhaps is better to organize the flight on your own. At the moment there are not many flights from UK to Italy cause of Covid.
  2. In 10 days I am in the YC on the Grandiosa from Genova. My checkin time is 10am, but I will be 2 pm at the port. That will not be a problem say MSC.
  3. Everyone had to have a test max 48 h before the cruise and then a second test at the port. Sidari, at the moment there are no exceptions for fully vaccinated people. And here in Central Europe, at the moment most of the over 65 people are fully vaccinated, the younger people not really.
  4. MSC have only Water for free at the Buffet, for all other Beverages you have to pay. there is a Kids Area at the Buffet Witz Pizza and Pasta, but normaly no mac n cheese. MSC is a italian company with italian food.
  5. I like solo cruising with the QM2. But when i made a solo cruise i will prefer a table for me and not a big table for 8. In the Grills the atmosphere is quitter than in the britannia restaurant and the suites so nice! Sime weeks before the short cruises from HH there are normally good prices for Queens Suites.
  6. Interesting, i have booked yesterday two Cunard Cruises for 2021. One in May and one in November. I was thinking its long away and saver. With MSC we will wait, we have two cancelled Cruises this year from MSC. Next Week we will travel by car to Italy to visit our Family there.
  7. Yes all MSC voyages until July 31 are cancelled.... So our July 27 cruise also, no cruise for us in this year. The TA in April was canceled tue to Covid-19 an the summer Cruise also.
  8. Our TA did it for us. I think on the sail date, but we are from Switzerkand and have a german TA. And i have two other YC Sailing reservations in July. I will lock how it works for this two sailings, we are speaking about some thousends of Euro for all 3 sailings with 4 Persons...
  9. I ve recived my refund for our april 4 TA in the YC, this week. No problem. The cruise was cancelled from MSC not from us.
  10. I ve recived my refund for our April 4th TA on the MsC Preziosa this week.
  11. Yes it can be, that school have to be closes for longer time. In Switzerland all schools are closed until April, 19 but it can be for longer. They says 3-4 months.... we have to prepare for a longer school break materials for all kids.
  12. Thank you! ... for this cruise we had an free upgrade to a Royal Suite. We have booked with a German TA, I will write an email an ask how it works and so we can cancel our flights a look with our Travel Insurance.
  13. @sidari From where you have the info about the Preziosa TA ist canceled? At the Moment we don't have any information about our TA and at the MSC Website she isn't canceled! I hope they will cancel the TA, so I can look about our flights from Paris to Martinique and from Hamburg to Zurich.
  14. Not all kids have access to a computer, but almost all. After the 3 Grade they have do to homeworks with a tablet or computer. We can made also a program on paper and the have to come to the school on Monday or Tuesday to take at home. At the Moment I will prepare some Homework for my pupils.
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