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  1. We are going to be in Nassau on a 4 night cruise at the end of the month and would like to visit one of these beaches/islands. We have 3 boys (18, 15, 11). Is there much difference between the 3 places (Pearl Island, Blue Lagoon Island, Balmoral beach)? Are there things to rent (paddleboards, snorkeling, etc) at each of them? There were short videos on the Celebrity site and seems like Blue Lagoon Island might have more things for kids (saw water wibbits, etc). Pearl Island seems more "adultish" in the video. But would appreciate first hand accounts from anyone who has been to these places. Thanks!
  2. Good to know the scenery is different. Our main thing is we wouldn't want to be redundant and sounds like the Northern highlands probably wouldn't be. Thx!
  3. We were looking at a Scottish Highlands tour, but I'm wondering if that is too similar to a Loch and Highlands tour from Greenock . we are now thinking of maybe just going to Inverness for the day . Any suggestions suggestions on the best way to spend the Port day from Invergordon?
  4. On another forum and a taxi fare estimator site says should be around 30 euro for the taxi.
  5. We're going to be in Cobh next week on our British Isle cruise and I was hoping to visit the Jameson Distillery and Cork. Looking at the train schedule, im not certain how the timing would work out but was thinking about taking the train to Midleton (>1 hr?) and doing the Jameson tour in the morning and then taking the train to Cork - we are going to do a Walking tour of Cork at 2 pm.... then train it back to Cobh. Im wondering a couple of things. Why is the train trip so long? Are there cabs available at the cruise terminal, and about how much would it cost to taxi to Jameson? The timing might be tighter if we took the train since it takes so long via train to get there. I also noticed the Jameson Experience and bus package, which leaves from Cork city center... so taking the train or cab into Cork and leaving/returning to Cork with the bus/tour package was also an option. Looking for other advice on how to fit this all in? Or is it too ambitious? Cruise time says we will be in Cobh from 9am to 7 pm.
  6. I am curious if you got a notice from the cruise line actually cancelling your excursion? We are going to be on Crown Princess, and even though I had not booked an excursion yet, we will have the same issue. On the subject of Winchester or Isle of Wight, is the train and ferry stations easy to find once getting off ship at Southampton?
  7. Right, I think thats the issue.... that really messes things up. I checked out the other post... we may very well be giving up on London this time but sounds like there are some other decent options. a bit of a bummer though!
  8. Do/Can you book a ticket in advance to assure a seat on a particular bus? Do all the tenders dock at Hawes Pier? We are on the Crown Princess in 2 weeks (Queensferry stop July 9), and the itinerary indicates the ship docks at 7 am. Would we have time from tender to bus ride to meet a walking tour at 10 am?
  9. Thanks for all the great info and advice. We both have been to London before - Ive been 3x, my wife 1x - but both of us have not been over there in 20 years. So we were just hoping for a quick trip ... but I did speak with Princess and they apparently are recommending being back on board at 330pm which would definitely put a damper, since we'd probably have to leave the Waterloo station by 130 to be safe. So unless we can get off the ship early like 7 am, it would cut it close. Other option would be to do the Princess excursion, which is really just transport to & from the city, but at least we'd be guaranteed to get back on the ship.... all things to consider.
  10. Thank you! Very helpful... Our Princess Cruise docks @ Ocean terminal so I guess we'll cab it (do they have Uber there?) I will likely just book our return train ticket from Waterloo back to Southampton in advance as to not take any chances we'd be late returning to cruise. Depending on when we can get off the ship, I think we'd have 4-5 hours in London, probably see the sights on the West End as there seems to be many sights in that area and near the Waterloo station.
  11. Is there a train station near where the cruise ships let off in Southampton? We are going to be there for a day in several weeks and would like to go to London for as much time as we can. We were thinking of the "London on your own" excursion from the ship, but since we are embarking from Le Havre the day before, we've been told that there are some additional immigration things and we will not be able to leave the ship probably til about 8 pm (ship docks at 5 am). So now wondering if it just makes more sense to take the train ourselves. If so, would we need to book tickets in advance? Any other advice on trains from SH to London appreciated!
  12. This is great to know. I think our plan would be to take train into Cork, then possibly take train out to the Jameson Distillery and then back to the ship. Is it necessary to get these train tickets in advance? Or no problem just buying a ticket when we are ready to go? (would probably let the crowd subside a bit once the cruise lets out)... On that note, would a timed ticket to the Jameson distillery be needed?
  13. We're going to be stopping here for a day on the Crown Princess in a few weeks - whats the best way to get around.... thinking about visiting the Jameson Distillery and city of Cork. Just taxi it from place to place? Are they easy to come by? Is Uber an option?
  14. This sounds like a good plan, and I will look into it. The main logistical issue I am running into is we dont have a place where we can leave our luggage.... would any of the tour operators in bayeux potentially be able to fit it in the back of their vehicle? Anyone ever have this situation?
  15. We have a hotel reservation in Paris that night. I checked on the Costco site and there is an enterprise rental car place near the Le Havre port apparently... Its something I will consider. But they close at 6 pm , so Id have to see if it makes sense to drop the car off somewhere else.
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