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  1. I drink Irish Mules and can verify it is Goslings Ginger Beer.
  2. As a side note, the Pavehawk has a large number (840) painted in pink on its fuselage because it had been assisting in fighting wildfires in Calif. My hat's off to all these men and women of the rescue services all over the world. "That others may live" You're exactly right, the big pink or orange numbers are for wildfire missions, I retired from CDF before he could drop on me......LOL. He'll be at the annual joint training later this month with CDF/CalFire in preparing for this years fire season.
  3. My son flies the HH60 Pavehawk Helicopter for the Ca.Air Guard out of Moffitt Field from the SF Bay area and goes out to all sorts of ships to do Medi-Vacs all along the west coast.
  4. Local ATM at first stop in which Euros are used, ship exchange rates are Horrible, plain and simple.
  5. I asked my PCC about Sip N Sail on Thursday, 4-11-19, and he told me Sip N Sail should/will be out in June, FYI.
  6. Get them up on your screen then try "Save As" and go back into where they're saved and see if that works or open docs in a new window then try printing.
  7. I have found if you're wanting to change/update your flights whether it be EZ Air, Princess, or Flight Ease, HAL, not to try it on Saturdays. I was told by the companies that Sat. is usually when they, airlines, are rearranging scheduling flights, times, flight numbers etc. So now I'm looking at Mon-Thurs.
  8. The TA coming up Apr.21 to May 12th the cost for booking via phone to HAL's customer service is $748 for ALL 21 days, you must book all 21 days doing via phone, with that said if you only want a day or two here or there you make the arrangements onboard, first come first serve. I made the call and this is what I was told on Tues. of this week. That is all.
  9. I use my Capital One Venture card exclusively, has the chip feature or tap and go, no pin needed unless ATM withdrawal which won't happen due to fees. Amex is a backup.
  10. The robes are a JOKE, all the cruises/ships we've been on the robes have never fit, plain and simple. The sleeves only come down to my mid forearm and the shoulders are for someone who wears small or smaller sizes. FYI, I'm only 6' tall and under 200 lbs.
  11. Our son lives in Anchorage and just told us the only road still closed is the one to Denali, it's closed every year for winter. He drives from Eagle River to Anchorage airport daily. Hope this helped.
  12. We get foreign currency at a bank's ATM at the first stop no matter what country, ship rates are usually terrible. I keep any leftover Euros for the next trip. Just saying.
  13. More time to relax and usually a better itinerary, that is all.
  14. Let's see, if I have a cold vs losing 10k from my bank account hmmmmm..……….I'll get over my cold on the cruise and use my money to finish the cruise, just another point of view. Side note: we do min. 14 day cruises.
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