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  1. Our son lives in Anchorage and just told us the only road still closed is the one to Denali, it's closed every year for winter. He drives from Eagle River to Anchorage airport daily. Hope this helped.
  2. We get foreign currency at a bank's ATM at the first stop no matter what country, ship rates are usually terrible. I keep any leftover Euros for the next trip. Just saying.
  3. More time to relax and usually a better itinerary, that is all.
  4. Let's see, if I have a cold vs losing 10k from my bank account hmmmmm..……….I'll get over my cold on the cruise and use my money to finish the cruise, just another point of view. Side note: we do min. 14 day cruises.
  5. One question, Is your price for economy or ? Our cruise coming up in Apr./May we booked SAN-MIA and return AMS-LAX-SAN first class/business class total was $2514. Just curious.
  6. As stated it's the first day, try a different day, plain and simple.
  7. Just looked at the "Terms and Conditions" 2019 of the PBP and it still shows the $59.99 with 15%, different than the new advertising of PBP which has the new price + gratuity...….looks like someone needs to update terms and conditions or maybe you can call and argue with what's written between the pages, just an observation. I was logged into one of my booked cruises.
  8. We stayed at a hotel of our choice in Kensington for 4 days prior to day of transfer, we took the Tube to Heathrow and met the transfer coach there, we prepaid when we originally booked.
  9. It's worked for me even after booking a cruise months earlier, I used it to make a $500 payment on an existing cruise. Used for a HAL cruise and second time around on a Princess cruise.
  10. Oops, guess I was wrong, sorry about that. I saw a post somewhere else that had an old offer up.
  11. NOTICE, this offer has expired, just saying.
  12. We've had many balconies on many different ships and have had noise from carts being pushed around above at who knows what time or it was to the good ol' music from theaters, our solution was earplugs, works wonders and you can enjoy your cabin, that's my .02 worth.
  13. We did the Eastbound and Westbound TA's last year on the Regal and on both we had ATD, same waiter, same time-7:30ish, but pretty much the same table within a group of 4 two tops. The other PAX's we meant also kept the same tables and time, so basically we ate together with a space between tables, this occurred on each direction of the respective cruise.
  14. My DW made a comment on Princess's FB page on this subject and got a reply an hour later to the effect that the chair removal will be fleet wide in the lessor categories and that the ships will have a "limited" number in storage and told her as soon as you get onboard ask your room steward that you would like one, first come first served was mentioned also. Another thought on this is, let's say one orders room service or breakfast in cabin and shows up and for some reason has to put the food tray on the bed, someone bumps into the bed and all of a sudden the juice, coffee, etc. spills on the bed, you can picture the rest...…. the steward will be busy after hours/before hours if this occurs. Princess may have to replace/wash bedding, maybe change mattress, oh don't forget the inconvenience you'll have to endure, just saying .
  15. Hope this makes sense, let's say there is 1000 couples who decides to cancel their cruise due to this subject matter along with some of the other short comings now, let's just say the total cost was $5000 multiplied by 1000 and you get $5,000,000, maybe this is too simple math but just a thought, just saying.
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