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  1. We will let our TA sort this out next week. What we will do will depend on: 1. Whether we can use our FCC on the cruise we have booked but not paid final balance on for 28th August, and 2. Whether we would likely get our money back if the August sailing is also cancelled (as it is also from Southampton, so would I guess depend on them doing a transatlantic reposition). If the answer to both of those is Yes, will take the FCC. If the answer to either or both is no, will take the refund. We had hoped to do Alaska and Rocky Mountaineer next year. At present holding off booking for 2021. .
  2. We have just had our email from Celebrity - our May 9th Silhouette cruise to the fjords is cancelled. 125% FCC or 100% refund. We will likely go with the former and apply it to the cruise we are booked for in late August. (Alternately we can cash out any time up to end of 2021). Disappointing, but entirely what we predicted. And the right and responsible thing for them to do. Fortunately we had no flights to worry about, and losing cost of a hotel night is small potatoes. Better safe than sick. So much in my diary through to August has been cancelled or has changed, so this came as no surprise (would have been surprised if it had gone ahead really, given how things are developing). Stay safe, all. Keep your distance. Wash your hands.
  3. The info above is also present in The Week: https://theweek.com/speedreads/901770/entire-country-norway-shutting-down in which the article notes: "Additionally, everyone entering Norway from anywhere other than another Nordic country will be required to be home-quarantined, regardless of symptoms — one of the most drastic measures taken in Europe so far. Healthcare professionals are no longer allowed to travel abroad, and the country is encouraging its citizens traveling abroad to return home at once." Perhaps it is unsurprising. According to https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/, the UK currently has 8.7 confirmed cases per million population. In Norway it is 147.0 per million. Currently only Italy (250 per million) and S. Korea (153.5 per million) have higher rates. 😞
  4. This article in a Norwegian newspaper/site today: https://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/i/MRbqmR/fhi-anslaar-full-epidemi-fra-mai-helsekonsekvensene-blir-store (Google translated it for me) states that they expect that they will be in full epidemic stage in May, perhaps lasting through to October (which would scupper both our May and August cruises). Also suggests they are thinking of sending uninfected tourists home/preventing entry. Closing schools, universities, all businesses in hospitality industry, and a range of other measures: " Kindergartens, kindergartens, secondary schools, high schools, universities, colleges and other educational institutions are closed. Exceptions apply to 15 defined critical social functions, such as persons in the health sector Schools and kindergartens must provide services for children with parents in these functions, and for children with special needs Cultural events, sports events, gyms, swimming pools and businesses offering hairdressing, skincare, massage, body care and tattooing are prohibited. All businesses in the hospitality industry are closed, including restaurants, bars, pubs and nightlife. Exceptions apply to canteens and eateries that can allow visitors to stay at least one meter away. Buffet is prohibited Retail and commodity trading are conducted as normal. The Minister of Health advises people to hoard food. Follow the advice of national security authorities about what to wear at home The transport sector operates as normal, but people are encouraged to avoid leisure travel. Do not go to work or school, avoid travel that is not absolutely necessary Avoid public transport, or other places where you can easily get close to others, and close contact with others Restrictions are also introduced for visitors to all the country's health institutions. Healthcare professionals working with patient care may also not travel abroad to ensure that Norway has health care providers available. Everyone who returns from traveling outside the Nordic countries should be in the home quarantine - regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. This applies to everyone who has come to the country since 27 February The public transport offer is maintained. People with critical social functions should be able to get to work and stay apart Do not visit people at institutions belonging to vulnerable groups, such as the elderly or the sick Healthcare professionals working with patient care are prohibited from traveling abroad - both business trips and private trips. They will have the costs compensated. Currently valid April 2020 The measures are valid from March 12 at 18:00 until March 26, 2020, with the exception of the latter point on travel for health professionals, which is currently valid for April."
  5. I don't think an end date has been set. I suppose worth noting that ships currently can dock, but not disembark
  6. Bergen and Stavanger have apparently closed today. That rather scuppers our 2 cruises this year. Will have to wait see if things change. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidnikel/2020/03/11/cruise-ship-passengers-banned-from-bergen-as-coronavirus-cases-rise-in-norway/?fbclid=IwAR2ld-W9bcWk5svx-D3Ky_rQThq1OvSczP03DWeydmHOObwogACDYwUIbrM#54962b7d348a
  7. Oh poop. We are supposed to be going to the Fjords in May and August on Silhouette. Now, who knows. Bergen and Stavanger have apparently closed to cruise ships. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidnikel/2020/03/11/cruise-ship-passengers-banned-from-bergen-as-coronavirus-cases-rise-in-norway/?fbclid=IwAR2ld-W9bcWk5svx-D3Ky_rQThq1OvSczP03DWeydmHOObwogACDYwUIbrM#54962b7d348a We will wait and see. We would be happy to go even if we could only get on and off in Southampton and sail through the fjords (we have been before).
  8. Cruising to Norway in May. If the cruise happens (i.e. the ship does its TA reposition, UK and Norway don't close to cruise ships) and provided we don't have it, we plan to go.
  9. We have sailed on NCL and Celebrity. Food on Celebrity is much better. Sushi on 5 is great. We prefer Murano to Tuscan, but like both. Yes, they do. You can also get them at the Mast Grill. Yes. Enjoy your cruise!
  10. Am I right in thinking that an E-Ticket ride means that the seas are so rough it is like being on a rollercoaster?
  11. I love the randomness of the OP. You can have all the butter you want.
  12. Re the OP - yes, we have. We have cruised with Celebrity, NCL and MSC (Yacht Club). When we started cruising we did lots and lots of excursions. We enjoyed most of those but found them tiring. Over time we learnt only to book shorter excursions and only if they were things we really wanted to do/see. (So, we loved going to Giants Causeway and Blue Lagoon on our Iceland and Ireland cruise for example. We enjoyed Flam railway in Norway). Last year we had an MSC Yacht Club cruise. It was all about getting away and not at all about the destinations - so we didnt get off the ship at all. LOVED it. This year, we have 2 cruises to Norway. We have been before and think it is all about the sail ins and sail aways. We have booked Bergen Funicular tickets in case the weather is good, but we will be happy staying on the ship. For us now cruising is all about relaxing and the ship is indeed a destination in itself. We may or may not use some OBC to go to the top of the mountain in Geiranger. Next year we hope to do Canada and Alaska and likely will book some excursions on the Alaska cruise.
  13. A non-issue that I will illustrate with a short joke. What is the difference between oral and rectal thermometers? Answer: The taste.
  14. I think it is important that TAs work for us, not the other way around. You can fire your TA.
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