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  1. May I suggest this thread for further comments on the SB website:
  2. You will love the Silver Moon! Very stylish, very modern, great facilities, great food, chatty lovely crew. It was our first Silversea cruise (after many on SB) and I can only say that we will be back!
  3. Sounds like you will all have a great (Silversea) cruise anyways. Have fun and live the good life! It's a pity, however, that Seabourn are not really getting the restart right, or at least they are having a pretty hard time getting the ships back on the road. Basically all I hear from SB at the moment is nothing but bad news and unreliability for holiday planners. But SB are not alone. I have heard that several cruise lines are sending ships back to sleep over the winter season because it is just not possible to sell the cruises or because whole regions are still closed for tourism. It's good that Seabourn belongs to Carnival because many of the smaller cruise lines will really have to fight to survive. I will invest in the future of the cruise industry on my autumn cruise on the beautiful Europa 2 in the warmer regions of our European continent. Btw, that cruise is marked as "international", so I guess Hapag Lloyd is open for foreigners again... Canary Islands, South of Spain, Italy anyone?
  4. https://www.hl-*****/destinations/the-antarctic?_ga=2.120974858.384892528.1631295962-72769208.1631295962&_gac=1.224986728.1631353712.CjwKCAjwp_GJBhBmEiwALWBQk7dZ9ScVOhMRUwTtPRkIrqjN7yw6Nc0sJLoT0JU2_0bXYk7Tq35xFxoCZzcQAvD_BwE#currency=EUR&template=teaser&sorting=departureDate&filter:regions=21;countries=31 Just in case you're looking for alternatives. Most of the cruises are marked as "international" (i.e. for English speaking guests, too).
  5. I don‘t really understand why you talk about Greece only when the discussion about travel restrictions concerns the entire European Union. However I am pretty sure Greece will ignore any new rules just because they are very dependent on the tourism industry. But it is also pretty clear that the American travel industry would like to see some of those Euros coming from tourists from rich European countries in their pockets. To suggest that they could more or less do without any tourists at all in the US sounds funny when you see how many employees in that sector have been let go/furloughed in the past year. That being said, Germany has now reinstated mandatory quarantine measures for all unvaccinated travellers from the US.
  6. I would think that the US travel industry, airlines (who have already protested), hotel companies and especially the Carnival Corp. will have a different opinion on that.
  7. Well cruiseej, if they took that as an argument ALL touristic travel would have to be banned as also the tests have a lot of flaws, especially with the delta variant.
  8. I don‘t see any reason whatsoever why vaccinated people should not be allowed to travel wherever they wish. However, why Europe should be open for US visitors when the US government doesn‘t allow any European tourists into the US remains a mystery to me. Don‘t get me wrong. But there needs to be reciprocity.
  9. To be honest, I think the one and only intention for the new travel restrictions is to put pressure on the US to lift their travel ban on (vaccinated) Europeans.
  10. Hi Solon, don't get me wrong - I would take any cruise on Seabourn at any time but I was really pleasantly surprised on my current Silver Moon voyage as from the videos that I saw on vlogs/YT etc. I was expecting SS to be far more "old-fashioned". I thought the ship style, food etc. wouldn't appeal to me as compared to SB. Well, I was totally wrong. 1. The Muse class ships are exactly my cup of tea. Modern, crisp, perfect size. Beautiful suites. AND WOW, WHAT A LARGE POOL! I absolutely loved it! (ALTHOUGH I must say how any ship designer can "forget" an observation deck remains a mystery to me). 2. The crew: Excellent mix from many different countries, very much like SB (some even come from SB). Some more senior, some very junior... Many many pleasant conversations with these girls and guys. Superb service in all venues! 3. The food: Very European, not just Steak and Caviar (which you can get too) but SOOO creative! I was impressed - and that's hard. The "buffet" La Terrazza much better than the Colonnade. So many different styles of restaurants. You get so many (more) choices. The quality of cuisine is extremely high. On SB all you get is Thomas Keller, Thomas Keller, Thomas Keller. The whole TK concept is hugely overrated. It's okay but nothing that would even get close to Michelin style cuisine. I'm very sorry SB, but TK needs to go. Just my M&P advise. I have linked a video down below about Hapag Lloyd's "THE GLOBE by Kevin Fehling" on the EUROPA. In my opinion THAT something you can make a fuss about. That's Michelin star cuisine. Something REALLY special. Thomas Keller is not. Obviously food is very important for me. And SS did a better job than SB in that category. I posted a lot food photos in another thread "Silver Moon Food Extravaganza". 4. The wines/drinks: We come from a German wine region so we are picky when we talk about white wines. The selection of wines was E X C E L L E N T ! We loved it. So many different local wines. Whatever you wanted, the Sommeliers would talk to you and make it happen. 5. S.A.L.T - the restaurant, the BAR (!!!), the Lab - what a great idea, what a great concept. There is no way one can not like it. A real game changer. 6. The schedule (i.e. late departures as well as days at sea. A good mix) 7. Included excursions: We didn't go on an excursion every day but we went on some and they were very well organized, we really enjoyed them and they were included in the cruise fare. I hope that answers your question a little bit. Let me know if you have more questions. All the best, M&P
  11. Hanseatic Spirit was has been christened in an adventurous ceremony right in front of Helgoland island up in the North Sea just a few days ago. Nice video too.
  12. I am pretty sure that no cruise ship on this planet will make a stop in India this year.
  13. Still a lot of restrictions, esp. for UK travellers. Not sure that their reopening will last… also Israel - closed for who knows how long.
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