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  1. Sushi on 5 $30 all you can eat any night?
  2. Anyone who went on the first cruise out have any main dining room menu's and daily schedules of what's going on? My wife and I are heading on that ship in a couple months! Thanks!
  3. You have been very helpful! Thank you!
  4. Thanks for your help and glad you enjoyed your trip! Do you know anything about red wines included in the casino? I was hoping you could possibly walk up to the bar to get a drink say before dinner or before u start playing so u don’t have to wait.
  5. Fire EMT. I hope you are cruise went fantastic!! Any drink tips you can give me from your cruise time in the casino? What's offered for free? Hope you won some $$!
  6. Incorrect I logged in all weekend the last 3 days and the beverage package never showed a discount and now they have extended the sale and still my showing a discount
  7. My Cruise still shows full price for the beverage packages. I leave on the Edge April 7th when logged in to the spring 25%. Only certain cruises?
  8. Enjoy Fire EMT! We Sail out April 7th. I'll be interested to hear how it goes with the drinks in the casino! I'm debating on a drink package but really don't want to get one if it's not needed.
  9. Thanks for your help!! Were you able to walk up to the casino bar or have to wait on a cocktail server? Mostly wine drinkers so we aren't concerned about top shelf liquors.
  10. Any other recent reviews about drinks in casino for URCOMPED guests on the Celebrity Edge? Thanks!
  11. Awesome! Thank you for your help! I called celebrity and they didn't see me linked to a drink package? Is it just good for in the casino and I'm able to go up to the bar? Or do they let you know when you get there :) I appreciate your time. I'm a celebrity first timer and can't wait to go on the edge? How was the casino?
  12. What Red Wines are included while playing in the casino? Also, if I purchase a drink package do both of us in the cabin have to purchase? Thanks!
  13. Hey casino players!! I'll be going on the Celebrity Edge next month! It's my first time on celebrity and I"m booked through urcomped. My confirmation e-mail from my host says free casino drinks. I"ve also read some daily's that say free drinks in the casino too. My wife and I usually drink wine. Does anyone have a menu of what's included in the casino? Anyone booked through urcomped actually get the perks of a normal booking? Drink package, onboard credit, etc.? Thanks for your help!
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