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  1. This is my concern. We are in port from 10-6 according to our itinerary, but never having been to a tendered port I'm reluctant to plan too much. We are thinking about doing an excursion with Stingray City that would have us back at 3:30 so I just don't know if that leaves us time to check out a beach or bar...
  2. Oh, this makes me feel better! I had intended to write a review about our cruise from November 2018, but was thinking too much time has passed. Maybe I'll pull out my notes and do it!! Looking forward to reading this as we are sailing this itinerary in 2020.
  3. I am also trying to decide on the right company to use for a Stingray City visit. We will be on the Celebrity Equinox and our port times are 10 - 6. I've contacted Captain Marvin and got a response that we could do a 1:45 2 stop tour. I am concerned by what I've read on CC that the lines to get back on board can be very long/slow. Anyone else done an afternoon tour who can tell me how the timing worked? Also looking at Stingray City but just emailed them.
  4. She was our captain when we sailed on the Summit a few years ago. Loved her mermaid tail! 🙂
  5. I went to check in to our June Equinox cruise and saw the request for a picture. Maybe it takes place of them taking the picture when you board that they check each time you re-board?
  6. That Miami Vice looks like something I'll have to try when we sail in June! Enjoying your review!
  7. Yes, I did that as well. I posted on the 3 or 4 sailings before ours. It was hidden pretty well under the bed near the leg so it could have been there for a while. My DH is a very good under the bed checker lol.
  8. We just got off the Celebrity Summit on the 17th and while we were packing we found a fraternity ring under our bed. We turned it in to guest services. I thought I would post it in case someone looks on here or knows someone who lost their ring. It could have been there a while!
  9. NBliving

    The Boatyard

    Is the snorkeling only to see the turtles or do they go to a shipwreck also? I've seen both mentioned, but since you were just there last week thought I'd ask 🙂
  10. I’m going to add my question to this post. We are also sailing out of San Juan on the Summit with the 20:30 departure time. Are there any events, tours, or other things that are early on embarkation day? Trying to decide if we board as early as possible to take advantage of those. TIA Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. DENIE Did you get charged the extra $ on wine at dinner or are you just guessing you were given premium wines? I really think we will be better off just paying the difference in price if we order above a Classic drink option, and we were totally fine with Classic on our last cruise, but we do like wine so just curious if you were charged at dinner. Thanks! Kathy
  12. I am really enjoying your review! We were on a 7 night Summit cruise and Antigua was one of our ports. I remember the very pushy locals too. We made our way to the taxis and ended up sharing a taxi with some other people and went to Valley Church Beach. We had a super relaxing day under an umbrella looking at powder blue water. Just thought I'd mention it for others who just want a beach day. As long as you can make your way past the vendors you will have a beautiful day!
  13. I love the dress you wore for Evening Chic night! We are sailing on the Summit in a few weeks and I am thinking about this cruise you took for next year. We haven't sailed on Celebrity since they started Evening Chic so I was worried about what style of dress women were wearing. I have a few similar to yours, so now I have that dilemma settled!!
  14. Are there any bakeries in between the cruise port and Orient Beach? Or is there a bakery open near the cruse port? I've searched the boards and the ones that are recommended are either in Marigot or near Simpson Bay. TIA
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