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  1. I received all my paperwork, etickets including luggage tags 38 days out. My friend whose reservation is linked to ours, did hers four days later, received hers as well. I also got an additional packet when she received hers (unsure if it’s because hers is linked to ours or just a glitch).
  2. I just booked them two weeks ago for our February cruise. For eight of us it was $550 for Blue Hole and river tubing. ($40 was fee for PayPal). You can just do a deposit and pay the remainder day of. I did not want to carry that much money around day of. (Also, slight discount for kids under 11). Their website is wonky but once you fill out the contact me section, they will email you directly. They are extremely easy to work with (so far).
  3. Thanks!!! We will definitely be renting chairs and umbrellas and likely buying snacks for the kiddos. We are last ship in (four our day in February ) but from what I’ve read, we should still be good with beach crowds. We were there a few years back but only have a vague memory of what beach we did. And as much as we likely needed a drink, I think we abstained there!
  4. My husband loves the idea of the duty-free six pack! Can you take outside alcohol onto the beach should we head down to Calico Jacks?
  5. Not that I’m aware of but you can probably ask for a Virgin Bloody Mary with a shot of vodka on the side!
  6. Thanks everyone! I will keep my fingers (and toes) crossed. We low-balled it so I’m not anticipating getting it. Our cruise is in February so I’ve got awhile to go.
  7. When bidding on an upgrade, what is the timeframe that MSC will respond? Are you notified by mail or does it only show on your credit card statement? TIA!!
  8. Thank you! We are a much smaller party..five adults and five kiddos. We are doing Costa Maya, Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios and the private island. This is our first cruise together with kids. Everyone has cruised before and with their kids. This is the first time the other parties are doing MSC. We loved it on the Divina and explained the differences to the other cruise lines. Ouch on the bowling...definitely a bit more than on Divina!! We will be pre-purchasing the fun pass as well! We did last time too but Seaside offers a lot more!
  9. Two questions: Did the teenagers enjoy the ship and what it offered? We did the Divina a couple years back and they were hoping for more in regards to activities (they still loved it though). The boys will be each shy of 15 and 12. We had a balcony last time and on Seaside we have the inside fantastica on 14th deck. Were you cramped with three in the room? How do you think four will be? We are going with two other families and I feel very little time will be spent in the room so trying to justify not upgrading to balcony. Thanks!
  10. How old are your children? We have an upcoming cruise scheduled for next February with two other families... 5 kids ranging from 11-14, 4 boys and a girl. Hoping they will be able to have time to explore and play on their own as well as with the “ aging parents.” Will the teenagers enjoy?
  11. Looking at booking Seaside for 2/20 sailing... with the easy package, are any “foo-foo” drinks included or is it basically the two beers and house wine? My husband is fine with the beer, but I do like a frozen drink now and then. I don’t think it’s worth the extra to upgrade for a frozen drink or two a day. TIA!
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