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  1. @Heather1972 I agree with @Nicky Mouse about carefully working out a spreadsheet and calculating through that. If you want specific help then you will need to provide the costings and payments exactly they appear on you last "Confirmation Email" and the exact detail of the refund offer made for your cancelled cruise. Finally you will need to provide what NCL have offered you. You may not want to make that visible on here but if you want specific help to get the situation advanced someone needs to do for you what @Nicky Mouse suggested if you are unable to do it yourself. If you did not use a TA then I suggest that you quickly get a PCC in NCL.
  2. @Dee144 If the EU still has the "No Americans Rule" , and IF the cruise were to go ahead, how would you get into Europe to join the ship?
  3. @DCCyclist I agree with @bluesea777; you will get more assistance if people knew details of your booking and could check for you. Have you tried to do a "check booking"? If you are past the final payment date make sure that the cruise you booked is still available that way.
  4. Will NCL change their "CHECK-IN" information to include a Insurance Company and Policy details?
  5. @Nicky Mouse I don't understand, how would you lose the FCC? Easily if you don't book a cruise before the "use-by" date.
  6. You in North America as lucky that you are able to travel short distances to get last minute deals on cruises. If those of us in the Southern Hemisphere wanted to do that, for other than the few local cruises, we would lose any benefit with the increased air fares (and probable hotel costs) we would have to meet so close to boarding.
  7. Remember that the 125% is composed of 100% that can be used in any way you like; spread over more than one cruise and for other things than just the cruise fare. The 25% has to be used in one go for part of a cruise fare only.
  8. We are not regular users of TAs but when we have done 15+ day cruises they are not straight "half-length" repetitions. There may be the same entertainers on board but the shows are different. However when you do 7-day B2B cruises you will almost always find that much of the programme is repeated.
  9. I love travelling on NCL ships. BUT and it is a BIG BUT the problems I am having with them, that started in February and are still not sorted, are turning me off using them when I have managed to use up all the FCC and Discounts we have on 4 B2B2B2B cruises late in 2022. If the latest idea from them, that you can only use FCC IF you take out NCL insurance, is correct that will be the clincher for us; NO MORE NCL!!
  10. I am having all sorts of problems with two Spirit cruises that some idiot in NCL booked as a single cruise. I have been wavering about using NCL after the 4 B2B2B2B cruises we have booked towards the end of 2022 to use up all the FCC and Discounts we have. If they pull this one on us it WILL be the last cruises we ever do with NCL.
  11. Lots of people have lots of FCC to use up in the next 12-18 months so expect higher prices to try to absorb that. I would expect serious price drops AFTER final payment dates.
  12. I have just logged on in New Zealand and it shows 100 cruises during the 3 month period Oct-Dec
  13. @callmebetty We had a Spanish speaker who, whenever he was talking on the microphone, wanted us to "Wash your hands all the time"!!! Even after he had been told to use "frequently"
  14. @BirdTravels October 2020. Trust them! Where? Never!!
  15. Ask Princess for a copy of the deposit document so you can approach Citibank with it.
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