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  1. The only time we were ignored was by a couple of suite guests!!!! We were allowed certain suite privileges, the main one being allowed to eat breakfast and lunch in their dining room, even though we were travelling Inside. One couple went out of their way by their actions, couldn't even say anything to us, to show they didn't believe we belonged there!!
  2. @Northern Prairie Cruiser Wish NCL would confirm. They will hide behind : "This is commercially sensitive"!! And not even answer any questions!! Build it into the cost of the cruise and pay the staff a decent wage!!
  3. Simple answer: Use it or lose it. You MUST take an NCL shore excursion at a port to receive the REFUND after you have done the shorex. It is credited overnight the evening fter you did it so check your folio regularly. One per port so not on both days of an overnight. Only ONE if you do TWO shorex (halF day ones) at the same port
  4. To me a TIP is something given AFTER I have received a service; if I were to give it BEFORE I had received the service, and I never would, it is a BRIBE.
  5. @Sam Ting Not even if they were having a BAD week!! We have had that and certainly wanted them out of the way of the public. Their future employment NEEDED to be elsewhere.
  6. @erdoran Being a POM who has lived in NZ for 50 years I abhor tipping in any form. I believe that it is an abomination and that a "labourer is worth his hire" and so should be paid a wage commensurate with his employment. However "When in Rome ....." I reluctantly tip. In the case of the cruise line I am in agreement with the policy that the DSC should be shared between ALL those who work for the best interest of ALL passengers, wherever they work on board. Especially those that the American system of tipping fails to provide a decent, living wage without the need for tips.
  7. We have had it in the past without knowing. Just enjoy it!!!! We got a tour of Tarragon and a bus ride to Barcelona Airport for the princely sum of $7.50 each!!
  8. First email "specialeventsgem@ncl.com" with the date of the cruise and ask if anyone has arranged to organise the M&G. Then go from there. I have a complicated story about being gazumped when trying to arrange a M&G, it is not nice. Make sure that the path is open first. If not ask the person you contact to contact the supposed organiser to see if she is actually intending to do it.
  9. If you remove the DSC and ONLY tip those that you actually and physically see in the course of a cruise what about all the other people behind the scenes who make your cruise so enjoyable; the kitchen staff (without them the wait staff would have nothing to do) and the laundry staff (without them you would be on the same dirty sheets for a week)????!!! Do you tip your children's teachers? Do you tip the nurses at the Doctor's practice? If not why tip on the boat? Those people do much more for you than anyone on the boat!!!
  10. All it needs is ONE idiot with a big mouth and an attitude!!!! Then people will follow like sheep. Human nature of the worst kind. Someone wants to be a "mini-dictator" to emulate the "maxi-dictators". Remember "smooth words are better than a big stick".
  11. Missing ports is common and you have to "roll with it" especially if you cruise in the season when bad weather can be expected. NCL will accept responsibility when it is their fault but they don't control the weather. "S... happens" but the way to react is calmly and civilly not taking a "mob mentality" view.
  12. Arriving early serves no purpose other than to WAIT ! But you have paid for that day so take advantage of the food and all the other on-board activities that are available. Arriving after boarding has commenced unless you are in a suite or have some priority you maybe made to wait for your boarding que. As boarding times are not mandatory there is no waiting till your boarding TIME approaches you just wait till the ticket number is called.
  13. We don't book for the ship or shows, we book to meet different people with, if possible, as many new ports as possible. We love the NEW itineraries so choose them in preference even on the same ship.
  14. As stated; the MDR every time even though there isn't as much choice and the menu is the same as a normal day. The peace and quiet is to die for when compared with the buffet!!!!!
  15. Arrive by about 11am and take your chance; times are advisory not mandatory.
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