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  1. If you BUY the drink package for both of you and only one drinks then look at drinking 16 drinks a day to cut even. Then allow $5000 for the detox!!
  2. Just because you are in Iceland "at the right time" doesn't mean you will see the Northern Lights!! We had two nights in Fairbanks "at the right time" but the weather was against us. When we booked into the hotel we were asked if we wanted to be woken if they appeared; wonderful offer!! We also cruised from Yokohama to Seattle just about "at the right time" and arranged for the ship to do the same thing; again no luck.
  3. You do NOT have to leave the ship. This surely depends on the port. Do the Americans not require a "clean" ship with all pax having to be off?
  4. Provided one of the names on the original booking remain then the other can be changed to about 4 days from departure.
  5. All blank spaces on NCL ship deck plans are some form of crew areas. On the stateroom floors they are usually "storerooms".
  6. @electro I believe the actual wording is $50 per cabin per port but haven't checked. However I doubt that anyone on board will check the documents in the Shorex computer to find out who is doing shorex on both days!! I bet at the end of each day they just push a button to reimburse all those that have done a shorex that day.
  7. Thanks for the comments but did no one get the sarcasm in the last line of the post? I think everyone who regularly travels NCL knows what the rules are, I certainly do.
  8. I emailed Vivian Ewart; it will be changed!!!!!!
  9. I know this gets thrashed a lot but has anyone looked at the NCL website lately? I did this morning looking for something about the dress code for dinner, couldn't find it, but did find the following:- At https://www.ncl.com/nz/en/cruise-information/article-what-pack-your-cruise the following appears':- CASE OF WATER Instead of buying water on the ship, you can save some money if you bring your own. You can check your case of water or carry it on board with you if you acquire it out in port. Besides water, you can also bring soft drinks and juices. All of these items must be sealed for security reasons. YES today they are still advertising that you CAN take water on board on their own website. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS NCL something wrong here or there. The material is dated Jan 15 2015!!! So no one in Miami has read or proofed their website since then!!!!
  10. What cruise are you starting on the Star this Saturday?
  11. There is one; only 1 if you are on an overnight in a port and do shorex both days or do two on the same day in any port. Does not apply to Bermuda 3 days.
  12. @Lorey2007 This cruise cost just about as much or more than some 7 day cruises. It just means that you will have to drink the difference from the bar!!!
  13. @Lorey2007 Here is the information from the Latitude page. Look at https://www.ncl.com/nz/en/shorex/225902259/latitudes#!#tab-rewards-3 Note: Onboard Discounts (including the pre-booking of shore excursions) are available on all sailings. All other benefits are available on sailings 5 days or longer.
  14. Reservations at Le bistro on Epic are jackets required? You don't need them to make a reservation!!! You don't even need them when you eat. VBG! Sorry.
  15. Interesting I can access using Internet Explorer but not Google Chrome.
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