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  1. Any of the three senior officers who will answer written, questions, comments or suggestions. Too uncommon these days.
  2. We arrived home at 6pm yesterday. Our daughter had done shopping for us and it was all in the car she delivered to the airport. No contact as her husband had taken their car to drive her home again. We had a 4 hour drive to get home, slowly, as we were both tired from 36 hours travelling from Cape Town with little real sleep. Glad we got home when we did, if we had taken the flight on the 24th who know what would have happened. Singapore was closing to transits after we left. NZ was saying that people had to self isolate in the city they arrived at!!!! We are thinking of those who did not get out of Cape Town and now have another 14 days at sea!!!! I wonder how many pax were left on board as the ship departed Cape Town. I hope they were moved into suites.
  3. Don't just buy a cruise, buy a ship or even buy a cruise line. Must be a fire sale going!!!!
  4. @udking Thank you for the links. Now need to think about it. The 20 off makes it more interesting.
  5. Surely NCL's policy is o wait till the very last moment to cancel cruises in the hope that pax cancel first. It is a lot cheaper that way.
  6. I'm glad that we did transfer our flight from the 24th to the 22nd even if it did increase the cost by an arm and a leg!! The lead in today's Straits Times has the the following first paragraph :- Singapore will significantly tighten its borders from 11.59pm today, with all short term visitors no longer allowed to enter OR TRANSIT through the country ..... We will beat that having arrived at 6am and departing before midnight. We hope that no one is caught by this.
  7. The departure from Cape Town, painless. We are now in Changi waiting for our flight to Auckland in 13 hours or so. Hope everyone else has a smooth a time as we have had so far. Mike
  8. We are sitting in Cape Town airport waiting for our flight so are on our way. As ar a lot of other travellers so safe journey home to all of you. I hope those still on the Spirit have as easy at transfer as we did. Ka Kite Ane Mike & Pauline
  9. As @Nola26 said ... books and games were no longer available for use/loans. Temperture check as part of onboarding, washy washy as you entered the entry deck. As reported no self service in the buffet and notthing left on the tables (condiments, silverware, etc.) they handed you a plate and untensil roll upon entry. Plenty of santizer available, no handshakes or hugs and guests seemed up to the challenge of good handwashing habits. I will add that doors to the public restrooms were propped open so no issues with touching door handles there. We are alongside the wharf in Cape Town on the Spirit with all our documentation to debark tomorrow and we have had the same situation as above for our 15 contiguous sea days!!!! Getting a bit tedious even with all the good things going on. The staff/crew have been marvellous as has the company, with I could say the same for the communications from the three senior officers I would have expected to take a leading part in keeping us informed. NCL Miami have not helped them to keep us informed at all. I can see lots of people taking the cash offers rather than FCC and if they have FCC using it as soon as possible and then "abandoning" NCL.
  10. Guest Services and the Internet desk are still besieged with passengers. We have our Luggage Tags, colour coded and bus number coded. But #1 with debarkation time of 7am. Straight to the airport after a health check and Immigration!!
  11. We have just woken to a beautifully calm and clear morning here in Cape Town with a glassy sea as far as we can see. Now we are waiting for the news of what is going to happen in the next 24 hours.
  12. We will go to anchor in Cape Town Roads in 1 hour. Then when the berth is cleared will proceed to it. No one will be allowed off till getting transport to the airport on Sunday. Everyone has to depart South Africa on Sunday. 10.12am Friday
  13. @sueplay All we know is that we will be close to Cape Town from n ow on. we are about 30NM out to sea at the moment. We had to fill forms in overnight stating when we were flying out on Sunday. It was also made clear that we had to fly out on Sunday and not later so that is a big discussion point at the moment. I was also told that there would be complimentary shuttles to get us to the airport on Sunday in time for checking in for flights. So no, no one knows the exact details.
  14. @inside cabin No. All we have been told is that we are making way to Cape Town. Not even an ETA or even date.
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