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  1. Jade 22nd Mar Southern Caribbean Vitor Nunez Da Silva Hotel Director Ross Rudwick F&B Director Jacky Tang Cruise Director Eduardo Thyne Executive Housekeeper Orwill Saidanha Executive Chef Marlin Hugh Bryan Restaurant Manager Alphonso Robinson Beverage Manager Jaimaline Rocas Guest Services Manager Cholette A Hayag Group Services Coordinator Bruno Dentone Concierge This list is likely to change with the Transatlantic
  2. @beachgirl23 We took the 50$ as out Free at Sea Perk as we only get 1 and the the 50$ for the distinctive.
  3. If you BUY the drink package for both of you and only one drinks then look at drinking 16 drinks a day to cut even. Then allow $5000 for the detox!!
  4. Just because you are in Iceland "at the right time" doesn't mean you will see the Northern Lights!! We had two nights in Fairbanks "at the right time" but the weather was against us. When we booked into the hotel we were asked if we wanted to be woken if they appeared; wonderful offer!! We also cruised from Yokohama to Seattle just about "at the right time" and arranged for the ship to do the same thing; again no luck.
  5. You do NOT have to leave the ship. This surely depends on the port. Do the Americans not require a "clean" ship with all pax having to be off?
  6. Provided one of the names on the original booking remain then the other can be changed to about 4 days from departure.
  7. On NCL the M&G is usually 11am till Noon but there is "always" something on at 11.30 that requires the HD, CD and F&BM to attend. Work round that if you want questions.
  8. Take your own gold for a filling and to pay for any available dental work.
  9. Generally, for others looking here, Specialty Restaurants do not open for lunch except there is one open for Suite Guests every day but not as a Specialty just as a normal restaurant.
  10. It seems that the rules do not allow it but rules are meant to be flexible or even broken aren't they!!
  11. If you don't see your steward and want a change made leave a note but also inform housekeeping by phone or through guest services. Married couple usually one bed otherwise singles. But we had a steward who said she did that but for an over 70 married couple made them single!!! She made them one for us and we all had a laugh about it!!
  12. Late summer to early winter depending on where they have been cruising in Europe and where they are to cruise in America. Log in to NCL.com and choose Destination then Transatlantic
  13. @Minoushka Princess no longer send anyone .... Totally untrue. We had a full turn out of 8 Officers AND the Captain on the Princess "Round Australia" cruise at the end of last year. They took non-contentious questions for about 10 minutes, it was excellent TILL someone "got a bee in his bonnet" and kept rewording his complaint. The officers left!!
  14. We did the same cruise a couple of years ago. The stop we were supposed to have in Port Said was cancelled as people wanted to go to Cairo and it was deemed unsafe. However we did stop in Safaga and those who went to Luxor loved it. One interesting thing was a Pirate Drill as we turned to port leaving the Red Sea
  15. Because there were so many people with a "bee in their bonnet"!! They asked a question that the officers on board had nothing to do with implementing. Then when they were told that "they wouldn't let it go". The present ones will be "Why have the alcohol prices risen?" and "Why are lobsters no longer available in the MDR?" The officers have no say in either. If you make 3 things clear to those at the M&G:- No contentious questions No follow up questions Expect the officers to walk out if you break the other two rules. Inform the CD or HD who is in charge that you have laid down those rules. Ask the first yourself and make it a patsy question; "If you were allowed one day in port during this cruise which would it be and why?" or "If you were going to be perked a meal in a Specialty where would you go and why?" Short questions that they can answer simply.
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