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  1. @MsSoCalCruiser Yes, we cruised twice in October and both times we were told that there was not an elite group for boarding and to just get in the line. While waiting in line we heard them announce that the elite group was boarding. What’s up with that? Just the normal right hand and left hand not knowing what the other is doing. Norm for Princess.
  2. No problem from here in NZ
  3. @RMMariner I can see how you feel like you do, but remember that the money is (hopefully) getting to the crew. While Princess refuses to give a breakdown of where the Gratuities go then more and more people will assume that Princess is skimming off the top and will stop paying.
  4. While we find LAX one of the worst, if not the worst, airports to arrive at when going to America we find that a B2B at San Pedro to be the best place for one in America.
  5. I have been an advocate for paying the Gratuities/Daily Service Charge very actively in the past. The more I sail with Princess the less I am happy with their attitude, those in high places not the ground floor staff who I find excellent. At some point, it looks like it is getting closer every time I travel, I am going to switch sides and ask for the CHARGE to be removed so I can see to my own gratuities.
  6. I'm glad lots of you were not on the Emerald Princess in Fort Lauderdale November 18th!!!!!! We had booked Barcelona to Los Angeles as a single entity though most people had it in two legs. We were, as expected, treated as if we were doing B2B BUT!!!! There were over 1000 passengers "In Transit" which helped to cause a massive headache for everyone including Homeland Security, Customs, Princess and the crew, never mind the passengers. My wife wanted to go off and return "immediately". HA HA HA. She had to join many of the others in the theatre at 9.30. She waited and was the last to be seen in the Arrival Hall at 1.30. She then was ushered out the door to join the passengers waiting to board and so didn't get back till well after 2pm. On the other hand I wanted to "explore" and so waited, standing in a queue, on deck 5 from about 9.15 till noon when I got into the Arrival Hall. What was worse was that the Americans and Canadians were allowed to go while ALL other nationalities were not. I went into Port Everglades to have a look and do a few chores, not too many as it was getting really hot. I got back to the ship a little after 1 and was, as I had my room card and asked about "In Transit" treatment, ushered past those trying to board. By the time my wife returned I had had lunch in the International Cafe and sorted out the chores. It was an absolute shambles.. I could go on for pages of some of the stories I was told by passengers or crew. BUT Princess were "wonderful" about it!!!!!!!! We were all given a voucher for; Wait for it, I said "Wait for it"; drum roll Maestro; a free drink up to the value of $12. As most drinks are about $8 and the cost to Princess is, say, $4 most people got $1.50 an hour for the inconvenience. Bah HUMBUG. Princess; more like a refuse removal man.
  7. I see we are being discriminated against yet AGAIN. and is only available to residents of 50 United States or D.C., Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  8. It's just ANOTHER buffet!! It's another one; just like the other one. It's just ANOTHER buffet!!
  9. @marafun We were and I had to bat my head against a brick wall to even get them to do anything for me. They did BUT even they could not get the Head Office to produce a decent response. They were not happy on board when I suggested that Head Office was prevaricating and hoped that if they put it off long enough they could sweep it under the carpet when I had disembarked. What "me a cynic"!!!! They did and I have!!! I was promised that people on the ship would contact me!! You know the saying "pigs ........."
  10. I was not at all impressed with a "begging" flier we received while on board the Emerald twice in which there was a typo. That someone at that level in a company allows her name to be on a document with a typo that was sent out TWICE does not give me confidence in her or her staff.
  11. I have found getting anyone in Head Office to reply to anything is almost impossible, and that does not only apply to Princess. They don't even reply when requests are put to them through officers on one of their ships!!
  12. What a pity but things like that happen. Better to be safe rather than sorry.
  13. Find the Roll Call of the departure immediately before yours or the one before that and ask there for someone to email you the information.
  14. We have just debarked from a ship that had Noro and the crew were wonderful. Anyone that had constant contact with passengers, dining room staff and stewards, work even harder than they normally do. Officers were NOT seen round the ship and didn't attend either of two Meet & Greets while we were under "Code Red". One day we were asked to put all personal stuff in draws or cupboards and every surface was disinfected while we were out of the room. Then again all rooms that people debarked from were done again before any embarking passengers were allowed on. Take the precautions that are repeated frequently in the daily newspaper and over the communication system. Wash your hands frequently with soap and then use hot water. The sanitizer is only a back up. Don't get "stroppy" with the poor dining room person who asks you to wash even if you did it 5 minutes earlier when you left your cabin, you are bound to have touched surfaces round the ship between the two places.
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