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  1. The only people who KNOW are the Head Office staff who make up the offers and they won't be telling!!!! VBG
  2. As your folio runs throughout your B2B cruises there is no reason there is no reason for it to drop off. BUT I would talk to the Financial Manager during the first cruise to make sure.
  3. @Love my butler And as always, unless I see it in official writing from NCL, I don't believe it. !00% with you on that one.
  4. Our children arranged it for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Value in two parts, a lovely surprise yes, financial value no.
  5. I always find it better to empty my water bottle just in case. One you are on board there is nowhere to empty them if they are found and you will lose the bottle. This may be even more important no if they have changed from bottled water to some other container.
  6. The interesting thing I find for PoA, if you could get that as your free cruise, is as follows:- The Sailaway Rate for a Balcony (cheapest) in March this year is quoted as NZD5033 per person. That is made up, for 2, of Fare NZD9239 and Taxes, Fees etc of NZD826. I will be happy, if I get to Ambassador, for the two of us to get NZD9239 as a perk for the cost of NZD826 plus the Gratuity.
  7. @PortFees45 Here are the Conditions from https://www.ncl.com/nz/en/latitudes-rewards-program/benefits-terms-and-conditions Complimentary 7-Day Cruise – Ambassador Ambassador members will be offered a one-time complimentary 7-day cruise. The cruise is for 2 people in a balcony stateroom, third and fourth guests will be at prevailing rates. Eligible members will have one (1) year to take the complimentary cruise. There are no destination restrictions but holiday sailings are excluded. No promotions are included. Taxes and fees not included. Service charges not included. Terms and conditions are subject to change and inventory is subject to availability.
  8. @nikkosan Over the years we have also done Rome to Singapore, Yokohama to Seattle; Honolulu to Sydney (ship started in Vancouver), two Transatlantics and Buenos Aires to San Francisco; all of which were re-positioning but it wouldn't have been possible to put them together. The Yokohoma to Seattle could have started in Sydney as it went from there to Yokohama but you would have had to do what we did before going to Seattle; 28 days Yokohama-Shanghai-Yokohama and then 7 days in Tokyo as the ship had been taken by a Japanese company. As you say the one under discussion at the moment is similar to some of those; Rome to Yokohama. We are also booked to go round South America; Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles but I don't think that there is anything really long to tack on at beginning or end.
  9. I think that you will have problems trying to set up a "pseudo" round the world cruise on NCL. Re-positioning cruises only tale place at certain periods during the year and they do not "follow on". Those are the cruises you would need to use to get one part of the world to another as NCL ships tend to stay in the same part of the world for much of the year.
  10. @Turtles06 Unless you keep adding to your thread yourself it MAY finish up on P3 or P4 where no one goes to look!!! That is why people keep starting new threads on a \n old topic. And that is not only true for your thread.
  11. My method Phone Miami shore excursion desk. They will ask for your booking number and will know you have the shorex perk. Do NOT BOOK your shore excursions but RESERVE them. In that way there is no discussion about paying or not paying, the person will automatically reserve them for you and tou will receive a Shorex Confirmation email. When on board ALL reserved shorex will be charged overnight the first night. (CHECK you have any Latitude discount allowed; you may have to talk with the on board shorex staff) Overnight after you have done the shorex the $50 (or $100 if you got two perks) will be credited to your account. (Or less if the shorex less Latitudes discount brought the cost to under $50/$100) Remember that the $50/$100 is per Cabin NOT per person.
  12. Not a problem on 6 cruises last March-May in the Caribbean and a Transatlantic.
  13. If you want to keep the same cabin it is best to book through NCL themselves. They seem to be able to cancel and re-book into the same cabin very easily or so we have found. I wonder if they have a way of holding the cabin when they cancel so it doesn't appear as available. By the time a TA has gone through the system it it more possible that the cabin has gone online and someone has grabbed it before the TA could go through the actual re-booking which has to be done before the cabin choice.
  14. @mking8288 We have cruised at the same time as David and Jeffrey, lovely fellows, great to pass the time of day with.
  15. @PortFees45 I thought there were like 20 ambassadors and they were all in their late 90's. I heard the number was about 4 times that number. The last couple of couples were no older than us, 70's.
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