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  1. We carry a copy as the shipping line will leave anything in the safe with the port authorities.
  2. @OBSESSIVEWORLDTRAVELER At present they have a more pressing problem caused by the Corona Virus. Sorting out 2020 cruises.
  3. Welcome to NCL!!!!! Sounds like the run-round that is common when you ask awkward questions!!!!
  4. cheapest sparking wine that tastes horrible! Use it for mimosas, then it is just about drinkable!!
  5. Is anyone able to do the officers on the Spirit after the dry dock please?
  6. If they did potato skins like we had on the PoA many years ago that would be a draw for me especially if free. Surely they wont put on a cover charge on an American Diner.
  7. @mking8288 My advice, make sure you get an excellent travel insurance policy with CFAR coverage, including pandemic outbreak ... If "you" haven't got one by now you will not get one now. Coverage stopped for Corona Virus for policies taken out after the end of January.
  8. @mugtech https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports/singapore-port-10 will show the cruise liners expected in Singapore in February. Note that the Jade is not there!!!!!!!
  9. On Princess you cannot just "BOOK" shore excursions they have to be paid for at the time of booking.
  10. @1025cruise Now, that is just the ship. Not going to take into account what fellow cruisers come on board with.... Is that not the case every time you get in a car, on a bus, in a plane or on a ship? We were caught in a Noro event late last year. The timing told everyone that it had been taken on by a passenger who embarked in Barcelona.
  11. @leck57 Princess advised that they were hoping to have Diamond Princess ready to recommence cruising at the start of the Japan Golden Week celebrations from 29 April. That sounds quite feasible especially if most passengers are either in hospital in Tokyo or being repatriated by their own country. Princess should then have 2 months to see that the Diamond is 100% healthy.
  12. We tend to book shorex as we find one we like at any port so some are early and some are late, never a problem.
  13. We are booked to do the Kyushu and Grand Asia Collection starting on Dec 7th on the Diamond and are looking forward to it. Positive thinking!! If they cancel they cancel so not making any arrangements for flights or hotels nor booking shorex till very close to final payment time.
  14. As NCL has cancelled the 17th February cruise what are people who were on it as a start of B2B (and have arrived in Singapore) or in the middle of a B2B2B (probably uncommon) to do for the 10 days of the cruise that has been cancelled. Will NCL pay for a hotel for the period? Will they pay for people to go home and then return? Where is the Jade going to be for the 10 days? People need to know just what their situation is.
  15. @MTNestr Do you get 1 or 2 Bottles pp on a B2B Cruise? I believe that you are entitled to one per person at the start of the first leg and another at the start of the second. Princess though don't seem to police taking on wine too closely, especially if you have been to a vineyard.
  16. If you look at https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports/singapore-port-10 you will see the Jade was there, arriving and departing, on the 6th February. The only other mention of the Jade in February is a departure on the 27th February. Nothing in between so who knows what is going to happen.
  17. @Daytonasailor When the server came around with some beef, he began to cut the meat into our salad bowl. We said wait, we need a plate. He said no, just eat out of your salad bowl. The servers were rushing thru from table to table and they rushed right by us. The man on the table next to us was waving his card in the air in an effort to get the servers to stop at his table. Those would be totally unacceptable to me and I would certainly let someone know. Either as you did to the "manager" or through the GM's "Hello" box at Guest Services.
  18. We are docking at Cruise Terminal B (Stop E13 on the port shuttle) and wondered how far the walk was to that stop from the ship. Also how often are the shuttle buses within the port?
  19. We always take Moderno if we have a FREE meal but we certainly wouldn't pay the $45+ it now costs with the 20% "tax". I remember what was available 4-5 years ago and there are fewer great choices anymore, some of the better things have disappeared, except the pineapple (according to my wife!!).
  20. BEWARE St Peter Port Guernsey if you have only a half day in port!!!!! Last tender 1pm; we got there at 12.15 and we finally got on one about 3pm after standing in the 28C sun with NO water and NO shade for well over 2 hours.
  21. If you or anyone in your party is a whisky drinker then the Orkneys. There is a lovely ship excursion that includes the Highland Park Distillery!!!!!!!!!
  22. Whisky, lemon, brown sugar or syrup with hot water; 3 times a day!!
  23. @LoriLewis I hope you are following https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2581242-norwegian-spirit-march-22-2020-cape-town-to-singapore/page/53/?tab=comments#comment-59402926 as that is where most of us on that cruise will discuss what is happening. Personally I doubt if it will all be sorted out before many of us leave on the cruise before that one, Dubai to Cape Town. If that is the case I hope that someone on board will then be able to help us with pre-booking excursions.
  24. @Call8675309 The norm is x% of the CRUISE FARE that you paid (I suppose of the cruise fare of the cruise you booked) but it does NOT include FEES & TAXES. If you have paid them they will return separately
  25. I agree, go prepared for a large dose of History and also Great Food and Wine. But also lots of bus travel.
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