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  1. Arranging a Meet & Greet, and some combined dining, for others and seeing them take a full part in what I have arranged. Their thanks and the friendship that has accrued shows that my hard work has been truly welcomed.
  2. My wife says; not having to cook, clean, wash and do all the usual other jobs round the home. I agree after all "A happy wife is a happy life".
  3. @cb2367 You will find a notice on the Guest Services Desk that the cruise is sold out, even if it isn't, and that there is no possibility of an upgrade!!
  4. @Elkins45 It sounds as if you have learned the hard an painful way that NCL treats people who depend on them to make arrangements. It appears you have been GIVEN your details without having any recourse to ask for a variation. I agree with @FLAHAM but hope that you took out your insurance BEFORE you got in this muddle.
  5. Very interesting statement, totally different in wording from the ones we had on the Gem but probably with the same intent. As an aside did anyone have a "problem" with the casino? On our cruise it had to close from Livorno to Civitavecchia.
  6. Booking on a ship MAY give extra benefits, it depends what offers are going at the time. You could always book now and then talk on the ship to see if a cancellation/book again is of any benefit to you.
  7. As the "Manifest" has to be completed two days before sailing I doubt that you could book a cruise to follow on the one you are on late in that cruise.
  8. The $50 off is always $50 off (for the first person in the booking), the difference is what the %age off for latitudes comes out at. The $50 off is taken off first as that applies to only 1 person and is part of the actual Free at Sea offer. The Latitude %age only applies to certain passengers and is taken of after. One has to come before the other after all.
  9. @hawkeyetlse I'm confident that the passengers won't just take this lying down. See the General Manager? Confront them. See the F&B Manager? Confront them. See the Guest Services Director? Confront them. Do Not CONFRONT he, she or them; that will get you nowhere. Talk rationally and pleasantly, learn to complain in a way you will be listened to.
  10. @knsky Look at https://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/timesandfares/SOU/GTW/120723/0730/dep for the trains on the day you want and at the time you want. See below If it were me I would go for the 8.09 train No change Cheaper Arrive 10 minutes earlier The Clapham Junction platform change is quite a long one 7=>13 Look at https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations-and-destinations/stations-made-easy/clapham-junction-station-plan?rtnurl=http://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/details?id=2 Departs at 08:09 Southampton Central [SOU]Platform 3A 2h 00m 0 change(s) Moreview detailson the 08:09 service from Southampton Central to Gatwick Airport Arrives 10:09 Gatwick Airport [GTW]Platform 2 Buy fromSelect train operatorAvanti West CoastC2CChiltern RailwaysCrossCountryEast Midlands RailwayGrand CentralGreat NorthernGreat Western RailwayGreater AngliaHull TrainsLNERLondon Northwestern RailwayLumoNorthernScotRailSouth Western RailwaySoutheasternSouthernThameslinkTransPennine ExpressTransport for WalesWest Midlands Railway RailEasyRedspottedhankythetrainline.com Single Fare £6.00Buy NowAdvanceShowOther tickets Ticket valid for this service only HTH Mike
  11. @Middleager Didn't know this can be done. How do you do that? Talk to the Internet manager.
  12. You need to start your own cruise ship.
  13. @Goldenknight It would depend on the % or actual $ value but I think you will find that NCL is quite good when they do a full cancellation. Don't expect it if they just change a couple of ports.
  14. @TopofWorld You must have got a bad crew OR officers who haven't trained their staff properly. We had 57 days on the Jade in Nov/Dec and 25 on the Jem in Apr and the Guest Services Desk staff were brilliant on both,
  15. @hawkeyetlse Yes the casino also stayed closed for the entire last night, so many people were left with chips and tickets that they were unable to cash out before disembarking. The information was widely announced both in the Freestyle Daily and in the Casino so people should have known. @podgeandrodge Can they charge that 10% if you're on a beverage package? They CAN and sometimes DO!! Our account had some charges and at other times a zero charge!!
  16. @gregluk The documents shown in photos are for two different ports; the regulations are set by the port authorities not countrywide. Just like the rules on taxes at some US ports but not others.
  17. Just set it going after the first time and go and make a cup of tea!!
  18. @podgeandrodge It would be helpful if NCL could post the "Port of Civitavecchia Regulations" referred to, if only to get an idea of the background/logic to such a weird rule. The rumour on the Gem was that the Italian Authorities were charging too large a "Fee" for Sales to take place and for the Casino to open. I am not sure when and where but one evening we were in Le Bistro and the staff were in a discussion about the "Free" Latitudes bottle of wine. The rule they were working under at the time was that Bottles could not be SOLD!!
  19. It was the same at Livorno recently on the Gem but we did get my Drambuie later in the evening. If I remember cigarettes and cigars could not be sold and the "shop" was closed all evening and the casino was closed for the whole time after we left Cannes to go to Livorno and also after Livorno.
  20. BUT some Freestyle Dailies tell you that and it is NOT enforced, especially in the MDRs. That was the case on the Gem recently. Check on-board just what and when anything on this situation is enforced.
  21. @arpie05 The best result would be to have a friend ready to take over the booking.
  22. @david_sobe Not to drift off point but I have always wondered why NCL has not opened the specialty restaurants for lunch. Crewing. On our last cruise we were able to eat lunch in Cagney's with the suite guests. On many days there were very few guests present; not very economic. I cannot see enough pax wanting this to warrant opening even one specialty. UNLESS they opened Moderno where it was next to Cagney's and used the same staff. It would have to be done on a pay/book basis so the staff numbers could be calculated.
  23. @jlandz09 I imagine that as the HO is in Miami it would be based on EST
  24. @cruiseny4life I've never accessed the New Zealand site, so not sure what differences you have over there. We don't have one we are lumped in with the Australian one. We have lots!!! The "Onboard Service Charges are additional." confused me, as well. I'm guessing they mean are in addition to your cruise fare/drink package/specialty dining gratuities from Free at Sea? I agree but didn't confuse me as I am used to finishing, or correcting, rubbish printed by NCL. And there is lots of it. Next time you cruise take a red pen and proof read the Freestyle Daily!! No one on the staff ever does!!
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