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  1. Aww man, I just found this review today and was really getting into it! Haha, take your time, but I'm now following and looking forward to pictures and all the deets. My next cruise isn't for a year yet, but I'm devouring all the reviews and live reviews I can find in the meantime.
  2. Hey, another cat person from Michigan here. Looking forward to reading your review (living vicariously till our next cruise).
  3. Thanks a bunch. Yes there was a name change in there and a new TA, so I think there's a bit of work to be done, but that is great news. I didn't plan on going back to RC because my now ex was a firm Celebrity fan... so I never expected to be in this situation not a bad one to be in though.
  4. So, wait. Sorry to hijack the thread first of all, but this is raising questions now :) I was Emerald on RC when I started cruising Celebrity several years ago. After a few cruises with Celebrity we reached Elite. Does that mean I can transfer that back to RC to be Diamond now? When I log onto RC it still shows me as Emerald so I think this would be something I'd need to contact RC directly to do? Could my TA do it? Thanks!
  5. One year! 366 days (leap year, you're killing me) till we set sail on Oasis!!!
  6. I'm loving your review(s), MrFunInTheSun. Thank you for posting so many pics, and the cruise compasses. I've noticed the Dalí art seminars in a few of the past cruise compasses, and wondered if it's always Dalí or if those featured artists change over time? And do they change based on the ship? I'm thinking we would attend one of those seminars if the artist and time was right. I'm curious if we can expect it to be Dalí, since that's what I keep seeing, or if it might be a different artist by the time we're on the ship?
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